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Is Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow losing ground in the Heisman Trophy race?

GAINESVILLE -- According to ESPN, Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is losing ground in the race for the Heisman Trophy.

In a poll of 15 ESPN.com staffers, Tebow trails Alabama running back Mark Ingram by one point this week in the website's Heisman Watch feature. LINK! Tebow rushed for 69 yards on 27 carries (minus six sacks Tebow rushed for 110 yards on 21 carries) and threw for 255 yards on 17 of 26 attempts with one touchdown. Florida's quarterback led the Gators' game-winning drive with several excellent passes and rushes. On the other hand, Tebow fumbled twice.

Ingram, who is having a great year, rushed for 246 yards on 24 carries and a touchdownon Saturday against South Carolina.

Fans should realize where this is headed. Florida is ranked No.1 in the Bowl Championship Series standings and Alabama is ranked No.2. If both teams survive their regular-season schedules, then Florida and Alabama will meet in Atlanta for the SEC championship game. The match up would likely be a de facto national championship semifinal and could also determine the Heisman Trophy.

Something to consider about the Heisman Trophy: If Ingram and Tebow continue to have excellent seasons and both Alabama and Florida remain undefeated until the SEC championship game, voters in the Southeast might split their vote for Tebow and Ingram, meaning the rest of the country would ultimately determine the winner. Don't forget about Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. The Longhorns are undefeated and ranked No.3 in the BCS standings. If Texas runs the table, then McCoy would likely carry the vote in the Southwest region.



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Similar to how that region decided last year's Heisman by completely leaving Tebow off ballots. Most first-place votes in the nation and he lost the Heisman because that entire region voted three Big 12 quarterbacks over him. Absurd.

Florida will never win a heisman tropy. It's all about DA U.

Jim Kelly - Heisman
Bernie Kosar- Heisman
Vinny Testerverde - Heisman
Gino Toretta - Heisman
J12 - Heisman(2009)

All National Champs and Heisman winners. Respect da U. Swag is something you can't coach. 5RINGZ

Sarasota' Cane... Nice try moron... Your Weekend at Bernie's finished fourth in the Heisman voting in 1984... And Kosar still has nightmares of Flutie's Hail Mary....

Jim Kelly was a Heisman Candidate before throwing out his shoulder his Senior Year. A lot of good that did for him. Really, Kelly, Really! The Man hates anything south of Buffalo

Testaverde won in 1986 and Gino Tortilla won in 1992..

Try again... Gator Nation has 3 Quarterback Heisman!

Ingram is solid, but is relied on too much (also). He will likely not survive the 2 week stretch against UT and LSU

U gaytor fans aren't 2 bright, if u don't get it. Like I said ur all delusional. U barely beat an average team at the swamphole with this all powerful 'thunderkitten' offense. I guess we're supposed 2 forget about the 6 sacks, the 4 fumbles, the (admitted by SEC) bad call that keep the winning drive going, and Arkansas having the worst defense in SEC. The delusional gaytor fan are it again..

"swamphole"... Atleast we have a Stadium NumNuts! You pay rent at Landshark.... Yet we are supposed to believe you are the premier program... yet you fail to own your own Stadium.... Right!

Looks like P%$!# Envy finished mowing lawns early today...

Rewind to 2006 --- didn't blow out many teams that year either.

Heisman Winners - Jim Kelly and Bernie Kosar? What Heisman Trophy are you talking about?

Well eddie, boca girl, adams apple, and the rest of the rocket scientists from the swamp. Your logic is it's my dump so it's a good dump. OK. Kinda like your living arrangements.
Let's see if you brain surgeons can grasp this. Next spring when it's recruiting season, Miami is taking the future Canes out to their future home where the NFL plays, Super Bowls are played at and btw it's being played there this year. Wonder if that will make an impression..
U'll need 2 get out of your mom's basement..

Hey Pe#$@ envy -- what does that have to do with the 2009 season, SEC championship, and NC? This it like debating a 6 yr old...

Cane Envy, nice post. Not bad for a half-wit Cane fan, really... there were at least 2-3 fully formed, complete sentences involved. But Envy, you were doing so well... why you gotta get all uppity and be hatin' on the Swamp? Find a more suitable target for your, umm... envy. Like the fact that we have a real coach, for instance. Or that we're in the pole position in the BCS standings. Or that Jacory couldn't carry Tebow's jock. But puhleeeeze, homey... don't be hatin on the real estate!

