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Florida Gators win a wild one; Defeat Arkansas 23-20

GAINESVILLE -- Kicker Caleb Sturgis kicked a 27-yard field goal with nine seconds left and the Florida Gators defeated the Arkansas Razorbacks 23-20 on Saturday night at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

It was a wild game and after it was over the Gators, who survived despite losing four fumbles throughout the day, celebrated at midfield like they had just won the SEC championship. Believe it or not, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow's game-winning drive late in the four quarter was the first of his career with less than five minutes remaining in a game.

Tebow completed 3 of 5 passes on the final drive, including a 12-yard completion to his roommate, Riley Cooper, on third-and-10 from the Arkansas 40 with 1:07 left. Tebow carried the ball six times on the final drive, which spanned 69 yards on 14 plays in 2:59.

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How serious are the injuries to Spikes and Trattou?

Meyer had no update on either injury after the game - as far as severity. But Spikes obviously sat out the second half. I heard rumors he actually injured his hamstring on Wednesday during practice and he aggravated it in the game.

lucky fookers

Its great to be A Florida Gator.....great teams and great coaches find a way to win even when they are not supposed to....when a random flying foot knocked the ball out of Raineys hand for the 4th fumble of the half, it sure looked like this was dialed in as a loss...i thought the gig was in for us a la Ole Miss......credit Tebow and Addazio for making good calls the last drive.....if your a top prospect, you love this game because they find a way to win but you see opportunity to step in and play at about every position! Ready to Reload!

Whewwwww.... Our offensive line certainly did not play well enough for us to win. We're there key injuries? They played horrible - made AK defensive line look like All-Americans (which they aren't). Got the "W" though!

We have people on this board that are pessimists and can find negative in just about every game the Gators play. Then we have the other end of the spectrum, the optimists, that throw on their orange and blue glasses, and can find positives in just about anything.

Me? I am a realist and let me tell you about this 2009 Florida Gator Football Team.

This is a championship type football team. That's right, it is! First off, we have the best coach in the country in Urban Meyer. Second, we have an experienced QB, and one of the best players to ever play college football at the helm. Third, we have a devastating defense. Fourth, we have an excellent running game. Fifth, we have a very good OL (better at run blocking than pass but still a solid OL that wears opposing defenses down). Six we have very good special teams play. Seventh, and most importantly this team has maturity, character, toughness, determination, guts, and finds a way to win.

That football game yesterday was horrible. We did everything we could to lose that game. Turnovers, bad play calling, dropped passes, fumbles, missed blocks, blown coverages, poor, poor tackling, and plenty more, BUT you know what???

This team, the players and the coaches, fought through this game and found a way to get it done when it counted. They got the W! We lost this exact type of game last year with a championship team. We got the win! That is all that matters in the end. Sure, we played sloppy, coached sloppy, but we won. It's great to know that on a day that most things dont go your way (4 turnovers to 0 and plenty more), that we could pull out the W.

All this talk now about Alabama should be #1 and the Gators are going to lose to them, and we might as well not show up is completely stupid.

We have the Nation's longest winning streak, won the National Championship game last year, and ranked preseason #1. We have a Hesiman winning QB. We will be getting each and every teams best punch, every single week. Everyone wants to be the one to knock off #1. We aren't going to blow every team out, in fact this team is not built like that. This team isnt a finesses offense that throws the ball all over the field, scores 50+ a game and when they play a physical team and get punched in the mouth, they lose. This team is built to withstand the fight, and the punches, and come out on top.

Does this team have holes? Absolutely. Offensive playcalling at times as been mediocre to unimaginative. Our WRs are a major concern. Deonte's catch yesterday was very encouraging, and hopefully he is ready to breakout and lead this team from the WR position. However, you win games and championships exactly how we have been playing: Strong, tough defense, excellent running game, great QB, good special teams and great coaching. We have it all here.

Could we beat Alabama? Absolutely, positively! Could they beat us? Sure. We are two very good teams, with very good defenses, and coaches. It is going to be a war, if we do play. I still believe the advantage the Gators have over Alabama is the QB position. When you have an inexperienced QB facing a tough defense, that is when mistakes happen.

