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Call it the War for the Oar! New rivalry trophy to be unveiled for Florida-Georgia rivalry

GAINESVILLE -- And to the winner goes The Oar!

College football has a brand new rivalry trophy. The Okefenokee Oar will be presented to the winner of the Florida-Georgia rivalry after Saturday's game at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. Naturally, Gator Clause has already renamed the rivalry the War for the Oar and is currently working on copyrighting that.

Oaragain The Okefenokee Oar, measuring 10 feet but needing some paint (just my opinion), is a collaborative idea of the University of Florida and University of Georgia student governments. The trophy will remain in the possession of the winning team for a year before returning to Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in 2010 to be fought over once again. We're assuming this, anyway. We suppose Georgia could eventually just keep the trophy all to itself and display it in a museum. (Yes, Miami, that was a shot at you and your war canoe. Please, Canes fans, no emails about the City of Hollywood mayor or whatever. I already know the story.)

Gator Clause loves this idea. We are suckers for college football traveling rivalry trophies and we're sure that the War for the Oar will soon top the list of college football's most recognized rivalry names. Since Florida is 16-3 against Georgia dating back to 1992, the Okefenokee Oar will probably be spending a lot of time in Florida's trophy case.

For those who need a geography lesson: The Okefenokee Swamp is the big swamp on the Florida-Georgia border. If anyone has been canoeing in High Springs (just north of Gainesville), then you know the swamp pretty much extends all the way down to Alachua County. When it rains really hard in south Georgia, folks on the Suwannee River and its tributaries usually know it about two days later. According to the University of Florida's student government, the Okefenokee Oar was carved out of a 1,000-year old cypress tree from the swamp and was donated by someone who, according to UF's student newspaper, wanted to remain anonymous. (Probably because his first creation, "Treebow," didn't look too hot.

For those who need a history lesson: The Florida-Georgia border runs through the Okefenokee Swamp. OK, that much is obvious. But to fully understand the symbolism of the Okefenokee Oar you've got to go back a few years. Way back, actually. Like, back in the pre-colonial days.

I'd hate to bore you with the details so I'm going to wing this one. Back when Europeans started killing each other and American Indians for land in the New World, people really wanted the Okefenokee Swamp. Don't ask me why? It's a swamp and smells of decaying earth and primordial death pretty much year round. I know, I've been there. Paddled that river plenty. Beautiful swamp. Black water. Big alligators. Anyway, the Okefenokee Oar celebrates man's greed.

Ah, I'm just joking. Anything for another college football rivalry trophy! The UF and UGA student government presidents will introduce the Okefenokee Oar to the college-football world before the game on CBS.



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I read this article this morning and thought, "wow, he's really taking his own unique creations to a different level with this one." Putting it in-line with the Thundercat offense and things like that. Then I did a google search of the Okefenokee and realized there was credence to the story. Then you posted the picture and sealed the deal.

Wow, I cannot believe it is the Okefenokee Oar. Is there a worse possible name for a trophy? Okefenokee? That just begs for jokes.

War for the Oar! I can read the newspaper leads now ... Florida quarterback Tim Tebow smashed into the end zone to give Florida the victory on a play that will forever be called Push for the Paddle.


lol thanks for the unique and entertaining posts like this one

The water from the Okefenokee Swamp is the source of water for the Ichetucknee River, Ginnie Springs, and most of the surrounding springs in North Florida.

The water travels through hundreds of miles of underground caverns and comes back to the surface in North Florida to form the "heads" of several river tributaries. Silver Springs in Ocala is the major tributary head for the St. Johns river system, while the Ichetucknee River flows into the Swanee River.

Jo is correct in stating that when the Okefenokee floods, all of our springs flood a few days later. The more recent issue has been the years long drought in the Okefenokee Swamp, which has caused the water along all of our springs to fall dramatically.

My frends family has had a house on the Ichetucknee River since the late 70's. I've camped and tubed and hung out in the outdoors there more than in my hometown of Sarasota. It's like another world up there. You can hear sounds from insects and animals there that you cannot hear in the city.

Thee was one animal that used to make this eerie sound on certain Saturdays in the fall. It sounded like, "Why...why...why...why..." I asked my buddies dad what it was and he turned to me and said, "that's Gator Fan"!

Hey GOMER, I thought you were describing GAYniesville and the swamphole with the decaying earth and primordial death references, then I saw you were referring to the okefenokee swamp.
P.S. keeping running timmy 25 times a game, RURAL. Take the points GOOBERS, it's money in the bank.
Now i know where all the anger and rage is coming from, you all have been losing your waffle house paychecks on betting the GAYtors to cover.

Maybe the defense can spank Addazio with that oar if we continue to win but struggle in the red zone. Time to call somebody's number other than Tebow to enhance TIM'S effectiveness.

