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Florida Gators fall to No.2 in Associated Press poll

GAINESVILLE -- The Gators fell to No.2 in the AP poll on Sunday, less than a day after escaping a major upset with a 23-20 win against Arkansas. Here's a link to the poll. LINK!

Alabama is the nation's new No.1. The Crimson Tide (7-0) defeated South Carolina 20-6. Alabama received 39 first-place votes in the AP poll while Florida received only 20. Last week, Florida received 50 first-place votes and Alabama, then ranked No.2, received 10. Since the beginning of the season, the Crimson Tide has climbed steadily in the polls. Alabama began the season ranked No.5. Alabama

Florida (6-0), which was ranked No.1 for six straight weeks, has won 16 games in a row dating back to last season's loss to Ole Miss. The winning streak is the nation's longest. 



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not surprised at all, i'm amazed more teams don't play against us the way Arkansas did, we are so predictable now, more now than ever, Tebow is a limited quarterback when throwing so just rush him and he gets flustered, checks off once and then runs for the typical 3 yards, fumbles and drops obviously did not help. but we got to spread the ball around, i know the receivers are not up to the standards of last year but you have to try and trust these guys, how are they going to mature if you never give them the chance, opposing defense just has to cover hernandez and cooper (which they have a hard time doing) and bunch up on the line

Completely meaningless. Win out and you get to play Bama assuming they don't stumble. UF is the number one team until they get knocked off that pedestal.

It is plain and simple, Meyer is full of it... Everyone plays young receiver but Urban, he makes excuses about his receivers and not his QB's ability to read coverages.

Play Moody, Hines, Lawrence and Hammond and compete like every else. Stop placing the burden on the defense and complain about missed tackles. The offense needs to cary it's own weight, no excuses!

thats stupid. he played percy havin as a freshman and I bet debose would be playing had he not been injured.

Deonte Thompson is a legit WR and he will be in the mix more.

Gators vs Bama will be a duel like last year. Everything seems equal to me from coaching to D to offense except the QB. Gators have the edge in experience at QB.

I love the media jumping on the Bama bandwagon. Let them have all the press and us come in the underdog role.

except that Moody is a RB...not a WR. The defense was lucky that Mallett was off yesterday or they could have put up almost 40. My problem is, if the receivers cant get open, then lets run a few bubble screens and let them use their athleticism. It would have worked great if Rainey doesnt fumble. I know it would be a throwback to the Zooker days, but its something to get these guys in the open field.

Perfect! ...our plan is coming together perfectly!.....some adversity, a very close scare, now the underdog roll......I smell National Championship!...they will rally around this, find a couple of new go to guys and get some balance, and peak at the perfect time...Meyer is the master of this! Its great to be a Florida Gator!

Gators #6 in strength of schedule in the country!

Where do the Canes rank? #10 behind the Gators eventhough their fans have been pounding their chests the entire year!



Hey Rawpimple,

Get over the schedule business buddy. Seriously. First, it's midway through the season and schedule strength could be far different at season's end. Second, who cares? You guys are an elite team you should be playing a tough schedule. Why do you have to constantly compare yourselves to us? We compare ourselves to you, because we want to be where you are. You guys are on top. Get over the inferiority complex already.

Plus look at the strength of schedule standings again. Iowa has the 3rd toughest strength of schedule so far? Really? They've played Penn State. That's the only team of note on their schedule. Just because you've played teams with better records than the teams someone else has played doesn't make your schedule harder. I mean Arkansas State could have a winning record would you really count them as a difficult opponent?

Nations longest wining streak....number one D.....number one rushing O....undefeated..If someone's not happy now, I got news for you..IT DONT GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS! ENJOY IT. Your not going to kill everybody and you will have bad games. 2001 NC canes almost lost to an unranked, awful Boston College but not for a last minute fumble recovery retuned for a TD by Ed Reed. Adversity and transformation are part of the ride (unless you are the 1995 Cornhuskers whom beat everyone by at least 35 points but had the best team money could buy). You need look no further than last year with us. We are averaging more rush yards and a better D. Passing will improve. You can bet Meyer will make that happen in time.

You are always the champs until you get knocked out. Especially with the talent and coaching you guys have. Bama and Texas are pretenders until they prove it on the field against the champs.

WOW, Gator John you are really drinking the Meyer koolaid, Meyer is an amazing recruiter, #1 class coming in again next year, but as a coach he has his shortcomings, not sure if its him or the various OC's, or because Tebow is a limited quarterback but the playcalling is so predictable and has been, yes we can't blow everyone out but were you seriously happy with the playcalling of the LSU game, the offense was so stagnant, if all Tebow was going to do is hand the ball off and run for 2.5 yards then why not have Brantley in the game, I guarantee we would have scored more than 13 points

"passing will get better" really? Tebow is a senior, when is the passing going to get better, it will get better....next year, unless Meyer takes a pocket passer and make him run like he did with Leak, not bright

The U has been pounding their chest about their "tough schedule" and I said to wait until the end of the year to look at strength of schedule and then we will see. HOWEVER, the Gators played the tougher schedule so far, which shows the Canes fans on here pounding their chest was all a bunch of KOOL AID. Plus the Gators still have South Carolina and Alabama to go. While the Canes play their joke of a conference schedule.

Just the facts on here, not the kool aid!

Dude this is the real strength of schedule


Canes are at #22!!!!

Gators at #8!!!!!

Maybe Gator fans should be crying like the Canes fans were about being too tough a schedule?

