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Is the rest of the country glad Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is hurt?

GAINESVILLE -- OK, so part of my responsibilities (that I don't get paid for, kinda like this blog) of covering UF is going on the radio around the country and talking about the Gators.

So, I'm on the radio this morning with a sports talk show out in Portland, Ore., (KXTG, 95.5 FM, "The Game") and the show's host seemed almost excited that Tim Tebow is hurt. I was kind of caught off guard when he asked me a question about people being glad that Tebow is hurt. (I'm assuming just because I work for The Miami Herald people think I'm supposed to hate the Gators. This sentiment has been a constant theme on this blog since Day One.)

I went on to say something about there being plenty of "Gator Haters" out there but everyone respects Tebow and no one is happy he's hurt. I told the story about Kentucky's Stadium chanting for Tebow and how that was a pretty neat moment. He countered and said that wasn't the case around the country. According to this radio talk-show host, the rest of the country is glad Tebow is hurt because he "bogarts" the limelight. (I was pretty much speechless at this point. I said something polite like, "Well, people will have a chance to watch someone else this weekend and maybe next weekend," but I should have asked him if he was Legarrette Blount's father.)


Is the rest of the country really glad Tebow is hurt or is this just one radio show host trying to get a rise out of me? I'm sure there are plenty of Gators fans who read this blog from around the country. What's the general tone of your town's sports media regarding Tebow's injury?



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No one should ever harbour ill will towards anyone to get hurt. If you hate him or not, Tebow has proven to be a special college football talent.

He is an easy target. He's on ESPiN 24/7. When you are over exposed as Tim is, invariably there will be those who take shots. It's the default reaction of having Tebow in your face non-stop. I think the overwhelming majority of sensible people respect Tim Tebow. But I can understand how turning on the WWL and constantly seeing his antics, although genuine, starts to grate on people.

Over exposure can damage someones reputation. Tim is in that category. When people see his image they probably think "our QB is a great guy too. How come he doesn't get any airtime?" hence the "bogart" comment. Aside from USC, west coast teams don't get much love in the media to begin with so they are pissy to begin with.

I think there are some people happy to see him hurt just because he has had so much success and continues to have success. There is a weird human trait that makes people wish bad on people who are doing well. Jealously? Not sure what it is. Add that he has done well while being a Christian and what people perceive to be a goody two shoes persona and it drives people crazy. Another factor is the media. The constant coverage drives people crazy also. They want to stop hearing about him. I see their point. In life there are always going to be haters whether you are a football player or school teacher. Its just the way it works.

YES everyone is glad hes hurt he is the pee wee herman of college football. He plays with little children in third world countries. (circum) Lets see that piss poor offense without him

I was in KY for the game and all the KY fans were really disappointed he was hurt and only had positive things to say. I would say the SEC is probably not very happy he is hurt but I could see west coast teams or even other conferences wanting to see the Gators without Tebow

Blake obviously has daddy issues.


Blake you must be a CANDY CANE or a SEMIHOLE fan! Typical answer. GO GATORS and remember "if you're not a GATOR then you must be GATOR BAIT!"

Typically I'm an underdog-lover, and often I'll take an "oh, yeah? Show me" attitude towards golden boys like Tim Tebow. But I lived in Gainesville up until a month ago, and I've never seen anything like this man. He seems unaware that he's famous, and I don't just mean humble. Everything he does and everyone he meets, he loves. There is a joy about him that goes way beyond any sport. People who spend any time with him say they are transformed by him. If I hadn't watched this phenomonon unfold over the last four years, I probably would be sceptical, too. Instead, I'm here to tell you he's the real deal.

Just remember that on air personalities need people to listen/watch there shows and talk about them good or bad as that helps ratings. I don't believe he believes what he said he said it so he would get his name out.

I'm a Hurricanes fan and I would hope that people wouldn't be glad that he's injured. But I unfortunately am a realist and believe there are alot of people that would be glad.

Part of it is because Tim Tebow is an incredible athlete on the field and an incredible person off the field. Part of it is also because of the Media talking about him 24/7 for the past 3 years.

