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Is the rest of the country glad Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is hurt?

GAINESVILLE -- OK, so part of my responsibilities (that I don't get paid for, kinda like this blog) of covering UF is going on the radio around the country and talking about the Gators.

So, I'm on the radio this morning with a sports talk show out in Portland, Ore., (KXTG, 95.5 FM, "The Game") and the show's host seemed almost excited that Tim Tebow is hurt. I was kind of caught off guard when he asked me a question about people being glad that Tebow is hurt. (I'm assuming just because I work for The Miami Herald people think I'm supposed to hate the Gators. This sentiment has been a constant theme on this blog since Day One.)

I went on to say something about there being plenty of "Gator Haters" out there but everyone respects Tebow and no one is happy he's hurt. I told the story about Kentucky's Stadium chanting for Tebow and how that was a pretty neat moment. He countered and said that wasn't the case around the country. According to this radio talk-show host, the rest of the country is glad Tebow is hurt because he "bogarts" the limelight. (I was pretty much speechless at this point. I said something polite like, "Well, people will have a chance to watch someone else this weekend and maybe next weekend," but I should have asked him if he was Legarrette Blount's father.)


Is the rest of the country really glad Tebow is hurt or is this just one radio show host trying to get a rise out of me? I'm sure there are plenty of Gators fans who read this blog from around the country. What's the general tone of your town's sports media regarding Tebow's injury?



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