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Gator Club of Miami to host viewing party at Shula's Steak 2

Quick public service announcement for our loyal friends at the Gator Club of Miami.

So, if you're not driving to Baton Rouge, La., for the big game, the GCM will host another wildly successful viewing party at 8 p.m. on Oct. 10 at Shula's Steak 2 for No.1 Florida (4-0) vs. No.4 Louisiana State (4-0). There is a 15 percent discount on food and drinks for members of the University of Florida Alumni Association. UF grads can register for the UFAA at the restaurant.

You know how some Miami restaurants and bars turn the sound off on the TV or blare obnoxious house music during the big game? You know how some Miami bars only turn one television to the UF game because the jerk barkeep is a Canes fan? Not at Shula's Steak 2. Every TV will be tuned to the UF vs. LSU showdown and the television will be turned up loud so you can hear every bone-crunching hit (and listen to CBS announcer Gary Danielson espouse his love for Tim Tebow). 

You want ambiance? Gators songs like Fighting Gators, The Chomp Song and We Are The Boys will play in the background while you watch the game. It will be so exciting, you'll probably have flashbacks of your glory days in The Swamp. You might even get luck after the game! (Warning: Do not attempt to sneak in a flask of whiskey to Shula's Steak 2.)



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**(Warning: Do not attempt to sneak in a flask of whiskey to Shula's Steak 2.)**

From personal experience, jo? :)

You know how some Miami bars only turn one television to the UF game because the jerk barkeep is a Canes fan? Not at Shula's Steak 2.

You are corect Jo, everyone at Shula's is a Gator fan, except the Shula's of course!

Go 'canes!

Hey "D" Bag!

David Shula, who has helped build Shula's into an amazingly successful business, is a great guy. I know because we used to cram in next to each other in the old St. Thomas Aquinas press box. I covered the games for The Herald and David kept the stats for St. Thomas coach George Smith.

One of the highlights of my sportswriting career: St. Thomas had a big home game during the 2006 regular season and none other than Don Shula sat down next to me in the press box. How many reporters can say they covered a game seated next to Don Shula!?! The highlight came before the game when Coach Shula was reading my old Broward County high school football blog and laughing at a joke I made about STA's bagpipe player. (Something about a bagpipe player in a high school marching band being the coolest thing ever.)

Ahhh, prep football. Nothing like it.

How can I tie this story back to the Florida Gators? Well, I'll never forget the story David Shula told me about how close his brother Mike (former Alabama coach) came to landing Tim Tebow.

A lowlight: Listening to Mississippi State defeat Mike Shula and Alabama on a portable radio seated next to David Shula. That whole ordeal was painful for the Shulas and I felt bad for the family.


The Shula's are the best of the best! I met Don just after the '72 perfect season. His brother was a local developer in Sarasota, and Don's nephew's played tennis and swam at one of the local clubs we belonged to.

I was really too young to know how important he was, but my Dad and the other men at the event were going crazy! He was "The Dude" back then! By the time I started to watch football for real, he was already a living legend.

Watching Bowden get run out of FSU this week reminds me a lot of how Don was shown the door in Miami. Very similar circumstances to boot. Both chasing records as their teams were in decline. FSU needs to be careful what they wish for.

Go 'canes!

GATORS.....THE CANES are coming...2010.....



How dare a Miami restaurant or bar play UM games over UF games? U know Goody, that UFlu arrogance is rubbing off on U.

I'm sure in Gainesville the Miami games are blaring over all the tv's while the Gators are on one tv...

I mean, is this article a joke?

I think he was kidding JRod! Most places that have a game watch are going to show one game on all the TV's in that establishment!

It's not a big deal anyway! Most Gator fans love The U! They talk UM football 24/7 on every Gator blog I ever go to!

Am I right "D" Bag? You read EVERY word of it!

Go 'canes!

says the douchebag who posts all day on a UF blog

Shula is a closet Gator fan like me.

Just in......Tim Tebow practiced today!.....oh crap, will somebody get me some sharks with laserbeams on their head!

Sarasota, we all know your a closet lover of Jo....

Gator Club is cool, but if you're in the Gables area try out The Sports Exchange for the game on Saturday night. Huge TV's all over the place, and they play the sound on the Gator game too.

What are the odds on Timmy showing up at LSU with "SWAG" shaved into the sides of his head? Hahaha

Go Gators.

Swag in his head?

I think he needs to get his brain back first!

Both Jacory and Tim seem like good guys, so that's all that should matter. Jacory shaves things that are inspirational to him into his hair. Tebow writes things into his eyeblack that are inspirational to him. I don't see a difference in the grand scheme of things.


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