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TIM TEBOW UPDATE: He's symptom free but status still uncertain

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Monday that quarterback Tim Tebow's playing status likely will not be made public until Saturday, if at all.

Tebow suffered a concussion nearly nine days ago during UF's win against Kentucky. During his weekly Monday press conference, Meyer said Tebow has been as asymptomatic "for several days" but his playing status remains day to day. Asked if an announcement will be made on Saturday (Florida plays at Louisiana State at 8 p.m. on Saturday), Meyer said, "If it's real late, you probably have to wait late. If they clear him earlier than that, I'll probably tell you."

Tebow did not practice last week and will not practice on Monday or Tuesday, according Meyer. If Tebow is cleared to practice by Wednesday, Meyer said that Tebow "will not get hit" in practice. Florida's normal weekly schedule includes an off day on Monday, but -- coming off a bye week -- Meyer said that Florida will practice on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Meyer is 28-3 when his teams have had more than one week to prepare for a game.

Meyer said on Monday that he spoke with Tebow often last week because Tebow "was bored to death." Tebow was not allowed to watch television or read for four days after his concussion and the quarterback spent most of his recovery time in his apartment. Despite the constant line of communication, Meyer said that he did not know Tebow's daily test results regarding his lingering concussion symptoms.

"I don't ask but they said it's very positive," Meyer said.

Tebow was tested on Friday, Sunday and Monday.

"It's not quite nine days but he does look better," Meyer said. "He continues to work with our doctors and training staff. Other than that, I don't know. Those things are day to day."

Meyer did not indicate on Monday if there is a cut-off day for Tebow's return. Can Tebow play if he is cleared on Friday? Can Tebow play if he is cleared on Saturday?

"Hard questions and I can't answer that," Meyer said. "Can Tim play quarterback at Florida against a very good defense without practicing? I don't know right now."

John Brantley, a redshirt sophomore, is UF's starting quarterback until further notice. On Monday, Meyer said that he is confident in Tebow's backup, considering the talented veteran players who would be surrounding Brantley if he is forced to make his starting debut against LSU on the road.

"Obviously I have a lot of confidence and it's not false confidence," Meyer said. "Confidence comes from what you see [Brantley] do in practice. We would like to have him a few more game reps at this point but the thing I can see on this team is Johnny's not going to go by himself now. He's got 10 other guys on offense that are some very mature guys and they're going to take care of that guy.

"The Pounceys are going to be right there arm and arm with him and Cooper and those three backs, so Johnny is not going in there by himself. He had a very good week of practice. Gets the ball out real fast. Obviously things will change a little bit -- that's obvious -- but that doesn't mean we're going to abandon some of our run game that's been so good. But he obviously has some strengths."



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Joe, assuming that one-loss miami goes to the ACC championship and beats...BC is my guess, texas goes undefeated, and a one-loss UF beats Alabama in the SEC championship game...who goes to pasadena?

Even better!!: one-loss (VT) miami wins the ACC, one-loss (lsu) florida wins the sec, one-loss (oklahoma) texas wins the big 12. Then what the eff happens? does the world explode? do the bcs computers gain self-awareness and force college football to do playoffs?

Not Miami.

hmm. elaborate. what if VT ends up with 3 losses and lsu ends up like 7-5? You might be right because UF would indefinitely have to play a better team in the sec championship. This isnt trash-talk. this is legitimate curiosity.

Is Florida the only ranked team in the country to have not played a ranked team yet?

nope. texas hasn't either. funny how #1 and #2 in the land haven't played a ranked team between em.

This goes back to my column in Friday's paper. Florida can lose to LSU and still make the national championship game if the Gators win out and win the SEC championship game. I'm open for scenarios where this would not be the case. There are a few.


Clearly the voters have spoken on Boise St. not be considered when a one loss Virgina Tech already jumps them. A one loss ACC Champion including Virginia Tech and the "u" will not go to Pasedena over a one loss Texas or a one loss Florida... Especially if Florida comes back to win against the team they lost in LSU (assuming they lose next saturday)... or even an undefeated Alabama...

What is funny is that Nobody will play against two top 4 Teams like Florida... At No. 4 and assuming No. 3 or No. 2 Alabama in the championship game. Yet Florida has a "soft" schedule... Right!

yeah but thats 2 top 4 schools and a buncha shmoes on thats schedule. Plus its not guaranteed that they play in the SEC championship. Anything can happen. The out of conference schedule is laughable. period.

Out of conference laughable I agree, but fact is fact... If they play in the SEC Championship it will be against an undefeated Alabama, making it two top 4 teams. Also, South Carolina will be ranked when they play making it three ranked opponents... That is probably the same or better than most other schedules.

If Ole Miss or LSU were to slip into the SEC CG, and UF has 1 loss, and if a 1 loss Kansas were to beat TX in the Big 12 CG, yada, yada, yada!

There are SOOO many scenarios for a 1 loss team from any of the major conferences to get in that it is crazy to pencil in any team yet. UF has one of the weakest schedules in the SEC, so you cannot guarantee that they are automatic for the Title game with one loss.

Besides that, if the winner of Cinn-USF game goes undefeated (quite possible), they will trump ANY one loss team from ANY conference.

If UF wants to guarantee a visit to Pasadena, it's strongly advised that they do it on the field this season! I mean after all, this is UF's self proclaimed "Greatest Season of All Time"! You probably want to go undefeated to make that claim stick!

Go 'canes!

nah. thats speculation. (a) nobody knows if alabama will be undefeated or if they'll even go (b) nobody knows if south carolina will still be ranked. The schedules soft. Actually, 1 loss miami will have played a much tougher schedule than 1-loss UF. Maybe they'd give us credit for scheduling USF and Oklahoma. Plus the "we play FSU" thing doesnt apply for this year because FSU sucks. thats four non-conference games, four cupcakes.

A one loss UM victory over an undefeated USF, coupled with an ACC 'ship coud also trump a one loss UF. That FIU game at the end of the year could also spell trouble for UF.

I think there will probably be two undefeated teams from major conferences anyway.

Alabama, Texas, USF or CINN.

(Sorry Boise, you can pick up your check at the Fiesta Bowl, now move along!)

Go 'canes!

Right now...UF is undefeated and who knows if Bama will be undefeated at the end of the year and UM still has one loss .... when UF loses a game then it will be interesting to discuss this...otherwise...Cane's fans...stop discussing it there is still alot of football left to play this year...and if anything can show you that...last years UF loss to Ole Miss can show you.

I think it's interesting that so many people are over looking Alabama. They're getting stronger, and looking better every week. As long as the Gators get and stay healthy, Alabama is the team that, as a gator fan, gives me nightmares. Miami is looking good, but they're too erratic. As far as schedules, the SEC is still the strongest conference - sorry ACC, but it's true.

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