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Florida Gators All-American arrested in burglary/gun-trafficking racket

GAINESVILLE -- From the bizarre and disturbing department of the sports section comes this story. A University of Florida All-American gymnast was arrested on Tuesday for her alleged involvement in a burglary ring.

Sinclair According to police, UF senior Melanie Sinclair was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly storing stolen guns, computers and a safe in her apartment. Sinclair's boyfriend, a convicted felon, apparently told police that his girlfriend was his accomplice after being arrested on Tuesday. Sinclair was charged with two felony counts of larceny and one felony count of burglary of a dwelling unarmed.

[PICTURED, As of today, likely a former UF gymnast.]

Sinclair is from Orlando and is a nine-time All-American. According to an article in the Gainesville Sun, police arrested Sinclair after her boyfriend told police that Sinclair was in on everything. LINK Sinclair's boyfriend was initially arrested outside of Sinclair's apartment for carrying a loaded shotgun. Gainesville police were staking out the apartment after being tipped off that Sinclair's residence was being used to sell stolen guns. Nine long guns were found in the apartment, according to police.

All items in question inside Sinclair's apartment had been reported as stolen, according to police.

Sinclairmug Just when you think gymnasts are pretty much the only pure and incorruptible thing left about collegiate athletics, one of the sport's All-Americans goes and stores stolen loot and a small arsenal in her apartment (allegedly, of course). Sinclair told police that she thought something was wrong about the situation inside her own apartment but didn't exactly know what it was. (Mental note: After being arrested for burglary, say nothing and request a lawyer.)

Sinclair's boyfriend -- the really cool guy who snitched on his All-American gymnastics girlfriend after she apparently let him turn her apartment into a den of thieves -- told police that he offered Sinclair a pearl necklace taken from the stolen safe and that Sinclair played with the stolen guns.



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HaHaHa... She should be interrogated for her involvement with the felons on the football team... We now know who Ronnie "AK 47" Wilson's arms dealer is!

This stuff just writes itself. LoL...


Is that the girlfriend of Carl Moore who Urban Liar was also recruiting?

What a bunch of thugs up there in Gainesville...

Tie down the double-wide's, because a storm is brewing

Give Urban a call, he has the contact to get her off the hook.

Does this count as #25?

Wasn't Moody the player who transferred with the girlfriend that was also given a scholarship?

This story is bizarre! Not sure what the school could have done to prevent this one.

It is funny how Wilson gets a "pass" for discharging an AK47, and this girl has already been released from the team, and the university.

If she had been a WR instead of a gymnast, she'd still be in school!!

Go 'canes!

Different person. You guys are thinking of Maranda Smith.


MTX Cane & Sarasota Cane, you guys talk like UM has always been so clean. Most of the charges against UF football players have been petty charges. Driving with suspended license, marajuana possesion, fighting.Every program has these types of issues. Why did they refer to UM Notre Dame games as the catholics vs. criminals? Come on the U was built on THUGS. At least back than you were winning.

its a real shame. this girl should have had enough common sense to avoid people like that. real shame.

U will watch the ACC title game in Tampa from your couch.

Aren't U getting tired of finishing in the middle of a crappy conference?

U are easy to predict just like years past. Everyone picked U to finish third in the sorry ACC in 09.

Guess what? U will finish third. LMAO

There are no cane fans in "DC"


nice try loser

Every program has these types of issues.

Posted by: tbone1999 | October 14, 2009 at 01:52 PM

Tell me more dbone! Where are they? 1 or 2 maybe since Randy got there, 25-30?? Since 2006? Dig up everyone you can find from UM dbone.

And no every school does not have kids with AK's, kids dealing drugs, beating their girls, running guns, stealing laptops, stalking, etc.

The Thug U you keep referencing was given that reputation for the way they treated people ON the field, not off it!

It's funny how you don't want to hear about a UM title from the 80's, but you'll jump all over a UM transgression from back then!


Go 'canes!

