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Fixing red-zone problems tops Urban Meyer's agenda this week

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer and his offensive coaching staff watched every red-zone play of the season on Sunday night and they came to this conclusion: "We're finding out it's not play call."

On Monday, Meyer indicated that he has changed plays or allowed for change during the course of a game, which, in his opinion, has affected the Gators production in the red zone. In conference play, Florida is 7 of 26 in converting red-zone opportunities into touchdowns. The trend climaxed on Saturday in Starkville, Miss., when UF scored one touchdown in the red zone on six chances.

"We have to hold to the plan," Meyer said. "Sometimes we're making a call that's not on the call sheet and that's my fault. We're going to stick to the call sheet."

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, normally reliable in short-yardage situations, was stuffed at the goal line on consecutive plays in the first half. Tebow later tossed an interception that was returned for a touchdown. After the game, Meyer said he was asking Tebow to do too much. Meyer said that he and his offensive coaches have designed a few new plays for the red zone and will be begin practicing them on Tuesday. Florida usually waits until Wednesday to practice its red-zone offense.

"We're going to do a better job on the call sheet, not just do it on Wednesday but do it earlier than that," Meyer said. "Last night we already have some (plays) on paper that we're going to start working."

More offense out of the I-formation could be an option. According to Meyer, using running back Emmanuel Moody in goal-line situations could also be considered. Moody, who leads the team in yards per carry, has not been used in the red zone this season. Meyer said on Monday that there was no reason why Moody had not been used in the red zone other than Florida's reliance on Tebow, which has become predictable.

"We're playing a lot of teams that are pinching the fronts," Tim Tebow said. "They game-planned us well with that especially (Dan) Mullen. He did a good job in game planning our fronts and the [quarterback] runs with some of the inside goal line stuff."



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can't wait for the cocktail party. good to hear that meyer has considered a traditional I-form with moody out back. I believe this is a recipe for success.

I would practice nothing but Red Zone offense and turnover drills. Six times in the red zone is pretty good. One touchdown in six times absolutely sucks...

can't wait for the cocktail party. good to hear that meyer has considered a traditional I-form with moody out back. I believe this is a recipe for success.

Posted by: KJ | October 27, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Or it could be a recipe for putting the ball on the ground if your counting on Moody.

Meyer is an amazing recruiter, but he seriously is a dumb coach, it took him to the middle of the season to realize that Leak was not an option quarterback, it took him til just now to say "he was asking Tebow to do too much" really? The fact that your quarterback broke Hershael Walker's touchdown record did'nt tell you that, now he is saying that Moody should be getting the ball more in the red zone, NO SCHITT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I have noticed this for the past 2 seasons, why did it take Meyer so long, his wife must be an extremely patient woman, because he is as stubborn and hardheaded as they come

I don't know about dumb. Dumb guys don't win national championships playing against SEC coaches/competition. Dumb coaches get walloped against unranked ACC teams.

But stubborn definiely seems appropriate. Lately, hearing him repeat, "we'll get this fixed" is starting to sound hollow. It has sounded like empty rhetoric to me which is a characteristic of being stubborn. It's probably a case of him knowing his overall plan will win and sticking to it. He has won a thing or two.

All things considered I wouldn't trade him for any coach in the nation.

I think timmy's worn out by the time he get's into the red zone and we should try and mix it up alittle and have timmy go under center in the 'I' formation with moody or demps deep. The other team would be freaking and probably have to call a time-out. Or how bout this, put dunlap in the backfield, would that be awesome or what..

Here is the recipe for success for all you offensive coordinators: Have Florida play any team, and just reduce turnovers.

I am frequently humored by the passion and suggestions offered here and other sites.

Very few teams are 7-0 whilst playing so poorly.

UF will be fine.

We should play our players where they belong. Put Brantley(a true QB) in at QB and put Timmy(a true running back) in the backfield, now that would be a real thundercat offense..
Just think Timmy getting the hand off and hitting the hole or dropping back and going deep. Would be awesome..
Plus, it would help us out next year and get Brantley some snaps..

Meyer is the winningest coach over the last 4 seasons but MiamiGator knows better....I say we fire Meyer and Hire MiamiGator at coach....

now i thing Kcus is on to something...I would like to see TT take a pitch from Brantly...that would confuse the sh#@ out of a defense....

Did anyone see Meyer tell Tebow to throw the ball to Nelson on the goal line? You know the play that went for 102 yards the other way. Is it the play calling or the player? Is Tebow throwing to only two receivers or are all the other 4 & 5-Star WR's awful? From where I sit Tebow has regressed and Meyer needs to rein him in before he loses the respect of the team.

I did notice Deonte Thompson waving in frustration during the Mississippi State game. Never a good thing when a receiver shows up his quarterback.


it is because Tim Tebow is locking on to WRs WORSE than Chris Leak or Doug Johnson ever did

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