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Florida Gators running back Jeff Demps in neck brace

GAINESVILLE -- Here's proof that Florida coach Urban Meyer knows a thing or two about women's fashion accessories. He does, after all, have two daughters.

When asked on Monday about injured running back Jeff Demps, Meyer said, "I think he's going to be good. He has a sprained neck. He's walking around here with a choke collar on ... uh, neck collar ... little guy ... looks pretty good. But he should be fine. I think he's going to practice. There will be no contact for a couple days but I saw the play. A big ol' 300-pound lineman got a hold of him."

Demps sprained his neck against Mississippi State and his status for the Georgia game is questionable. 



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Demps in a neck brace is very unsettling. Urban better figure out how to get Rainey in space and just feed the damn ball to Moody ala Moreno 07. Rainey did look good Saturday though but man, Demps has been money. The more this season grinds on the more it looks like the oline is the culprit IMO. We're 7-0 and I feel tentative about this offense. Not good. Step up Deonte step up oline

Love Demps in space and I know he broke long ones last year on the dive, but I can't help but think he is scared sh#@less at 175 Lbs. and 5'-8" crashing between the tackles. I saw the play and he got crushed in a pile of humanity. I don't profess to know more than pour coaches but common sense tells You moody would seem better on the dive.How long can 175 pounbd handle that type of beating..

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