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Florida Gators freshman offensive lineman could start against Georgia

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Tuesday that there is a possibility freshman offensive tackle Xavier Nixon could receive significant playing time on Saturday against Georgia.

Offensive lineman James Wilson has apparently been singled out as the weakest link and Florida's coaches would also like to move Carl Johnson back inside, where he is more comfortable. Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has been sacked 16 times this season. Another offensive line possibility, according to Steve Addazio, is moving Maurkice Pouncey to guard and starting Sam Robey at center, which would leave Carl Johnson on the outside.

On the defensive line, coach Dan McCarney said that both Lawrence Marsh (ankle) and Jaye Howard (knee) practiced on Tuesday and could play against Georgia. Brandon Antwine (shoulder) and Justin Trattou (shoulder) are doubtful. Running back Jeff Demps (neck) sat out practice on Tuesday.



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Wow, messing with the OL after going 7-0? Not sure I would do that.

SEC Article


It's pretty obvious that this gimmicky offense only works with exceptional players of Harvin's and Murphy's talent for it to work. Where are all those 4 and 5 star recruit we keep hearing about, guess they're not living up to press clippings. Got a bad feeling about this weeks game and the future. Hate to see this team next year without teabow and urban..

like the idea of reuniting Johnson and the Pounceys on the inside of the offense line. They were terrific in 2008.

I have been concerned about the tackle position all season and while there have been great reports about Nixon and practice, I hope he's truly ready to make an impact.

I'd be extremely shocked if Addazio debuted a freshman at left tackle against Georgia. Moving Sam Robey to center seems more likely but even that seems like a risky move.


Look at the jealous cane fan projecting his own losing fears onto the CHAMPIONS. Very telling.

Urban was on an Atlanta radio station yesterday saying that Antwine would likely have surgery. That seems beyond 'doubtful'.


"They could use their smell." Besides the fact that this sentence is poorly constructed, isn't it just another example of something I mentioned two days ago: the national media overstating things. Don't you have to wait until the bowl season to really know anything?

If the SEC is so grossly overrated, I want to to know which conference is better? The Big 12? Ha! Has anyone seen how pathetic the Big 12 North has been playing recently. Kansas State is in first place. Who's the second-best team in the Big 12 South, three-loss Oklahoma?

The Big East? Please, that's a two-team league. West Virginia, the third place team in the Big East, lost to Auburn, which is way down this season by its standards. What about the Pac-10, where the second best team lost to Boise State?

Is the Big 10 better than the SEC?

Is it really Florida's and Alabama's fault that the rest of the country decided to vomit all over each other so early in the season? USC lost to Washington. Ohio State lost to Purdue. Michigan, bad. Penn State, chumps. Virginia Tech, exposed. Miami, too inconsistent. BYU, overrated. We could go on.

Seriously, IOWA is the best of the rest and we're supposed to believe the SEC is overrated? How many SEC teams would be favored against Iowa? Let's see...Florida, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee, probably Georgia, maybe Kentucky, Ole Miss and Arkansas.

The SEC is so deep that the worst team in the SEC West, Arkansas, nearly upset the best team in the SEC East, Florida. The SEC is so deep, the best team in the SEC West, Alabama, nearly lost to the fifth-place team in the SEC East, Tennessee.

You know what, you could make an argument that the seven best teams in the SEC are better than the seven best non-SEC teams ranked in the Top 10 of the AP poll. Seriously, you can. Let's do it.

Florida vs. Texas: Advantage Florida.

Alabama vs. Iowa: Advantage Alabama.

LSU vs. USC: Wow, talk about a good game. Two immensely talented yet underachieving teams. Depending on where this game is played, advantage LSU.

South Carolina vs. TCU; Another great game. Advantage Spurrier in this defensive slugfest.

Ole Miss vs. Boise State: Wow, look at this. Another great game! Advantage Ole Miss defense. Never mind Snead, the Rebels' NFL-caliber quarterback. Ole Miss would only need it's defense to defeat Boise State.

