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Lou Holtz's list of reasons why Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow can succeed in the NFL

GAINESVILLE -- In today's Miami Herald, you'll find a story about how UF quarterback Tim Tebow has momentarily put aside his goal of personal improvement as a passing quarterback to run UF's new Thundercat Offense. LINK! It's a pretty good story. You should read it.

The story includes insight into Tebow's perspective on his senior season and excellent analysis and insight by Lou Holtz. There were some pretty good leftovers from our interview with the gracious Lou Holtz that didn't make it into the story. Good thing I have this blog. Holtz went in depth as to why he thinks Tebow will get his opportunity to be a full-time quarterback in the NFL? He made an exclusive list for Gator Clause! Read on ...

(Also in today's Herald, the brilliant Mike McCall writes about how Florida's Joker package will help the Gators possibly shut down Arkansas on Saturday. LINK!)


HOLTZ: They talk about how Tim Tebow is always in the shotgun, but so is Sam Bradford and so is Colt McCoy much of the time.

The thing about Tim Tebow is he has three things as a possibility of a pro quarterback that I really like. Number one, he has great courage. He doesn't worry about getting hit. He worries about waiting until the last second to throw the ball. Number two, he has great peripheral vision. He can see things. He can see what's happening with receivers and the open field and throws to the hole and that's very hard to coach. The third thing I really like about him is he's accurate. He puts the ball where the receiver has a chance but not the defender. The fourth thing, I think he has pretty good arm strength.

(Holtz tossed in a bonus reason. That's why we love Lou!)

HOLTZ: Things like his release can be changed. Things that cannot be changed are the things I mentioned. The courage, the ability to see and read defenses, things of that nature.



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Thissthhh young man will make an exthellent NFL QB

How do people with speech impediments ever get jobs that rely primarily on speaking?

Can dropping footballs, fumbling, and INTs be corrected? If not Jacory better start planning for a career outside of football.

Oh c'mon man. We all know Jacory The Twig Harris is a Heisman candidate.

You are really listening to what this geriatric has to say? He predicted that ND would be in the national championship game and that they had one of the best defenses in the country. Best defenses? They havent stopped a team from scoring all season. They could just as easily be 1-4 rather than 4-1 against bottom feeding teams if it wasnt for a few breaks.

Quit hating on Lou. Lou is golden, baby!


If U losers even think that Tebow is going to be an NFL QB, think again... The guy has horrendous mechanics and has never played under center in his life!

Plus, if he thinks that his little 3 yard runs up the gut are going to work in the NFL, he can forget about concussions, because he'll be paraplegic instead...

Keep talking smack about Jacory, because as U punks forget, he is only a 19 year old Sophmore with 7 career starts... He'll be a major Heisman candidate next year and as McShay and Kiper say, could be a 1st round pick in 2011, unless he comes out next year.

If U lose to Ala (likely) in the SEC championship and we win out (likely), we could be meeting up in a bowl game... Wouldn't that be nice?

The big bad Gators losing to the Baby Canes...

Even with our incredible rash of injuries on D, I like our chances

Jacory should probably win the Heisman this year and win the national title his junior year and then be favored to win both his senior year if he wants to be compared to Tebow. Just saying. Sounds like NFL potential to me.


Nice one...


stop Jo! Yer killing me.


I'll bet you're double wide that Jacory comes close to everything U mentioned... Not this year, but he will make a run at the Heisman next year (Junior), the following year (Senior), and be in the National Championship race the next two years... Mark it down.

Tebow the 8-5 Heisman will not win it this year.. If he does, it will be a disgrace to college football... The guy does not have 1 200 yd passing game, and his rushing stats suck... Against LSU he had 17 carries for 38 yds... He isn't putting up passing numbers or running numbers... Plus all of his career rushing TD's are like 2 yard FB runs...


You're a delusional idiot.

saying mark this down doesn't give your assnine comments any more credibility.

Twiggy has done nothing.

People who say mark this down always end up looking like complete idiots.

The truth is Jacory can't even throw an out. He blames his interceptions on bad judgement. The truth is he has a weak arm. Like I've said all along Spaghetti arm looks good when he has 10 seconds to throw and blown coverages. Who wouldn't look good? Miami fans have been in the desert so long they are starting to see mirages. The only Heisman Harris will get is one carved into the side of his head.