I love that Alabama is everyone's favorite and we are falling from public opinion. I am sure Urban Meyer loves the underdog role. Let everyone talk about Alabama, Texas, and whoever else they want to talk about. We keep getting the W and everything will take care of itself.

Yesterdays game was ugly, but it did show me a lot of the character of this team. They aren't going to fold when things get rough or things don't go their way. They are going to fight, scratch, and claw to the final seconds, and teams better be ready to play us for a full 60 minutes.

This is a National Championship caliber team!

I agree GatorBud. O-line was MIA yesterday. Hopefully that was our Ole'Miss with a W.

Big time wake-up call to the boys in the trenches.

Speechless about the turnovers. The Gators sure left a lot of points out there yesterday.

The march to Pasadena trudges on unscathed for the record books.

Will the Gators see another QB better than Mallett the rest of the way? Even though he was a pedestrian 12-27, he threw no picks and came up big in some crucial spots.

Spikes pulled a groin muscle on Wednesday. Trainers thought he was ready to go but clearly he needed more time recover. Trattou injured his shoulder.


"if your a top prospect, you love this game" not if you are a receiver

Gator John, I don't understand this comment: ".....great teams and great coaches find a way to win"
this coaching staff for the last few weeks has made their team fight an uphill battle, this offense is so predictable, we are letting teams in the game, yes the fumbles and the drops hurt, yes Alabama's D-line took it to us, Tebow running for 27 times is absurd, he is a limited throwing quarterback so teams can get up on the line, if he could throw or get the ball to a second or third receiver, teams would have to back off, look what happened on the long pass to Deonte, even though it was underthrown we scored on a long play, we need more of that, the long pass to Riley was right on, we need more of that and then the running game will be opened up, and not Tebow 3 yard runs, I'm tired of seeing those

Miami Gator,
Tebow calls his own number a lot and made some mistakes, but watch some other games and you will see this is a damn good team...we should have lost yesterday. We will peak and balance at the right time. A couple of guys will emerge and Tebow will make better descisions under pressure. WE ARE RIGHT WE WE NEED TO BE. This gives them a lot to work for! I understand your frustration but there is a transformation that happens with Meyer's teams throughout the year. This team makes a couple of plays differently and this was blow out. Then the passes open up, etc. You can see it even with his Utah teams. Stay positive. Go Gators!

I believe if you are a top prospect reciever you look at this game like you can step in next week and play.

Rawpimple you nailed it. you can watch ball with me anytime.

Exactly, why is he calling his own number? Because he can't read defenses, looks at the first receiver, does not look for an option and takes off for again 3 yards, plus his arm is suspect and there are some throws he just cannot make. I just want us to utilize all the players, these guys are hoing to get called on eventually and they need to be ready, we are too predictable, more than ever

personally, i think Tebow may have happy feet after having his bell rung in Kentucky. Meyer says he makes two reads and goes, when he should make 3 or 4. You can bet they will be working on it this week after all those shoe string sacks. But whom else would you want as a QB? there is not another guy in the nation I would rather have,,,

he has had happy feet since he has been here, "they are going to work on it", why have they not worked on it for the past 4 years, you would be lucky to get 2 reads out of him, he never should have played in the LSU game, can you telly me we would not have scored more with Brantley, Tebow barely threw and did not do much on the ground, so Brantley in that game obviously could have been an upgrade

It would also be nice if we could get our super-scat backs (175 lbs each) out in space instead of diving them straight into the defensive linemen (~300 lbs each). Why not screen pass to the backs? Why not a flair pass to the backs? Once they get past the big guys, NOBODY is going to lay a glove on them. I know the dive play is supposed to set up the offense but at least do it with Moody (~210 lbs).

I can't believe we are 6-0 and you guys are complaining about the coaches and Tebow! This is why Spurrier left! He is right, we think we are entitled to win and nobody is good enough! Tim Tebow could be the greatest collegiate football player of all Time, and we got Gatort Fans complaining? Urban Meyer is the winningest coach now in D-1 since he got to Florida and "he is not winning pretty enough"...You guys deserve Ron Zook!


We did one flairt pass and then Rainey Fumbled when the safetly's foot hit the ball. But you have to set that stuff up..i.e. The Dive, The Veer, etc. I'm no expert, but I think the anwsers to your questions are that Urban Meyer knows better than both of us what he is doing!

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