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Mississippi State? Booooring. Wake us up when it's Halloween! Plus, why the Florida Gators are better than the Alabama Crimson Tide

GAINESVILLE -- Sports writers are really good at hyping things out of proportion. Pretty much only preachers and politicians have us beat. (Gator Clause has lent a hand in launching Tebow beyond the "hypeosphere" for the past three seasons.) Are we wrong in doing the opposite? Is Gator Clause wrong in launching an anti-hype campaign for Florida at Mississippi State?

I just wrote a story for the paper about how there are plenty of signs pointing to a possible Mississippi State upset on Saturday. There's the ol' trusty Dan Mullen angle that everyone has been hyping. Booooring. Who cares if Tebow and Mullen are friends? To me, that just means Tebow is going to kick a hole in his friends teeth on Saturday.

Urban meyer There's the whole angle about how UF hasn't won a game in Starkville since 1985 (four-game losing streak). Booooring! Just checked the record books. Yep.  Florida has won 16 in a row. Pretty sure that streak isn't ending at the hands of Mississippi State.

[PICTURED, A man whose brain and heart are both ready for Halloween.]

There's the whole angle about how UF's defensive line is struggling with depth (DTs Lawrence Marsh, Brandon Antwine and Jaye Howard are either questionable or doubtful for Saturday's game). Booooring! Florida is going to load the box on Saturday, shut down the run and beat Mississippi State by about 35 points. I'm calling 42-7.

You know what excites us? Florida vs. Georgia on Halloween! You know what else gets are blood pumping? Florida at South Carolina on Nov.14 and Florida vs. Florida State on Nov. 28 AND Florida vs. Alabama in the SEC championship game!!! Mississippi State? Sorry, guys, y'all are just the team in the middle.

The comparisons between Florida and Alabama have already started. Who's better? While I agree that Alabama deserves its ranking at No.1 in The Associated Press poll (defeated two ranked teams soundly compared to UF's one), I've watched every game both teams have played and it's fairly obvious to me that Florida is just as good as Alabama, BUT PROBABLY BETTER! I know, I know. Which games have I been watching, right? Well, Florida hasn't peaked yet and Alabama hasn't faced a team good enough to capitalize off of the Crimson Tide's mistakes. Simple as that.

Check these stats out: Florida's defense is ranked No.1 in the country, allowing just 8.67 points per game. Florida has allowed a total of 52 points this season. Now, here's something to consider when comparing Florida and Alabama. Opponents have scored 20 points against Florida's defense off of turnovers. That means 38.46 percent of the points Florida's defense has surrounded have come after Florida's offense has given the Nottimtebow ball away! Alabama's defense has allowed a total of 81 points this season (the Crimson Tide has played one more game than Florida) but Alabama's opponents have only scored three points off of Alabama turnovers. Three points! Florida has 11 turnovers and Alabama has eight.

[PICTURED, Not Tim Tebow.]

What does all this mean? Well, it could mean that Alabama is due for a clunker of a game similar to what Florida survived against Arkansas. Tennessee has had two weeks to prepare for Alabama. You really want to compare Florida and Alabama? Wait until this weekend.

Is there something wrong with Florida's offense? Yes, the Gators have been turning the ball over in the red zone too often. If this team can limit its turnovers, nothing will likely stop this team. Not even Alabama. Florida is 6-0, ranked No.1 in the BCS, has the best player in college football at quarterback running the Thundercat Offense (which is ranked No.6 nationally in rushing and No.1 nationally in toughness), a defense that's one of the best in the country, a kicker who can hit from 50 and a punter who can pin a team deep. That's all you need to win a championship, folks.



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So j baddy is saying that the GAYtors r better then and will beat ALABAMA because their due 4 a bad game. Boy is that confidence HUH?, meth heads..

No, just saying that Florida is just as good as Alabama, but probably better than UA, based on the games I've seen. It's my opinion, nothing wrong with that. I also think Tennessee will probably give Alabama a game. Anyone remember the Kentucky-UF game? UF went up by 31 after the first quarter. Alabama needed a turnover just before the half to help swing momentum in its favor. Granted, all of these comparisions are silly because when UF and UA play it will be a slugfest. Think final score 9-6.


Jo I completely agree with you. Alabama is not totally better than Florida. Alabama's offense is not great. Their advantage is Ingram but they don't have a quarterback that can will them to win. Just remember that Tim Tebow's positive attitude is overpowering. In addition he has influenced his team to trust and believe in each other even in the most challenging time of their game. I'm sure the previous game is a humbling experience for them to learn their lesson and be motivated to play better. I won't be surprise to see them in the BCS finals.

