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Florida Gators assistant's 'money is on' Tim Tebow playing

GAINESVILLE -- Florida Gators running back coach Kenny Carter doesn't know one way or the other if quarterback Tim Tebow is playing against LSU on Saturday but Carter knows one thing with a certainty: "All I know is he's Tim Tebow, and my money is on him."

Carter cut off a reporter on Monday when asked about the offensive game plan if Tebow can't play on Saturday against No.4 LSU.

"It's rather presumptive to think that Tim's not playing," Carter said. "He may be playing."

Assuming Carter was watching the same Kentucky game that I was, it certainly doesn't seem like much of a stretch to presume that Florida is preparing for the possibility that Tebow can't play. But, hey, what do I know? I'm just a reporter.

Carter went on to say that he didn't know if Tebow was at practice on Monday but he does know "they were trying to get him ready, and he'll be ready to go."

How confident is Carter in Tebow's go/no go status?

"When you have a concussion, they have to do tests and make sure you're ready to go," Carter said. "I'm very confident. He's Tim Tebow. I don't know that, so I can't answer that. All I know is he's Tim Tebow, and my money is on him."

Place your bets!



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Does anyone hate listening to Ron Jaworski on Monday Night Football more than this guy? Doubt it.


Great catch by Percy Harvin during Monday Night Football!


You know who else's money is on Tebow? Las Vegas. They set the opening line at Florida -11.5 and is now down to -9. There is no way they would allow people to bet LSU +9pts if Tebow isn't playing, because Florida at best would be laying 3 points if Brantley was starting. Doesn't matter about what may happen, its all perception.

Hey Jo,

Please don't delete the link! The kid WAS a UF prospect, now he likes The U! Adam gave it the BLOG HAMMER at uf.homer.com!


Go 'canes!

Hey Jo,

I noticed you didn't get a "Friends of the Program" link at OGGOA!


After all the whining and menstrating you have had to put up with over the last couple of years from Adam! Unreal!

Fight censorship!!

Go 'canes!

Hey "D" Bag!

I am sorry for all my negativity towards the Gators. I am just jealous that they are winning and in contention year after year while my Canes cant even win one of the weakest conferences, in the ACC. We havent had a winner in South Florida football in a long time. We know the Canes arent back yet, but I am drinking some Kool-Aid hoping that if we win out that we will play the Gators for the National Title. I know the Gators have a superior coach, team, QB, and defense, but its one game and anything can happen. Ohhh wait! We still need to win out and have VTech lose 2 conference games. Ohhh well, I like Chick Fil a with my kool-aid, so I would be happy with the Chick Fil A bowl.
Sorry Gator fans for ruining your blog, I am just a jealous. Hope Tebow is ok. Deep down I wish I could rub his back and nurse him back to health.

Now that's funny! Jo your great!

Keep scratching at the window U drooling whining little wretch. You'll never be allowed to consort with the champions. That's because U are a small minded delusional idiot. You're just like the losers who go to the game and hang around outside. Go back to your Lamespace circlejerk.

I am a charter member of the I Hate Ron Jaworski club. Plus! He playeed for the Iggles, even more reason to hate him. LSU fans smell like corn dogs. Be prepared for that if you go to the game.

I will guard myself against corndogs. Thank you, sir. In your debt.


lmao @ "corn dogs." Does the jorts insult elicit the same amount of laughter from anti-uf fans?

Jaws is good when breaking down tape on ESPiN. Color commentator? meh...

Nobody rules the League of Supreme Annoyance like Dan Dierdorf. NOBODY!

Even the formerly unlistenable Brett Musburger has toned it down. You can only ride hideous Notre Dame's jock for so many decades before it wears out. To me remembering his first name is like remembering the difference between FBS or FCS... I just can't do it. I always ask myself, "is it Brett or Brent?"

But i did find this which FINALLY gives me a way of mentally separating the two:
FCS is Football Championship Subdivision and FBS is Football Bowl Subdivision.
Championship Subdivision for the former 1-AA teams (App. State, Murray State), because they play a playoff to decide their championships.
Bowl Subdivision for the former 1-A teams (like Michigan, USC, Florida) because they all play in bowls.

Great blog Jo!

Circle Jerk, where have I heard that before??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm........

Hey "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

Wow Sarasota, you are such a loser. Complaining about me on here. LOL

Jo gets promoted on my site all of the time. If he wanted a link on the side - all he would have to do is ask. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Jo - Great exclusive on these quotes!!!

It's called jealousy.

Jeez Adam, lighten up, AGAIN! It's obvious what I wrote was a joke!

Hey "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

You're worthless.

And I hear you're grotesqely overweight!

We should create a new college football talk show for ESPN called "Worthless and the Fat Man"!

You in?

Go 'canes!



Go 'canes!

Pathetic. You really need to get a life.

What? Do you want me to be the "Fat Man" and you can be "Worthless"?

Whatever it takes my friend, whatever it takes!

Go 'canes!


Whatever it takes for what? Post relevant material, even if it is anti-Gators, and you can post all day long on my site. I told you that a while ago. If I wanted to ban your IP so you could never post, I would have. I don't want to do that. Just don't want you posting crap about the Canes like you do on here.

Adam, that link was about a kid who has visited OSU, UF, OKLA, and ND, but now he is hot on The U! I didn't even type a comment with it!

Hey it's your blog, but who wants to sit around and debate UM/UF football and recruiting with people who agree with everything you say?

Go 'canes!


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