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Billy Donovan speaks candidly about former guard Nick Calathes

GAINESVILLE -- Duing his brief career at the University of Florida, former UF guard Nick Calathes was an excellent player for the Gators. But was he a good leader? According to UF coach Billy Donovan, maybe not.

Donovan addressed reporters on Thursday during the Florida basketball team's annual preseason media day. Gator Clause chatted it up with freshman guard Kenny Boynton Jr. of Pompano Beach and sophomore swingman Ray Shipman of Miami. We'll get to that later. First, tell me what you think of this quote from Donovan. When asked about a potential leader filling the void left by Calathes, Donovan offered this response:

"I don't know if I necessarily looked at Nick as a leader," Donovan said. "I think the ball was in his hands a lot. I think Nick made a lot of plays for us in games. But, you know what, if you look at the end of the year, you know, Erving Walker was in a lot at the end of games last year because of his free-throw shooting and his ability to make shots."

Slightly interesting.



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Why are you surprised? While Calathes was good statistically he was neither a team player nor a leader. By the end of the season he couldn't make a clutch basket FG or FT to save his life- hence they were forced to look for Walker and Werner. Nick definately had talent, especially for a guy with a Larry Bird verticle(after the back problems). I saw Calathes as a fusion of Matt Walsh and Christian Drejer, with a little Roberson mixed in.

koclassic nailed it on the head. The LAST thing Calathes was would have been a team player or leader. Guy was as selfish as it came and you could tell it on the court and how his players reacted to him. I said it when he left - good riddance. The program is better without him.

To add to that last statement - there are few Gators who I genuinely did/do not like. Calathes is one of them. Walsh and Drejer were two others. Had a soft spot for Roberson.

I don't see any reason to dislike Nick. He was what he was. He just wasn't a guy you could rally around as a Gator fan - UNLESS you only read about the game in the paper the next day. No slight to Jo and his compadres!

and yes it is easier to win in the long run without those types of players.

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