Another part of it is also because there is a big percentage of obnoxious, in your face, Gator fans that believe you have to put someone down in order to lift yourself up. (I understand this can be said of fans of any team in general).

So because of this I believe people want him to fail but I would hate to see him injured.

oh yeah...i also wish all the Florida teams to have good seasons except when they play the Canes.

The State of Florida RULES!!!!!!!!

"Normal" people regardless of collegiate affiliation are not happy Tebow is seriously hurt.

Anyone from UM or FSU who is "glad" should not be considered representative of their universities.

I would hope that no human being would wish ill will on another player even if it were your biggest rival. I hate seeing Tebow hurt but as a Miami fan, I would like to see if Florida could continue winning without him. The most important position is the QB and when a team loses there QB the chances of a loss becomes greater. Just ask OU and USC. In addition, when your on top like Florida has been, everybody wants to see you lose.

hurt or not, I just want the turds to lose every game for the rest of the season.

Would the South Florida Bulls like to see Tebow hurt? Maybe, maybe not. But some fans of their program would love to see Florida lose because they will not play them, so losing Tebow could help their cause. This is the same hatred that Miami feels towards Florida.


"This is a strange case where the big boys can't or won't avoid a rising power. Miami begins a five-year series when it comes to Tampa in November. FSU ends the current series by coming to South Florida in 2012. The Bulls have never played Florida. I want to target Miami because that was the only team that would come to Tampa.


Blake is an idiot...and so is sardi214

I would venture to say neither has probably made it into a university yet..nor will they.

Are people around the country glad? Probably some yes. Are Gators? No. There are some fans like myself who are excited about JB And how he cam handle himself in the starting role. I think he has the potential to be Floridas best NFL QB prospect given his arm and accuracy. I'm excited to see how he handles the toughest road environment the conference has to offer. But having said all that, this is Tebows team. We need him back. But we need him healthly and I can't wait for him to return.

The country is probably glad because there are at least 3 gator haters for every 1 gator fan. People hate whoevers in the spotlight. The average fan isn't realistic about their team. They all believe they're the best in their conference, pound for pound and more than just contenders.
Tim Tebow is a freak of nature. Other players will be compared to him in the future, but there will never be another. Some people hate that. He can make any team in the country a contender, but only team has him. Tebow, off he field, could stand next to a saint and you couldn't tell the difference.
It's a natural thing in our country an our world for people loving to see the man at the top fall. Don't hate on someone because you envy them, just get the next best thing because in this case there's nothing better.

Blake, you couldn't tackle Pee Wee Herman, either.

UF is the new UM....people hate you because you are successful and not just good but dominatingly good. Get used to it...it stays with you for a long long time and the hate others have doesn't go away easily. Just look at Notre Dame...they haven't been good for a long time yet they are probably the most hated and most loved university in the country.

Many are glad because they say they are so tired of hearing about him. Many are rival fans that hate his success with the Gators. Lots of Gator Envy out there. But these are many of the same people who decry the publicity that T.O. and Plexico and Michael Vick get. Why not have a positive role model for once, even if he is over publicized?? It's not his fault!

Seeing pictures of tebow knocked out with a Clark Kent label makes me sick. To celebrate an injury to a heisman winning QB is pathetic. Any fan who roots for injury on another team is hoping for other teams (including their own) to catch a break and win against a team not at full strength.

I am a die-hard canes fan. I am not happy at all tha Tim Tebow is hurt. However I must admit that is does get old hearing about Tebow 24/7. ESPN talks about him like he is invincible. No matter how good of a person or athlete he is, he is still nothing more than human.

I hope he recovers fully and soon. I sure don't want gator fans playing the sympathy card to get into the NC game. Lol

Obviously you guys know which side I fall on. I can 100% understand opposing fans and even casual fans begin tired of hearing about Tim Tebow. He's being built up to an insane level by the media, especially ESPN. Nevertheless, I have trouble understanding why some people hate him - let alone how anyone could wish for or be happy that he got injured. But, I suppose, if someone hates him they hate him. Even so, that is no reason to wish or be happy about the guy getting injured. ESPECIALLY an injury of this extent to his brain - it's not like it is just a bone/ligament injury.

