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Florida Gators answer with 65-yard touchdown drive; Gators 20, Arkansas 20

GAINESVILLE -- The Swamp is rocking. With 7:27 left in the fourth quarter the Florida Gators are tied 20-20 with Arkansas.

Florida trailed by a touchdown with 9:40 left in the game but UF tied the score with a 65-yard drive that took 2:13. UF running back Jeff Demps scored on a 10-yard run to tie the game with 7:27 to play. The drive was helped along by a pair of back-to-back 15-yard penalties by Arkansas (pass interference and a personal foul).



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Gators can't stop a completely talentless Arkansas offense, so they hire a little home cooking officiating. What a joke.

Wow, you're not kidding. There were a couple of facemask calls that weren't called against Arkansas though, so I call it even.

talentless? #1 passing offense in the SEC and that running back was amazing, how is that talentless?
but, i will admit that call was bad

I didn't see one player performance that impressed me. QB couldn't hit the side of a barn with a bulldozer, terrible receivers, no running game. Totally unimpressive offense.

Too bad Big Al was on the internet watching football instead of watching the game.

QB was on target and if you remember, but probably dont hit Cooper on a bomb, that he dropped, right on spot. Gators should have been up 10-0 to start. They didnt though but you know what? They won. They lost this type of game last year. On National Championship runs, especially defending national champs with a Heisman QB, you will be getting each and every teams best. All you need to do at the end of the day is win. This team keeps doing that and they will be national champs! Cant say the same for the team not on national tv, on the internet, who buses to their away games.

Rawpimple, I really appreciate your optimism but you have to admit, WE MUST PLAY BETTER! Close games, especially with 4 turnovers, to undermanned opponents will get you a loss quicker than anything.

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