Hey jbaddy, just like fixed news aka' fox news u only give the company line to ur uninformed flock. If ur gonna play the comparison game, how bout ARKANSAS.
U girls needed bad calls from a since suspended officiating crew 2 win on a last second field goal(23-20). And this was in the vaunted swamphole, no less.
All ALABAMA did was trounce ARKANSAS(35-7). And they called off the dogs in the 4th quarter.
This is why your flock of dittoheads r so delusional(they can't think 4 themselves)..

Enough of the silly debate....i will do whatever I can to ensure Bama and Florida make it to the end of the season undefeated!!!! Hey hand me the telephone so I can fix another game!

Post under any name you like cane homer. You are still hated like poison on this blog and UM blogs.

Enjoy watching the ACC championship game (soft).... From your COUCH!
The opinion of haters who have never won a conference title hold no weight around here.

Vols or LSU will give Bama the business either by loss or ding...Lose Ingram and they are done

Even if Bama loses Ingram they still have Trent Richardson, and Roy Upchurch, who both happen to be from Florida...


I agree with your premise. I think UF's offense is better than their offense. I think UF's defense is better than their defense. I think UF's special teams are better than their special teams. And I think the UF coaching staff is better than their coaching staff.

HOWEVER, allowing (or preventing) your opposition from scoring points off turnovers is part of the game. In that part of the game, the Gators have been much worse than Alabama this season. Sure, if you extract that fact, Florida is the significantly better team. But you can't extract that fact until the team makes it a non-issue. Do you agree?


We've already been over all that. This blog went into detail about the should-a-lost win against Arkansas. Florida lost four fumbles and was 1 of 4 in the red zone in the first half. It was a poor performance but poor teams don't win that game.



Totally agree. Alabama has minimalized its mistakes. A sign of a good team.


Thanks for the locker room material Goodman. Otherwise, this blog was BOOORRINNNG.

Like your take, Jo.

Now if they take that attitude into Starkville they will come back to Gainesville with a lost!

MSUMatt, you hit that one out of the park!


Alabama has scored 2 offensive touchdowns in 2 weeks. What is wrong with their offense? Why are there no threads or ESPN pundits talking about that? No they just move up to #1. They even get some Laney-love.

Big Julio Jones has score 1 TD in the last his last 16 games. Read that again, then look it up because it is so unbelievable.

Bama has a great defense but...As Jo pointed out everybody focuses now on the Arkansas matchup instead of Kentucky.

I would like to take the time to thank those SEC refs for their gracious behavior this past Sat...

Thanks to them, I realize that ethics are overrated and for that I feel better here in my cell block!

jo, what I am also asking is this: Doesn't the fact that Alabama is so good in limiting mistakes and, therefore, appearing to have better game outcomes, make them the better team anyway?

Florida is winning ugly but their winning. 99% of the teams that have 4 turnovers would lose, but you have to give the Gators credit, they continue to pull out wins in the tough games.

Look around the counry, the only team out there that is compared to Florida is Alabama, and Bama doesn't look that good to me either.

Both teams have different styles, so it's hard to say who is better. If they were to play tomorrow, I would say Bama would win because of all the Gator DL injuries and Spikes being hurt. Saban would attack them up the middle over and over, but if the Gators were healthy it would be a different story. It would be a much better game!

I hate comparing stats, because if you look at last year, OU had the highest scoring O in CFB and you see what happened to them. Bama had a top 5 D and you saw what happened to them.

Either way, I think Florida and Bama will lose a game this year if they continue playing like they have been.

Bama needs to watch out for TN this week!

Good post, MTX.

Adam S.,

In my opinion, it means Alabama deserves to ranked No.1 right now. It does not mean that Alabama is better than Florida. I still think Florida is better. All things being equal, the Gators have Tim Tebow at quarterback. I think Tebow makes UF the best team in the country. Why did I even write this blog post? Last year, when UF lost to Ole Miss, I wrote on the blog that I still thought Florida was the best team in the country and would still win the national championship.


I hear ya. Just wanted to see your thoughts. I think if you are looking at them overall, Florida is the better team and the best team in the nation. But if you are talking about on 10/22 at 1 p.m., Alabama has done a lot to deserve the "better" title some are giving them.

Just checking in earthlings. I can't decide if I want Florida or Alabama to win....oh well it doesn't matter they both suck. Timmy Tebow will be a H-back in the NFL and Mark Ingram's daddy will make my next license plate so what does it matter.

yaaaaaaawn... it's like i'm back reading my high school newspaper. Good stuff, "jo." Oh, and Alabama is playing better football at the moment.


MSU fan from Florida (unfortunately)

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