2 non-delusional GAYtor fan.
Passing yards>
Jacory 1,518
teabag 1,032
Jacory 11 tds.
teabag 8
P.S. and this was against a MAN's schedule (4 ranked teams, their best ranking, FSU 10th, V.tech 4th, Oklahoma 3rd, and G.tech 11th), not the cream puffs on your schedule.


Yep, the Gator Nation, full of felons, thugs, and miscreants. As far as I'm concerned, you can carve a moat around Pigtown and have your nation, it will keep the rest of us safe.

Good job, U. of Felons, you make the rest of us proud. Clowns.

Gator strength of Schedule is ranked higher (8th) than UM's (22nd) you dumba$$. Check the BCS figures dopey. You beat a 3 loss Oklahoma team and a four loss FSU team and lost to a 2 loss V Tech team.

Convenient of you not to post Timmy's rushing TDs in that statline or interceptions compared to Jacory's. You'r a joke. I am not acknowledging the U anymore until they do something besides lost in the Chik' Fil' A Bowl.

Hey cb, of course there ranking goes down after we beat them u jacka$$, but at the time we played them that was their ranking, GET IT. Not much schooling, HUH??
And you've beatin WHO. ONE ranked team at the moment (LSU).
P.S. didn't know we judged QB's on there running stats (how many running tds did Peyton Manning have, Drew Brees, Tom Brady), only in the delusional swamphole...

Isn't it bed time for you pen$# envy? You've got to ride the lead mower on the lawn maintenance crew bright and early tomorrow. You're obviously in over your head on this blog...

At least I have a job 'boca gal'. Unlike u'all walking around with that very prestigious degree from UF (university of FELONS) and what's the requirement to get in, that I live in Florida. By god, I think boca chick could even get in.

I was wrong again.

- Miami 7th
- Florida 16th

I'm sorry for the confusion.



Instead of what the BCS uses or main websites.

Canes fans keep drinkin dat KOOL AID.

You cant spell bUs without da U.

whats wit all da dis and dat? Canes fans talk with ebonics? By the way, UF is the most difficult school acedemically to get accp[eted to in the state of Florida...UM, not so much...950 on the SAT, 3.2 GPA and, of couR se..$35,000 PER YEAR! YOU HAVE TO BE FREAKIN IDIOT TO GO THERE AND PAY 10X AS MUCH FOR AN INFERIOR EDUCATION....My friened's whom are canes alumni and fans don't even send their kids there! Someone please explain that to me? thats some serious cool aid drinkin!

I was wrong again.

- Miami 7th
- Florida 16th

I'm sorry for the confusion.


tebow is going to win the hiesman... haven't you seen it spelled 'H15MAN' lately? haha.

Go Mullethead and the Mississippi St. bulldogs. The GAYtors r ripe 4 an upset this Sat.
The GAYtors needed a bad call(admitted by the SEC) 2 beat a below average team in Ark.(3-3) in the swamphole no less. And with the vaunted 'thunderkitten' offense rolling up 6 sacks, 4 fumbles and Teabag running 4 a 2.6 yd avg. on 27 carries.
Be afraid, be VERY afraid(u can tell by ur whimpy blogging) GAYtors...

Pen!$ envy -- console ur buddies on the 'canes blog they're inconsolable since the BCS and strength of schedule rankings came out - their delusions of grandeur were exposed. You're making a fool of yourself here. By the way, good job on the yards yesterday -- is today weed whacker day?

Hey boca girl don't know why u feel the need to explain what u r, it should be self- explanatory. Either u got 1 or not and stop envy mine, u H@M@.. Stick 2 football, l@ser.

Losing ground? Tebow should not even be in the discussion anymore:
84th in the nation in passing yards
62nd in the nation in passing td's
his 3.8 running average is taking the ball out of three guys that average 7 yards or more, he is hurting his team's offense now, I did not know they gave Heisman's out for that


Tebow might be losing ground but he looks good doing it.

