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Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is back; Plus find out who might be used in UF's Wildcat

GAINESVILLE -- Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow practiced on Tuesday for the first time since suffering a concussion on Sept. 26 during the Gators win against Kentucky.

Tebow wore full pads on Tuesday and alternated practice time with backup quarterback John Brantley. Both players worked with the Gators' first-team offense. Tebow participated in about 80 percent of practice, according to Florida coach Urban Meyer.

Meyer said on Tuesday after practice that Tebow still hasn't been cleared to play in Saturday's game against Louisiana State although the coach did say that a panel of doctors discussed a timetable for Tebow's return on Tuesday after practice. Meyer indicated that he probably will not announce Tebow's playing status until Saturday, if at all, but all signs seem to be pointing to a return for Tebow in Baton Rouge, La.

"If they say he's ready to go, then we have to make a decision to play him," Meyer said. "I have got to make that clear. He has not been cleared to play in a game Saturday night. I don't think that will happen for sometime yet. He simply practiced a 20-period practice in full pads."

Tebow began running on a treadmill on Sunday, according to Meyer, and the quarterback began lifting weights on Monday. Meyer said that Tebow might undergo drills on Wednesday that would simulate contact to his chest.

"He told us after his workout two days ago -- it was the first time he broke a sweat -- how good he felt," Meyer said.

According to a statement released by the University Athletic Association, a panel of six doctors and UF's head athletic trainer, Anthony Pass, have worked this week to evaluate Tebow's lingering symptoms from the concussion he received during the third quarter of UF's 41-7 win against Kentucky. 

The doctors include Pete Indelicato, a UF athletic association team physician; Jay Clugston, a UF athletic association physician; Patrick Jacobs, a neurosurgeon at Shands Hospital at UF, Bayard Miller, a neurologist at Shands and Mickey Collins, the assistant director of the Sports Medicine Concussion Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Meyer said that Collins, the internationally respected concussion expert from Pittsburgh, attended practice on Tuesday and observed Tebow. Tebow's medical team will continue to monitor Tebow throughout the week in the chance that his symptoms return. Tebow was hospitalized overnight in Lexington, Ky., after suffering the concussion and experienced headaches for several days after the injury.

"I think if symptoms show up then it delays the whole deal," Meyer said. "What you have to do as an offensive coach and a head coach is prepare in case [Tebow] doesn't (play) and prepare if he does. The good thing is that we have a quality guy right behind him who is a pretty good player."

Meyer said Tebow's father, Bob, has been in the Philippines this week and gets back "soon." UF's coach said he spoke with Tebow's mother, Pam, "the other day."

"I'm sure we'll have a little talk as we get closer to the end of the week," Meyer said.

--Reserve cornerback Moses Jenkins of Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson did not practice on Tuesday. Jenkins, like Tebow, suffered a concussion against Kentucky. Meyer said Jenkins' recovery is not as far along as Tebow's.

--Reserve safety Dorian Munroe (knee meniscus) of Miami Coral Reef is scheduled to begin practicing next week. Munroe injured his knee during the preseason.

--Defensive tackle Lawrence Marsh (ankle) was limited in practice on Tuesday. Meyer said he practiced "half of practice."

--Defensive tackle Brandon Antwine (shoulder) will begin practicing on Wednesday, according to Meyer. Antwine was limited to individual conditioning work on Tuesday.

--Reserve cornerback Jeremy Brown (back) conditioned on Tuesday.

--Receiver Carl Moore (back) "still has a ways to go," according to Meyer.

--Meyer said that receiver/return specialist Brandon James, tight end Aaron Hernandez or running back Jeff Demps could be used in a Wildcat formation this week against LSU.



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God has answered the prayers offered by the gator fans and other people across the country. The fact that Tim Tebow has started in strenous activities such treadmill, lifting and practice are good signs for someone with concussion. Praise God for all his goodness!

Gators #1 defense in the country. BOOOO YAH!!!!

Alabama #2.

Only team in top 10 in offense and defense.


Solid info. THX

You played two High School teams so you should rank pretty high.

solid game by miami against v tech, mtx. impressive.

God has answered the prayers offered by the gator fans and other people across the country. The fact that Tim Tebow has started in strenous activities such treadmill, lifting and practice are good signs for someone with concussion. Praise God for all his goodness!

Posted by: yana94 | October 06, 2009 at 09:29 PM

Blasphemy is the use of reference to one or more gods in a manner considered objectionable by a religious authority.

Opening This Saturday!

University of Florida Theatre Troupe's Adaptation of:

"Jesus Christ, Superstar!"

