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Congressmen join political action committee to change college football. You can join the cause, too.

GAINESVILLE -- The newly formed Playoff PAC, a political action committee aimed at forcing college football to ditch the Bowl Championship Series and institute a playoff, is receiving support from a few politicians. And here's what makes me really happy, it's bipartisan! Isn't that wonderful! The leaders of our country can actually agree on something when it's important. LINK to the Playoff PAC website! There's a link on the website to join the PAC.

Congressman Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii.), senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah) and congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas) joined Playoff PAC on Monday, the day the first set of BCS standings were released. Florida is ranked first in the BCS standings. Alabama is second and Texas is third.

President Barack Obama, a democrat, has long supported the idea of a playoff system for major college football.

Congressman Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) stated: “Yesterday’s release of the first BCS rankings for 2009 remind us that selecting a major college football national champion is still arbitrary and anti-competitive. The BCS process continues to operate like an exclusive country club rather than a true play-off system. I fully support Playoff PAC’s efforts to bring change to college football.”

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said: “I think I’ve made it clear that I believe the BCS to be fundamentally unfair. I’ve always hoped that the government would not have to get involved and that those with the power to reform the system would recognize the error of their ways. But, even after hearing the complaints of millions of college football fans, not to mention government officials, they are apparently unwilling to make any significant changes. That being case, I’m supportive of all reasonable efforts to ensure that students and schools are treated fairly and a national playoff system being advocated by Playoff PAC seems like a reasonable way to accomplish that goal."

Congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas) stated: “The entire BCS system is a farce. It arbitrarily selects champions and reduces competition between conferences. College football’s post-season championship should be decided on the field, and that’s why a playoff system is needed. I look forward to working with Playoff PAC in reforming college football.”

Bryson Morgan, a member of Playoff PAC’s Board of Directors, said: "All of us recognize that our nation has weightier issues to tackle. However, this issue merits attention because college football's reach extends beyond the playing field. Democratically elected leaders should devote attention to a national institution that is financially and culturally important to their constituents—particularly when BCS officials demonstrate repeated, willful deafness to public appeals for change. We look forward to working with candidates and officeholders to bring about an accessible playoff system that rewards on-the-field accomplishment."

We understand why Mr. Morgan felt the need to clarity his statement -- This isn't that important but ... -- however, Gator Clause fundamentally disagrees with Morgan in that regard. This is important. I can sit here and argue the philosophy of importance all day. Let me sum it up this way: If it's important to you, then it's important.



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BCS = Bull-Chit-Series
SEC Refs = Under the table CROOKS!!

i sear to God as my witness if these Politicians get involved in College Football... I will build an island in the South Pacific and move there... Politicians only do one thing right and that is F U C K everyone up! Obama already got his change... Leave college football alone... If Hawaii and Utah don't like it they can join the SEC and then get their national exposure...

There is a big difference in the WAC style and say the ACC for instance. Why do you think FSU bombed BYU on their own field? If FSU or Clemson or South Carolina played in the WAC they would be top 10 teams each year.

Everybody is always going to feel jobbed. The world is full of people like this DC JRod guy above. When his team is 10th and an 8 team playoff is instated him and Orin Hatch will be crying foul. In NCAA basketball we have a tournament and it is great. But we spend 3 days crying over who didn't get in.

Lee Corso once said that the current system is great because it allows for other teams who didn't get into the MNC to say they are as good or better than the champ. A playoff would end that.

If you have a playoff make it at least 32 teams and possibly 64. Reduce regular season to 10 games. Eliminates Charleston Southern type games. Have home games until the Sweet 16. Use the Bowl system for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. Then have a final 4 site.

KO Classic, I wrote that very same thing (64 team playoff, 10 regular season games) this preseason. I think it's a great idea.


There's more economic problems right now for these politicians to deal with. Prioritizing a football playoff is way out of the line. How about providing jobs to unemployed and lowering gas prices?

Forget all the whiners complaining about the BCS; When the Gators play the teams that Utah, Boise State, and the rest play, they're accused of playing patsies, but these guys get touted for the BCS championship! Enough already! A playoff would replicate the same controversy, but as to who gets in the playoff. the bowls are just fine.


I cant help but notice the three initial politicians to join represent Utah, Hawai and Texas...the three teams jilted last year from the BCS...if they won I can bet they would have no problem with it...

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