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EMAILS I GET: How do you improve the Gators' offense?

This email comes to us from Daniel Fassman, a Gators fan who is genuinely concerned about UF's perceived offensive struggles. Daniel, using the power of his iPhone, writes:

I would like your opinion on the offense...Why not put Demps and Rainey in the backfield in a Wildcat? Also, more screens on the outside to use their speed. As for the red zone, or this year the "black zone," the answer is Moody. Running Tebow is becoming too predictable in short-yardage situations. (Moody) can get those tough yards you need. And I definitely agree putting Tebow under center will help. It's a new look I don't think we've shown and the one time we did, we scored a touchdown.

GAINESVILLE -- Daniel, thanks for the great email. I think your concerns reflect the concerns of a large portions of Gator Nation. In the words of UF offensive coordinator Steve Addazio, the only problem with the Gators' offense has been turnovers in the red zone. I agree with Steve. Too much is being made of the Gators' supposed offensive struggles. This team is ranked first in the SEC in total offense.

Why not put Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey in the backfield in a Wildcat? Well, for starters Demps is questionable for Saturday's game due to a neck strain, so I don't think I'll be writing about Demps in the Wildcat against Georgia. As for Rainey, do you really think UF's offense would be better if Rainey ran the Wildcat? Florida's Thundercat Offense with Tebow under center has been nearly unstoppable. It's the Wildcat on steroids. Tebow can run and, obviously, he gives you the option to pass. I don't see Rainey providing that type of versatility. The only thing that has stopped the Gators' offense is the Gators themselves. Limit the turnovers in the red zone and the idea that UF's offense is struggling seems ludicrous.

As for using Demps and Rainey more on screens, this topic has come up during press conferences and it's not a bad idea. Demps has four receptions in seven games and Rainey has one reception. Rainey's lone reception came on a screen pass and he carried it for a 14-yard gain against Arkansas before fumbling. More screen passes to Rainey, Moody or Brandon James are likely against Georgia.

Has Tebow become too predictable in the red zone? Yes, but that doesn't mean he isn't effective. Tebow remains the Gators' best short-yardage option and, in my opinion, that shouldn't change. Tebow was stuffed twice on the goal line against Mississippi State. This doesn't bother me. More often than not, Tebow is going to get those yards. The Gators are ranked No.1 in the SEC in third-down conversations for a reason: Tebow. A good offense converts third downs about 40 percent of the time. Tebow and the Gators are converting on third down 45.98 percent of the time, which ranks 22nd in the NCAA or 11th among BCS teams.

Should UF run more out of the I-formation? This is an interesting idea. Faced with a goal-line situation, I don't see the problem with putting Tebow under center and then running a QB sneak into the end zone. In short-yardage situations, the I-formation could be used as a nice change of pace (as in Rainey's touchdown run against Mississippi State), but, again, the Gators are not struggling in converting short-yardage situations. The best option, in my opinion, remains Tebow. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't room in the playbook to give Moody some carries in the red zone. I think Moody should get the ball in the red zone a few times against Georgia and he probably will.

In a nutshell, cut down on the turnovers and don't lose faith in Tebow in the red zone.



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