Just as an FYI to everyone, ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive (a brand new Florida Gators news and commentary site) has opened. If you would all be so kind, please head over to http://www.onlygators.com and check it out, comment, contribute, bookmark, etc. Hope to see some of you over there on a regular basis in addition to what jo is doing here!

Great job on your website Adam!

Thank you. Won't be plugging it often here so don't worry guys. Figured just today and maybe before the LSU game. No reason to spam/clutter the Herald site.

I do not think many would want to see anyone get seriously hurt, but I'm sure there are MILLIONS of CFB fan's who are happy that he is not playing!

Go 'canes!

There are always going to be haters. Seeing someone be great makes unsuccessful people be reminded of their shortcomings..... but if you have seen Tim Tebow and know about him and who he is.....Christian or Jew, Muslim or Hindu.....Cane or Seminole.....you would have to be a really miserable person to hate him and be happy he is hurt...

Just want to say

Go Gators !!!


Les speaks well. As for the bootleg radio host. He just knows he is Gator bait!!!!

I don't think that anyone is happy that he is actually hurt, but I think they are happy that the Gators have a better chance of losing without him. I am a UF alum and diehard fan, but even I get sick of the CONSTANT media coverage given to him....but I get sick of all players/teams that ESPN falls in love with. All that being said, the radio host in Portland is a prick for pushing that sentiment.

I think that everyone is just mad because Florida has an excellent quarterback and they feel threatened by him.

I'm just happy that someone found a way to shut those miserable gator fans up. They are as arrogant and rude as the USC trojan fans. Now lil timmy will be tiger bait---they will finish him off in a very loud arena at NIGHT!!!! Bet you gator fans were sorry to hear it will be a night game

Gators will still win even if Tebow doesn't play no more this season..... Go Gators..........

With or without tebo lsu will loose,unlike miss we can score at the goal line

Blake is a sad excuse for a Human being for making comments like that, as nobody in their RIGHT MIND would say anything like that...sad -really sad...

Real classy there LSU Girl...just what we might expect from y'all

To say that you are "glad" someone is hurt is just wrong and disrespectful and boorish. It shows you have no respect toward other people... To not like a team or a player on the team is one thing but to wish or be glad that they are hurt is just ingnorant and insensitive... And it's not like he broke an arm, this is a HEAD injury which is serious... he could have had bleeding internally in the brain or swelling of the brain all of which could cause DEATH...so if you are one of those people that are happy Tebow is hurt I would seriously consider checking your moral compass and I will be praying that God gives you a heart

It's the PAC-10. What else needs to said, "L" ...

I am a Gator who has lived in Knoxville, TN for nearly 20 years and I can tell you that there is no more heated rivalry with Florida than here. They raise their children from an early age to be gator haters...it's a "cultural pride" thing. That said, I don't know anyone in the Tennessee Family that is glad that Tebow is injured. They have too much respect for him.

UF is definetly not the new UM, UM is still UM. UF is UF, a three championship team not a five title team. Thanks for the compliment about being dominate, but the Gators cannot have nor stop our Vibe. P.s. sucks that Tebow is hurt, never want to see anyone hurt but I understand injuries are apart of the game and teams lose players all the time. If the GATORS as a unit are great then they will prove it without Tebow, unlike what Oklahoma did.

UF is the new UM....people hate you because you are successful and not just good but dominatingly good.

Posted by: Andrew | October 01, 2009 at 03:23 PM

For someone to say they are happy that ANYONE is hurt is a sad excuse for a person. Tebow has a head injury which is very serious and shouldn't be taken lightly. As far as LSU girl is concerned, she is exactly what I would expect an LSU fan to say...very crass and uncouth.

Dude seriously? Poor Tebow! What kinda looser says that?!?!

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