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Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer: If Tebow is cleared 'we're going to play him.'

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Florida coach Urban Meyer told ESPN's College GameDay on Saturday morning that UF quarterback Tim Tebow will play on Saturday night against LSU if Tebow's doctors clear the quarterback for competition.

Meyer said on Saturday morning that Tebow still has not been medically cleared to play. According to the coach, Tebow will be retested on Saturday for symptoms of the concussion he received two weeks ago.

If Tebow is cleared by doctors, Meyer said, "We're going to play him."

"Tim is dying to play," Meyer said.

BatonRougecrawfish When in Baton Rouge, La., and worrying about the hourly medical status of UF reserve cornerback Moses Jenkins, blow off steam and stress by visiting Parrain's Seafood Restaurant on Perkins Road. The char-grilled oysters are amazing, the crawfish ettoufette and peanut cole slaw enjoy a good bath in Tabasco sauce and the tasty Abita beverages are without question our favorite Southern microbrews.

Met some really cool UF and LSU fans, too.



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I really enjoy watching the Gators dominate, but as a concussion "survivor" the docs, better have this right.

Just another selfish move by a selfish coach only interested in winning .....

Speaking of Game Day, is it just me or does Lee Corso seem lost sometimes?

Didn't he have a stroke a few years back? His speach is slow and he has to write alot of his thoughts on paper.

I think waiting until game day to decide on Tebow is all strategy, but I do hope that if he plays he makes it through the game without another injury.

I thought Corso was having another stroke this morning on live television when he was talking about FSU. I was actually pretty worried about the guy.


I take issue with people calling Meyer selfish. He has an obligation to go win the game (that's what he gets paid 4 million dollars a year for). If Tebow is medically cleared I don't see any issues with him playing as he gives the Gators the best chance to win.

Follow the logic pee brain...

I agree, Tebow is a man capable of making decisions for himself. If the doctors clear him, there is no way Meyer can convince him to sit and watch. He came back for his senior year to go out undefeated among other goals, the kid is going to do all he can to finish this thing on top since his pro prospects aren't that great.

I sure wish the fans in Miami were passionate about the Hurricanes the way the SEC is about their teams. I envy these SEC teams. Heck, why do you think I hang out on this board. That and I want to be associated with a winner, not a middle of the road ACC team. The ACC is a basketball conference anyway.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 09, 2009 at 07:25 PM

I disagree "fake" Sarasota 'cane! Actually UF seems obesessed with UM and all their glory! Why else would you take the time to log in as "me" if you were not?????

Hey "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

In response to "Sarasota cane".

if you envy the SEC teams so much, why don't you come out of the closet and become a "GAY-TOR"

hey ccb223---Meyer is a douche, his only concern is winning games so he can keep on making the "dinero" , he could care less about bible boy or any of his players

Gooo Gators!! All you Miami fans can't stand it..Urban isn't selfish don't you play to win the game?? If Tebow is cleared an he feels like he's ready to play why not let him play? By the way I live in Oklahoma I hate listening to people shoot off their mouths out here about how good the Sooners are? Are you kidding me their over rated every year! Was great watching Miami beat their butts last weekend!! With 2 losses they are still rated over teams with 0 losses or 1 loss what's wrong with this picture?

Look at Sarasota Cane all over the Gators board. Guess who will be watching the Gators on CBS tonight???? All 300 Canes fans and the entire country.

2 out of 3 National Title looking for 3 out of 4!!! and doing it all in the toughest football conference in the country, with a conference championship game.

#1 Defense in the Country.
#1 Rushing Offense in the Country.
#3 Total Offense.
#2 Scoring Defense.
#2 Scoring Offense.

I could go on and on.........

FZB: Just because you SAY something doesn't make it true. Meyer is interested in a lot more than making money. He does care about his players and I have empirical evidence to back that up. Look at our graduation rates, our overall football team GPA since he got here vs. the historical figures. He has improved those across the board. He consistently goes above and beyond when one of his players is in need, here's one example and there are numerous others.


You are clearly misinformed about our program...stay off our blog and worry about Chocolate Dorsey and the rest of THE WHO. God knows that JV program has a long ways to go before it can be included in the conversation with the championship factory that is Gator football.






You needed to break this story. Now some Hawaiian newspaper is reporting it online. What happened? You watching your bet on Kentucky +5?

I repeat to Canes fans!! You play to win the GAME!!

When does the BCS poll get released?