Tennessee vs. Cincinnati: Once again, we have the makings of an ESPN Instant Classic. Advantage Cincy, but barely. I mean, this one is really too close to call after watching the Vols nearly upset Alabama.

Georgia vs. Oregon: OK, Oregon might be favored to win this game but would anyone be surprised if Georgia pulled the upset? I mean, it seems like Georgia is just a few plays away from pulling everything together. Mark Richt vs. Chip Kelly? Yeah, advantage Georgia.

There you have it. The top teams in the SEC vs. the top teams in the nation. Sounds like a pretty good playoff system. Pretty sure the finals would be SEC vs. SEC.


Alas, Doyel shows his ignorance, AGAIN! The smell is his own BS. He does nothing but provoke. My wife has more footbal acumen. A lot more, she really knows her Xs and Os! lol


In my opinion there isn't a great team or conference this year. I do think the SEC is the best, but every team in the SEC could end up with one or two loses. And, if Florida and Bama continue to play the way they are they could both end up losing. FL, TX and USC could all go down this weekend? It's a crazy year.

Your picks could just as easily go the other way.

Florida vs. Texas: Advantage Florida.

Alabama vs. Iowa: Advantage Alabama.

LSU vs. USC: Advantage USC

South Carolina vs. TCU: Advantage TCU

Ole Miss vs. Boise State: Advantage Boise

Tennessee vs. Cincinnati: Advantage Cin.

Georgia vs. Oregon: Advantage Oregon

There are many games left so well just have to wait and see what happens.

mtx what r u doin? I didn't know you paid visits to the enemy.

Man, I'm still looking for that orange and green bandwagon with the funny looking stork on it! Anybody seen that thing?? It was just here last week filled to capacity! Oh well, its gone missing before, might be back next week. I need a ride to Jacory Harris' Heisman coronation ceremony so let me know if you see it! 43 Large, Baby!!

I agree, MTX, games could go either way and it has been a crazy year, but the fact that these games would even be close should favor the argument that the SEC is not overrated.


Oh and BYW, has anyone heard where they are having the annual Hurricane Halloween party this year?? I know it was at the site of the old Orange Bowl last year, in honor of all the past ghosts. Really would like to go, heard that Randy Shannon is dressing up as a Division 1 coach this year, now thats pretty darn creative!!!

to me you have a bunch of tossups except for Bama,UF, and SC

Hey dittoheads, which conference has the most 1st round draft picks in the past 10 years? In the words of Gomer Pyle, (the GAYtor spokesman) SUPRIZE, SUPRIZE, SUPRIZE..
It's the ACC with 74, which is 8 better than the vaunted sec, 18 better than the big 10, 26 better than the big 12.
You meth-heads know why? It's because the ACC all have pro-style systems, not these tricked-up systems that works with the kids but doesn't work with the men..
That's also why Miami has had 27 1st round picks in the last 10 years, to the GAYtors 10, yes I said 10, GOMER. Next best is Ohio St. with 17.
The GAYtors and sec get the best recruits and players, but for some reason they stall out in thier development. Hmmmm, wonder if it's the gimmicks they run..
Examples of ACC all-pros;
Matt Ryan, BC
Phillip Rivers, N.C.St.
Andre Johnson, Miami
Thomas Jones, Virginia
Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech
Clinton Portis,Frank Gore,Willis Magahee, Miami
Julius Peppers, N.C.
Mario Williams, N.C.St.
Shawne Merriman, Maryland
Ray Lewis, Miami
Antonio Cromartie, Florida St.
Ed Reed, Miami
Devin Hester, Miami
and on and on and on..
Where's Chris Leak, where's your RB's, any all-pro WR's, any TE's?

I didn't know producing pro players was more important than winning games.

Wow, I guess UM is nothing but a farm team for the NFL. Impressive. You know, like 43 Large!!!

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