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Florida Gators All-American arrested in burglary/gun-trafficking racket

GAINESVILLE -- From the bizarre and disturbing department of the sports section comes this story. A University of Florida All-American gymnast was arrested on Tuesday for her alleged involvement in a burglary ring.

Sinclair According to police, UF senior Melanie Sinclair was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly storing stolen guns, computers and a safe in her apartment. Sinclair's boyfriend, a convicted felon, apparently told police that his girlfriend was his accomplice after being arrested on Tuesday. Sinclair was charged with two felony counts of larceny and one felony count of burglary of a dwelling unarmed.

[PICTURED, As of today, likely a former UF gymnast.]

Sinclair is from Orlando and is a nine-time All-American. According to an article in the Gainesville Sun, police arrested Sinclair after her boyfriend told police that Sinclair was in on everything. LINK Sinclair's boyfriend was initially arrested outside of Sinclair's apartment for carrying a loaded shotgun. Gainesville police were staking out the apartment after being tipped off that Sinclair's residence was being used to sell stolen guns. Nine long guns were found in the apartment, according to police.

All items in question inside Sinclair's apartment had been reported as stolen, according to police.

Sinclairmug Just when you think gymnasts are pretty much the only pure and incorruptible thing left about collegiate athletics, one of the sport's All-Americans goes and stores stolen loot and a small arsenal in her apartment (allegedly, of course). Sinclair told police that she thought something was wrong about the situation inside her own apartment but didn't exactly know what it was. (Mental note: After being arrested for burglary, say nothing and request a lawyer.)

Sinclair's boyfriend -- the really cool guy who snitched on his All-American gymnastics girlfriend after she apparently let him turn her apartment into a den of thieves -- told police that he offered Sinclair a pearl necklace taken from the stolen safe and that Sinclair played with the stolen guns.



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