So why doesn't Tebow have 10 seconds to throw?

Maybe your O-Line is baddddddddddddddddddd!

The only Heisman Harris will get is one carved into the side of his head.


I thought he was carving spongebob in his dome?

You don't ever compile the second best rushing numbers through 5 games with a bad O-line you delusional clown.

Don't you have a Jacory For Heisman Chat to visit?

The Truth,

For what it's worth, I think you're correct about Harris' future. FYI: You can't start throwing around trailer-park insults if YOUR posts contain grammatical mistakes. (Not that I really care. Just struck me as a little funny.)


McShay and Kiper say, could be a 1st round pick in 2011

YEAHHH RIIIIIIGHT who cares what those idiots say.

The NFL doesnt want a twig leg weak arm Qb that leads by not saying a darn word. Keep dreaming.

First rounder! Put down the crack pipe.

Any NFL GM or coach that picked Harris would be committing suicide considering Harris' boney stature. He wouldn't make it to the bye week. He won't even be practice squad material since his weak ass arm can't even throw an out route. He's sooo overrated.

Defenses are already playing him soft since they know he has no velocity. Sorry FAMU even did it. Watch this guys numbers steadily drop.

Any have any stats on how many fumbles he has had this year? Dude fumbles an awful lot. Remember the one against Oklahoma that somehow Miami got back? That was ugly. VTECH that guy was fumbling and bumbling all over the place.
Jacory aint winning jack. He cant even lead his team to the ACC championship game against a bunch of high school teams.

Too bad everyone knows dr lou has appearantly been subscribing his own medication this season.

Larry Coker....he is new to the game moron.wait three years then criticize. He's went against 4 thats right 4 (Gators CAN'T understand) ranked teams , no 4 it's true and a pretty good A&M team.

You know, I think Tebow will be a good NFL player, assuming he doesn't end up on the Raiders or get injured. But expert analysis from Lou Holtz? Dude is a 100 years old and is so out of touch he thinks Notre Dame is a national title contender. Lou Holtz is an idiot.

I sense some ageism here. Lou is great and he knows his football. What in the world does age have to do with an opinion about a football player? Seems to me, the older the wiser.


Larry Coker....he is new to the game moron.wait three years then criticize. He's went against 4 thats right 4 (Gators CAN'T understand) ranked teams , no 4 it's true and a pretty good A&M team.

Posted by: sidcane | October 15, 2009 at 11:31 PM

You got to be kidding me, right? The Gators just played the #4 team in the country in their own park, at night, a place where they havent lost on Saturday night in 32 straight games and won by double digits. Then, it looks like a showdown with the #2 or maybe even #1 with the way some of you talk Alabama Crimson Tide. Then it looks like a BCS National Championship game against another #2 team. Not to mention games between South Carolina who is ranked, Florida State (who you counted as a ranked team). At the end of the year when all is said and done, the Gators will have an equivalent, if not tougher schedule than the U.

Like I said this is the first time the Canes have had any sort of "difficult" schedule and their fans are all spouting off about it. I cant imagine if they actually played the Gators schedule year in and year out, what they would be doing? Remember the Gators play consistently a top 20 schedule, and dont forget had the toughest schedule in the country just last year. Where did the Hurricanes rank? Yeah, you better research that.
You want to talk about CAKE schedules? How about when Miami played all those weak teams like Temple, FAMU, and didnt play a conference championship game or werent even in a conference, and played home national championship games? COMPLETE JOKE!
Now that Miami is in a conference, they cant even make it to their own conference championship game.

Just make it to the ACC title game (you dont have to win it) before you start talking. I cant imagine if you guys were in the SEC. I think we would have another Vandy. You guys would actually bring our conference down some, but at least we would have the joy of watching the Canes having to bring their game every week instead this joke of a schedule they have now. FAMU, UCF, Virginia, FIU, USF, Wake Forest, Clemson, DUke???? What a joke.

The only Heisman Harris will get is one carved into the side of his head.


FAMU, UCF, Virginia, FIU, USF, Wake Forest, Clemson, DUke????