Hey Just The Facts,

If you look at the "strength of schedule" it is based entirely on wins and losses. So Troy being 4-2 helps UF more than OU being 3-3 helps Miami. Do you actually think Troy is a better team than OU? Strength of schedule does not take into account the level of the opponent. Plus if you look at the future opponents wins and losses your entire schedule is at 30-30 as it stands now. While Miami's is 30-22. By the end of the season we can answer whether Miami's schedule was stronger or Florida's was. To an extent. It's sort of like comparing apples and oranges. The reason our schedule looked rough was because we were not starting out against Charleston Southern and Troy. We jumped out of the gate against FSU and GTU. Definitely bigger opponents. Plus we had a new OC and new DC. It turns out those first four teams were not as good as advertised, but it doesn't mean it was easy either. Three of those teams will probably be top 25 teams at seasons end. And we beat two of them. Right now, LSU is the only team on your schedule that seems like a concrete top 25 team. Until you hit the SEC title game.

UF #1
UM #10

Truly not bad for UM.


Give more Meyer cool aid....I'll take all of it...ugly wins, nice wins, good play calling, bad play calling....we have won two natonal championships in three years and now fighting for a fourth....You want perfection,,,it dont exist,,,these guys are 18,19 and 20 and its the SEC..THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS.....Pinch me, in in heaven.

Can anyone explain to me what is up with the officiating in the SEC this year? Are they setting up the higher ranked teams so the conference looks better? I mean LSU was ranked higher then GA and they give the game to LSU at the end. Then UF is on the ropes to Arkansas and they give what should have been an offensive pass interference call to the Arkansas defender, then a weak personal foul to set up the touchdown to tie it. Without that you kick a field goal and are down. What is up with the SEC, do they have to ensure that their top teams win to keep the tv contract?

Kool aid is a moron. Seriously dude. So Charleston Southern, Troy, Tennessee and Kentucky rate higher than FSU, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma in your book? You're an idiot. Strength of schedule goes by wins and losses and pays no mind to level of opponent. So you could technically play let's say Jacksonville State, Troy, FAMU and Arkansas State and those teams could be a combined 20-4 and you would have the top strength of schedule because of opponent winning percentage. You my friend are truly an imbecile. Plus if you look at the future opponents wins and losses by the very list you are using the Gators opponents record so far for the year over the complete schedule is 30-30. Ours is 30-22. But again when the year is over we will know who had the tougher schedule. Somewhat. Miami will probably have three teams, maybe four, on it's schedule that are top 25. Florida only has one definite in LSU before the SEC title game.

I'm an old schooler and have always believed that once you are #1, you must be beaten on the field by anyone claiming to be King of the Hill. Yes, Florida has been weaker on offense this season and their margins of victory have not been as impressive as they were in the past. And I can see why Alabama has been put into the #1 position by the pollsters because of their impressive margins of victory. But the real problem is the fact that they are not meeting head to head on the field this season. Heck, if it were up to me, I say let's have a match between Bama and the Gators on national TV next week -- that will settle the issue!

If they win out they WILL meet in December.

As has been said the fact that we are #1,2,3 does not really matter as long as 1)Alabama stays highly ranked and no undefeated 2) we stay highly ranked and with one loss or less 3) florida beats Alabama in the Sec championship. Also, we did look out of sorts this past sat against the Razorbacks but I think they are much more dangerous than most realized and as ugly as it was we still got the W. My biggest concern is the lack of a passing game. RC and AH are carrying the load...we should be spreading the ball around more to other receivers to keep it balanced. All in all it's good to be complain about how poorly you have won your last 6 games though :)

If you told me the Gators would have 4 turnovers to 0,get sacked 6 times, not be able to run the ball efectively, defense gives up 20 points, I would say the Gators must have lost. But they found a way. Florida finally got some sort of passing game going too which has been lost amongst the criticism. As far as the penalties were concerned here is my take, pass interference was valid I thought, corner turned around late. The personal foul shouldn't have been called. But I think they would have scored on that drive anyway. The Rainey fumble was definitely a trip. That was seven points there because there was no one in front of him. All in all it was a tough game and they pulled it out. We normally lose one of these a year. A win is a win.

Arkansas total D is 97th in the Country and their pass D is 100th, we can win against a team like them playing this type of game but not Bama!

Rawpimple - Who cares what you say, all you do is talk smack on every board in the Country then you want to come back to this one and actually voice a FB opinion? Loser!

And your personal attack against the UConn player Miami that was stabbed and the City was childish!

Arkansas total D is 97th in the Country and their pass D is 100th, we can win against a team like them playing this type of game but not Bama!

I agree 100%. They need to start clicking. It seems this team hasn't clicked all year. Need to start by getting people healthy.

Waaaaaa we play too tough of a schedule. How could the Gators be ranked ahead of us in strength of schedule. I cant pound my chest anymore how our schedule was so tough. Now I have to go back to the too young excUses and NEXT YEAR talk.

Right now its a good time to be both a Gator and a Cane. SOS at #8 or #6 or 26...it does not matter. Oklahoma with or without Bradford against Miami...it doesn't matter. Keep winning and you are relevant. That is all that counts. Winning pretty gets you on ESPN...but which undefeated team is doing that? Anyone who has watched Alabama wouldn't agree. The Gators have to overcome some serious offense deficiencies, a green offensive coordinator, and multiple defensive injuries to reach their full potential. If they are able to address these issues that are UNBEATABLE, if not on any given Saturday they could struggle. Should be fun.

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