Kiss Kiss

Dude, get over this bad call thing! Correct me if I'm wrong, but the personl foul happened in the 2nd qtr when the game was hardly in the balance -- I believe we fumbled to end that drive anyway. Regarding the pass interference -- that was a 1st and 10 at the Ark 36 with almost 9 minutes left. To say it changed the game would be saying that the drive would have stalled. The Gators had momentum (drive started at their own 30) and even if that pass play was called incomplete, the likelihood Tebow and company would have stalled is close to nill. I was at the game and did not have the benefit/pleasure of hearing Gary Danielson (did he call the game?) and his over dramatizing. Heck, if the refs called half the holding penalties on ARK while blocking/holding our defense ARK would have twice as many 3 and outs as they did (which was 6 by the way).

Don't worry, we got you're back!!

Love all the T-Bone hating... it's a bit pathetic in that it reeks of jealousy over his leadership/ accomplishments, not to mention the overall success of the UF program recently, but it's still fun to read. Hey, Canes fans, we get it - back when you guys were winning titles, many of us Gator fans had that same, long-lost look in our eyes. We too know what it's like to be green with envy (no pun intended to our blog's mascot, Envy). We all know these things are cyclical, so don't worry - you'll have your day in the sun again. But for now, go suck on an egg...

Hey Raw Pimple, without a drop pass by FSU and Bradford not playing where would UM be? 3-3. Everyone gets breaks whether they are injuries, bad calls or missed opportunities. There are bad calls in every game. The pass interference was legit, the corner didn't turn around in time and ran into the receiver (I figure you can't understand that one because you are still crying over the call against Ohio State which was clearly pass interference). The personal foul shouldn't have been called but it was. The Rainey fumble which would have been a touchdown was a clear trip that wasn't called so guess what we got screwed.

I'm a Gator fan tbone!

I just don't like to win with refs like this, this crew should not be allowed to officiate another game or at least the next one. This was the same crew that let LSU win!


And be careful how you talk about Miami, we could end up playing them in a bowl game. Don't need to give them any material to use against us.


It was a UM 80 yd TD drivewith 4 minutes remaining, a horrible pass interference call against UM to keep FSU's final drive alive, 6 goal line stands, AND a bad throw under pressure from UM's defense that doomed FSU. Almost all UM/FSU games end in the last second, with Bowden crapping his pants when it's over!

Tebow is a great QB who seems a little ordinary this year without Harvin, Murphy and Werner. It's way to early to be talking Heisman this season with the level of play we've seen from ALL the top candidates.

Before I go I would like to give mad props to Rawpimple for giving "Heisman's" to ALL of UM's greatest QB's under my alias!

Unfortunately for UM, the Heisman committee does not take recommendations from heavily medicated, schizophrenic internet psychopaths! But keep trying pimple!

P.S. I love it when you bash your own team in order to impersonate me! VERY flattering!

Hey "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

Shake the meth out of ur head, boca chick. The personal foul(SEC has admitted it was bad call) and the phantom interference call both happened on back 2 back plays during demps' TD drive and tied the game up with 7 mins. left. Not in the 2nd quarter, lunkhead.
Like I've said, GAYtor fans r delusional and only see and hear what they want..

All day....Woo-hoo...I enjoy the fact that the'cane blogs hate you. Drop dead effen loser.

According to the Scripps poll of Heisman actual voters its a little different:

Player, Position, School, Last Week, Points
1. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida, 17-of-26, 255 yards passing, TD, 69 yards rushing, 39 (6)
2. Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama, 23 carries, 246 yards, TD, 35 (3)
3. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame, 24-of-43, 260 yards passing, 19 (1)
4.Case Keenum, QB, Houston, 33-of-46, 371 yards passing, 2 TDs, 18
5. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas, 21-of-39, 127 yards passing, TD, int., 7

As bad as the offense as a unit has been, Tebow had a come from behind win. That should have HELPED him. Nobody in America is capable of making this offense work BUT Tebow. ESPN is on a Bama bandwaggon right now.

I agree with KO. Tebow's game-winning drive was impressive. Didn't see Jimmy Clausen doing that.


Gator blog or cane blog, Sarasota is hated.

That's was also teabags 1st drive at the end of a game 2 win it. 4 u GAYtor rocket scientists that means u play alot of patsies and the games r decided early.
SEC very over rated, like every other conference a couple good, a couple average, and most mediocre..

P.S. 4 baddy and tko. Clausen did what he did against 1 of the best teams in the country, u jacka$$e$ and ur thunderkitty offense did it against the worst defense in the SEC in the swamphole.
God, u cabelaros r so delusional..

wish we could personally choose to block posts by ip adresses

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