"The Thug U you keep referencing was given that reputation for the way they treated people ON the field, not off it!"
Wow that's a good line. You believe Santa comes every December too right?

U know the U was built on Thugs. Ray Lewis should be in jail but had money to pay attorneys. Michael "Crackhead" Irvin is another one of your elite alumni. Come on who are you kidding? You don't even have a glass house. Give Randy's Northwestern thugs some time and see if there are problems or not.

Ill take it. Who would you rather be?

One of the top colleges in the country for both athletics and academics. True college atmosphere. Great stadium. SEC. Crazy, rabid fans. Hot women all over campus. Have Urban Meyer one of the best coaches in the country. Tons of boosters and money coming in.


Priavte school spread out all over a corrupt, run down city, like Miami? Poor fan support. Horrible stadium and field. Poor campus and not even the feel you are in a college. Poor head coach. Horrible conference in the ACC. Horrible person leading them in Shalala. Ohhhh but they got South Beach. South Beach where the women are really men. South Beach was popular in like the 1980s and early 90s but now?

tbone - Your better than that!

Did Irvin get arrested at Miami, not!
Did Lewis get arrested at Miami, not!

And it was about 12 years ago when they were arrested.

Old news!

South beach is a joke.

Gays trannys and wannabes.

If you have some free time between midnight and for am it's great. Otherwise it's one big traffic jam.

College kids aren't hanging out there anyway. A martini costs sixteen bucks.

How long will Sade county filth tout "South Beach" as a plus? It's a joke.

Sounds like she was doing bad thing with a bad guy.

Take her down if guilty.



even "Hurricane fans" are sick of this Sarasota guy. BAHWHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

He is trying to come over to the Gator board. He posts more than the most crazed Gator fan (Adam M). He wants to be a Gator fan but they wont let him. He has a true psychotic disorder and may need some Zoloft..Gatorphilia

Jacory should spend time watching game film instead of spongeBob maybe then his TD to INT ratio would be somewhat respectable. He will have plenty of time to watch film on the bUs ride.

Posted by: Rawpimple | October 14, 2009 at 03:41 PM

You ever notice how "D" Bag is always talking about antidepressant and antipsychotic meds? Very telling!

To paraphrase Paul Harvey, "And now we know... the rest of the story!"

Go 'canes!

Wow maybe I could get some conjugal visits with her. She is pretty cute even in that mugshot where everyone looks terrible.

Sarasota 'cane, the canes fans are ripping you on the cane blog...go the f away. your a troll loser.

Sarasota 'cane....just go away. We are having a great season and you attract all the negativity to the board.

To paraphrase Harvey Dent,"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. "

Your not defending the U, your embarassing yourself

Posted by: Hialeah Cane | October 14, 2009 at 05:16 PM

if gt beats vt that puts miami in the driver seat for the acc

Posted by: CANES IN 09 | October 14, 2009 at 05:30 PM

Sarasota just take all the BS you bring to the Herald and get a life. We are trying to talk Canes football and I have to wade through all your same crap.
We do not care about the Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles or any other team you constantly talk about.
Try talking some Canes once in awhile instead of all the garbage you bring in here.
They should just make a room for you and all these pansy gator fans.

Posted by: Sebastian | October 14, 2009 at 05:51 PM

Great article Jo.....yawn.

There are no cane fans in "DC"


nice try loser

Posted by: Skip Bayless | October 14, 2009 at 02:06 PM


Alright, u got me, I live in Alexandria, VA 5 miles from DC... I am a UM alum and moved here for work U DoucheBag!!

Fairfax County in da house!


DC, I originally thought "D" Bag was cracking up, but it appears now that he has some sort of mental "issue". "D" Bag has all but admitted that he's on some pretty strong med's.

I've never known anyone with schizophrenia, so this could be very interesting to watch!

Get well soon "D" Bag, I mean Rawpimple, I mean "fake" Sebastian, I mean Skip, I mean "fake" Truth, I mean Brent, I mean....

Go 'canes!

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