Wer're 3-1 and got toYed with by VT. check os out on nati.... Oops... Check us out on your computer tonight.

Our Qb can't run and can't throw out-routes but does throw a pretty lob

Iss all about duh ewe

I refuse to be mocked and copied.

Jacory Harris is a pro prospect. In fact, if he was able to, he may even come out this year into the NFL draft. Mel Kiper has him as a 11th round pick in the Lingerie League. He needs to do a few more squats and get up to Lindsay Lohan's diameter legs.

I just want to watch you guys play without Tebow. Damn! Why does he have to play. I am jealous of you Gators. You are lucky to have him. I have his poster on my wall like Robert Marve did. I loved when his face was so red after running down Florida State. He is a tough strong football player.

You think Jo is doing some of that internet X-rated stuff because he is nowhere to be found and Tebow has been cleared to play for the past 6 hours.

Why do those 2 broadcasters for CBS have to work tonight.. I HATE them!! I have to turn the volume off when they work (if that's what they call it) all they do is bad mouth the gator football team! Especially the younger one!! Anyone else know what I'm talking about? All night they'll trash talk!

I think the BCS poll is released in 2 weeks. Watch Sooner Losers will be # 1.

Guys, Tebow is playing, OK. Do I really need to write a blog naming an anonymous source that Tebow passed his medical tests this morning? No.

Is anyone watching Georgia getting smoked by one of the worst offenses in the country?


Gerorgia is playing Miami? I didnt think Miami liked to play SEC teams. They had their chance to join the SEC, a football conference, but they chickened out and decided to join a basketball conference, the ACC. A conference that they cant even win or show up to their conference championship game.

Sarasota, aren't you suppsoed to be a canes fan? You dont fly your flag and you talk bad about the canes?
So what if we joined the acc. We just need to win it once to shut everyone up.
Plus, our offense was too young when we went to gainesville. Sure we looked a lot like tennessee did this year and we held back because we were scared of the turnover but if we played now it would be different.

So what if Paul Dee had all the vision of Helen Keller. He decided that we could play weak schedules and only have to get up for a game or two per year and play for 'ships. We don't care about conference championships especially since we've never won one. I won't mention the big yeast titles because those are only insulting to our legacy.

Dee threw the proverbial dice with the canes and lost big time. Now we just say that the Gators are scared to play us. Even though we could have been guaranteed to play them annually and would be rolling in cash just like them. Heck, with the much higher attendance and bigger revenues we probably would have been able to afford a real stadium. We could have joined the premier conference and spent our days telling everyone how bad the ACC sucks.

Now we're stuck in the step child conference drawing 30,000 for our biggest conference rivalries.

It was all right there for the taking.

Paul Dee screwed us.

Georgia isn't worth a crap!

Like I've said, except for Florida the SEC East is baddddddddd.

Alabama has one tough D!

And what about Bradford, he just hurt his knee. Not sure if it will keep him out of the game, but I'm thinking he wished he went pro last year.

methinks the sham "sarasota cane" doth protest too much - i also think he would have no clear idea of the reference for the quote. to assume another's identity is easy sitting behind the veil of the internet.. perhaps he has CANE ENVY in general and PENIS envy for the REAL SARASOTA CANE - and all REAL CANES FOR THAT MATTER. programs are up and down. the U has been down but is coming back up. i seem to recall a UF season of 0-10&1.. we are climbing back up a lot faster than they have struggled to make it.

I'm so nervous I could crap myself!

Otter doesn't get nervous. He gets chicks!


Just go ahead and let her rip Otter.

I forgot to mention that it steams me that you Gators don't care if you play us. So what if we are also rans now. We have won three games and have swagger. Your just scared gators.


Any actual word on Moses? I know he had a concussion and whiplash and was in a neck brace. I figured he wouldn't be playing today but what are they saying about him?


That's my line Otter!

You Canes suck....now drop and give me 20!

Methinks sarasota aka Queen Gertrude looks like a nerd dragging Shakespeare into a football blog.

This is the short and the long of it.

Thanks "Fakey"! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

I love it when you use the term "Gaytor" to try and sell the "disgruntled cane fan" angle!

That's like lighting a bag of crap on fire on your own doorstep so you can blame it on the neighbor! Classic!

"D" Bag, you are one in a million!

Go 'canes!

Why are canes fans on a gator blog jaw jacking you'd think they'd be on the canes blog? WTF?? Get out? Quit being a bunch of cry babies an take your marbles an gooo hooomme!

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