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Florida Gators quarterback John Brantley has "no idea" if he's starting against LSU

GAINESVILLE -- Florida quarterback John Brantley said on Monday afternoon that he would like to know ahead of time if he's going to start against LSU on Saturday. As of Monday, Brantley says he has not been informed one way or the other.

Brantley says he expects Florida's coaching staff to tell him sooner rather than later if he's going to be the starter or the backup when No.1 Florida travels to Baton Rouge, La., for its game against No.4 LSU.

"I would like to know, to get my head in the right place just to know I would going into there starting," Brantley said.

Brantley practiced with the first team on Monday and was the team's first-string quarterback last week. Tebow did not practice on Monday and isn't expected to practice until at least Wednesday, which is scheduled to be a light day for the Gators. Thursday is a walk-through day.

"It has been a big week for me," Brantley said. "Just to go out there and run with the first team is a great feeling for me. It's just quality reps that I'm getting out there and I'm trying to learn."

Brantley says he's ready to be the Gators' starter.

"A year ago I don't know if I could have said that," he said.



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A real back up would be ready at the drop of a hat. hope he finds out early.LSU is a hostile enviroment.THUG U 14 LSU20.BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

sidcane... How is your ethiopian quaterback J. Harris backup! Is your boy Highsmith ready at "drop of a hat"! Moron posting sidcane... just moronic!

Ed...Moron, yes Highsmith is ready to play if needed. Damn GAYtor fans. Have all the fun you can at the top because miami is coming and the GAYtor nation knows it. Gaytor and OU beat the u in the past(2007), OU got their and Florida is next.

Miami aint' going anywhere in the ACC... Step up to a real conference in the SEC and then talk... Your schedule will turn out to be Another Chomp Conference schedule... Oh, You played Oklahoma.... were the hell are they ranked... You will have two teams ranked in the ACC... The SEC has six ranked teams right now.

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