"Treebow," that's funny

If you get to the Ichetucknee early in the morning you can watch the otters playing. Sturgeon breaching on the Suwannee is a sight to behold, as well. Hoping to see the manatees this winter.


Florida is like it's own country. North Florida, Central Florida, West Coast, East Coast, the Keys, this state has it all!

There is just something about the Ichetucknee river that can't be described. And I'm not talking about the "tourist" area that ends at the bridge. My friends house is a 1/4 mile from the Swanee. There's no place like it.

At night you can float down the river with underwater flashlights and see stuff you cannot see during the day. The crayfish are out sitting on logs by the thousands, and there is no threat from reptiles because of the water temp. (Although many Gators of the "student" variety invade the place every weekend!)

I can't wait to go back!

Go 'canes!

hey "envy the canes" d-bag, or whatever your calling yourself today. get an effing life dude. you have nothing better to do than talk trash on a gator blog. i thought you were at joe's eating stonecrabs dawg. F off.

Ichetucknee River is a glorified day care and weirdos like that Sarasota clown


How about the battle for the ten foot paddle?

He He, they're all yours Jo! Look at the way "Chief's" sentence ends so abruptly! His Mom must have startled the little "D" Bag mid-sentence! It's obvious Chief's never been to Ichetucknee!

I wish I was eating at Joe's Stone Crab tonight dan. I'm actually getting ready for the USF/WV game in Tampa tonight.

Tailgating with friends is something you two "D" Bag's should try sometime. Ain't college football great?

Hey Swamp Donkey!

Go 'canes!

Battle for the 10-foot Paddle? Nice. I like it. A little wordy but I like it!


you're right i have never tailgaited before. wtf are you talking about? stop trying to be clever you sound like an idiot.

how about just, "battle for the paddle"

Works for me. Let's a take a vote: Battle for the Paddle or War for the Oar?


Got mixed feelings about Sat...would love to see UF spank UGA, but then again I don't want to see Richt go. They're turning up the heat on his rear end in Athens about this rivalry and his lack of success. What are the odds he is run out town if another beat down happens (ala 2008). I'm lovin' this run we've been having the last 19 years after getting spanked througout the '80's.

slightly favoring battle for the paddle...

Considering the fact that it's neither a WAR nor a BATTLE (let's not remember it's is just a game and not belittle our fighting troops by comparing what the players do in a stadium on saturdays and what our soldiers do everyday)


meant (let's not forget) not (let's not remember)...lol

Gator Palooza,

Better yet, what are the odds Richt is run out of town and the Bulldogs hire Charlie Strong?



You must have read the same rumor article I saw on ESPN.COM

if that happens...what are the odds we see the same scenario play out like last year with Dan Mullens...I say there is no way UF let's Charlie coach in the bowl game if he has taken the position at Georgia.

No way Richt gets fired, just my opinion.


u GOOBERS better hope that charlie strong doesn't get hired away by some other team. You have seen what happens when they hire your offensive guru away.

Are you GOOBERS just plain idiots. None of you UF grads with your waffle house or cracker barrel management degrees have noticed that SROTYAG SKCUS means GAYtors suck.
Been waiting a week for you rocket scientist to figure it out..

^who cares?? I mean honestly, who the hell makes lame ass names like that? real clever, man. My 8 year old nephew could probably think of better

Look, everyone, KJ has a wonderful life.


I like them both. Why limit yourself to one name?


If Charlie Strong takes the UGA head coaching job, everybody looses -- Gators loose one (if not THE) of the premier D-coordinators and recruiters in the country while UGA gains an unproven head coach who doesn't have that "IT" factor to become a head coach. Charlie Strong is our Mickey Andrews. I think we pay the guy like a head coach at a mid-tier program and do all we can to keep him. It seems Jeremy Foley knows this....he's kept Charlie Strong around this program for a long time.

whoa whoa whoa, senac rules, you can talk trash about the gators all you want but i refuse to sit quietly while you trash the waffle house on a blog at 10:30pm on a friday night. how DARE you? i like your use of CAPITALIZATION as some sort of PUNCTUATION, by the way. is that what you learned in your one class at MDCC before moving back in with mom??

gators 31-13


Excuse my misuse of "loose"...didn't have my coffee yet..


The most misspelled word in the world.

GEORGIA 27 GAYtors 23..
Have any of you GOOBERS ever heard of an I-phone..
Hey you UF ('aka' university of FELONS) GOOBERS, call your bookie and bet your $135 paycheck from the waffle house on GEORGIA plus 15 and thank me tomorrow.

Final score enough said!

By the way Gary Danielson kiss my @@@! Hater!

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