Laughable. then they say,"THE TOUGHEST SCHEDULE IN THE NATION!"
Please ! FSU should have been on that list too. NINE creampuffs. U are awesome. NINE CREAMPUFFS.

Of the three good teams they played, the best one (not missing Heisman QB) THUMPED them like a D-2 chump.

Miami is fine. They are not MNC material but they showed me something by winning against Oklahoma. Its been a while since they would be able to pull that game out with or without Bradford. Yeah they probably lose with Bradford but who cares. Miami is better.

Harris is a pretty good college qb but he has bad mechanics, he's not fast, and doesn't have a typical NFL QB body type. Don't think he'll be a 1st round guy but someone may take a shot. How favorably does his NFL stock compare to a guy like Christian Ponder?

I am sure Tebow can take everything Dr Lou says right to the bank. Ha,Ha! Someone will take a shot with Tim and run a west coast style offense. One thing that nobody talks about with Tebow is his marketability. The Jags probably wish they had him now just to help fill seats.

ko? are you a Miami fan? HOLY SCHMOLY ! A Um fan that is reality based. An honest assessment of the Hurricanes. Good job.

I respect your opinion but dont think Harris will be an any rounder. He'll grow into a decent college QB, but his suspect arm and size will make him a huge risk for any NFL team. With the incredibly physical nature of the league what team is going to put their future in the hands of his health and tools? We don't even see him get out on the run in college. Too many question marks.

LOL Alan :)
I'm a Gator!

My bad fellow Gator.

No hurricane fan will ever admit to Harris' huge shortcomings as a college QB.
Their only response is "Tebow will make a great fullback."

Ko, I will spend the rest of my time on earth trying to rectify the horrible injustice I imposed upon you. Being called a UM "fan" is a slight that no man should have to endure. Can I buy you a dinner for two at Ruth's Chris or an all expense paid ski trip? Anything!


Sorry dude, but listen to his commentary. He is out of touch with today's teams. It's like he's stuck in the 90s. I half expect him to pick a BCS bowl with Washington and Texas A&M. There is older and wiser and older and senile. His predictions are typically wrong on the games.


I will admit to Harris' shortcomings. I think he will be a very good or great college QB, but I don't think he's an early round QB. He's a later rounder who could stay around as a backup somewhere. But his attributes work quite well for college. The athletes around him will make him better and college is not the finished product that the NFL is. Remember lots of QBs have been good or great college QBs, but never made it in the NFL. Danny Wuerrfel (I know I probably spelled that wrong), Gino Torretta and Andre Ware come to mind. If you watch college long enough you realize that these are kids who don't take advantage of poor throws as much as they should. Harris underthrows, misfires and makes bad reads at times. His interceptions are up there, but they could be worse. That's college. With the talent at receiver we have we is going to have great stats though.

larry in your eyes lsu isnt #4 any more,and that was barely double digits.as for the rest of your projection, well, there's alot of football to be played.And what if SC looses thi weekend? alabama?UF?UG? see what I mean?and why do ya'll ALWAYS speak of the past?football canges every week.didn't ya'lls NC team a couple of years ago loose 4 games the next year.SURE HOPE TO SEE YA'LL IN JAN.

OH YEA! check ya'lls strength of schedule at the END of each one of those seasons???

Larry ,are you really a gator fan?two of my employee's are gator fans and don't own computers.anoyher is a friend and i'm not sure he could even turn one on? he can shoot though!and drink!

why do ya'll ALWAYS speak of the past?football canges every week.didn't ya'lls NC team a couple of years ago loose 4 games the next year.SURE HOPE TO SEE YA'LL IN JAN.

Posted by: sidcane | October 16, 2009 at 11:27 PM

Good comedy sidcane

A Um fan calling out a Gator fan for making reference to the PAST??????

Yes, we lost( "lose" is the most misspelled word in the language...we didn't "loose" any games Einstein) a bunch of games after the NC in 06 as the entire defense graduated or went to the NFL. Meyer, was still building his depth then and consequently has done an amazing job. Maybe you haven't noticed that UF has the number one defense in the nation?
A UM fan calling out a Gator fan about four losses??????

SEE YA'LL IN JAN ???????

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