Director: Mel Brooks
Producer: Jeremy Foley
Jesus: Tim Tebow
Judas: Urban Meyer
Lucifer: Les Miles
Mary of Magdalene: Erin Andrews
Wise Man #1: Randy Shannon
Wise Man #2: Mark Whipple
Wise Man #3: John Lovett
King Herod: Bobby Bowden
Women of irrepute: Delta-Delta-Delta Sorority

Sarasota, I'm impressed. very witty. Yana94 feels what we all do. There something special about Tim Tebow, beyond the Grid iron. There is a great goodness in him. God seems to anwser his prayers....which happen to coincide with much of the Gator Nation. I share yana94's opinion. Tim's mission is blessed.

Irrepute? Ill repute maybe? Regardless -- still funny.

Jo -- What's the latest on Brandon Spikes? Hasn't been much out there on him the past two weeks. Is he a full go this week? We need him in Baton Rouge at his skull-crushing best.

Boca dude, he is still recovering from Achilles tendonitis but has yet to miss a start because of it. Probably something he will deal with all season. I'm guessing he will get an injection before the game and be ready to go.

Irrepute? Ill repute maybe? Regardless -- still funny.

Posted by: boca dude | October 07, 2009 at 07:08 AM

I looked the word up, but I think I grabbed the wrong one! They had similar definitions and it was late!

I was hoping no one was going to be offended, I wrote it simply to get a laugh!

Achilles tendonitis, while painful is not a trauma injury that would necessarily prevent an athlete from competing. It's an inflammation injury. It has varying degrees of severity. It can range from a minor burning sensation that dissipates upon warming up, all the way to a severely painful condition that makes even walking seem unthinkable.

I don't know the level of severity that Spikes suffers from. Although I did see him limping during a game which suggests that his left achilles tendon is somewhat inflamed.

An athlete with AT can usually warm the area up and carefully stretch and have the ability to compete. The stop and go nature of football complicates this. I am not sure how the training staff deals with AT during a game as I am speaking from the perspective of an endurance athlete. Endurance athletes generally aren't dealing with a go-stop-go scenario and keep the area "warmed up." I do know that during games Spikes should immediately go to a heating pad the moment he steps off the field. This keeps the affected area from tightening up and aggravating the injury.

Meyer has stated the the injury will not keep him out of the lineup which suggests that they are managing it and keeping it from worsening. AT is one of those lingering injuries that is very difficult to completely heal from as it is nearly impossible to not use the area.

And while Spikes is always great to have on the field, the Gator linebacking group is not high on my list of worries. Step up Deonte and Moody.

Spikes' Achilles tendon had two full weeks to heal. Hopefully that was enough time. Florida's defense must be at its best on Saturday and that means Spikes' mobility at the line of scrimmage is one of the keys to the game. We all remember what happened in 2007 at Tiger Stadium. LSU fullback Jacob Hester bent Florida's defense over his knee.


AT can take months to heal. Tendonitis is an inflammation injury that lingers like few other injuries do.

Even Sponge Bob is a fan. Watch...


Love the Sponge Bob video!

solid game by miami against v tech, mtx. impressive.

Posted by: richie | October 06, 2009 at 11:57 PM

Yep, it suc*ed! I hated every minute of it, but at least V Tech is ranked in the top 5.

And if Florida loses to LSU, they will be behind V Tech in the rankings.


if monkeys fly outta yer azzz U will be ACC champs

IF.......thats whu u be

thug army,

25 arrests is all I have to say. I'm probaly missing a few, but it sounds about right.

The Cajuns are going to be rowdy Sat night. U better hope that you're concussed QB is going to play.

Te-roid runs up the middle for 3 yards and BOOM!!! What a hit by the MLB...Wait... He isn't moving... Oh no.... He's throwing up his pre-game meal again!! Out for the season...

Poof goes you're season... John Brantley? Please!!

John Brantley's in the pocket.. Looks downfield... Nobody's open... Riley Cooper? No... Aaron Hernandez? No... Who are the other receivers on this team?

U have no one... It is ova after this season...

Maybe an appearance in the SEC championship, which is nice, but no championship this year... Sorry!!!

LSU and ALA will own U this year.

TWiggy couldn't lift Brantley's jock you clown. Keep moving.

Just like LSU and Ala owned UF LAST YEAR clown???

We have more depth than U will ever have idiot...more on the way... Randy is ranked #22 in rivals recruiting...


"Maybe an appearance in the SEC championship, which is nice, but no championship this year... Sorry!!!"


So it's true about Matilda Patchan being out for the season with a torn ACL?
Could not have happened to a better person.

Matt patchen and his dad decided not to go to UM when they saw how randy shannon runs the program. That says alot since sr. is a former star there. They are very smart people. Some of the inner city kids are not so smart, have no guidance and fall for the U hype. In there defense, they don't know any better and they are listening to and hanging out with people who don't know. The smart, top notch kids ( i.e. Jelani Jenkins, Percy Harvin) end up at Florida, USC, OHio state. If you really think about it, it makes no sense to go to UM...academically, athletically , socially, politically or any other way. The U will always get some good Miami kids because of the illusion but the days of owning the franchise on speed and excellence is long over.

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