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Notebook: Basketball poll, blown calls, players of the week, Urban's champions club, Gators injury report

The University of Florida men's basketball team was predicted to finish fifth in the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference on Monday by league reporters. (FYI: Gator Clause does not vote in preseason polls. Pointless.) In a related bit of news, UF returning starters Chandler Parsons, Dan Werner and Alex Tyus were left off the writers' preseason all-conference teams. The nerve.

Kentucky and new Big Blue coach John Calipari was picked to win the SEC. Predicted finish of the SEC East: Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. Predicted finish of the SEC West: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas and Auburn. (Wow, Arkansas and Florida both picked to finish fifth. The perception of Billy Ball is struggling these days.)

Writers tabbed Kentucky power forward Patrick Patterson as the preseason SEC Player of the Year. (How many years to not landing Patterson set back Florida basketball? Setting the over/under at four years.)

Preseason SEC first-team: PG Devan Downey, South Carolina; SG Terrico White, Ole Miss; F Patrick Patterson, Kentucky; F Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi State; G/F Tyler Smith, Tennessee.

Preseason SEC second-team: G DeWayne Reed, Auburn; G John Wall, Kentucky; G Chris Warren, Ole Miss; F Tasmin Mitchell.

That phantom personal foul call against Arkansas defensive lineman Malcolm Sheppard during the Razorbacks' loss to Florida on Saturday? Yeah, the SEC said on Monday that their refs blew it. Arkansas sent in video of Sheppard's foul against Gators tackle Marcus Gilbert. The SEC informed Arkansas that "there was no evidence on the video to support the personal foul penalty."

Coincidentally (or maybe not) the crew that worked the Arkansas-Florida game on Saturday was the same set of officials who worked the Georgia-LSU game when UGA receiver A.J. Green was wrongly flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty. Hmmmm...

Florida kicker Caleb Sturgis was named SEC special teams player of the week for his three-field goal performance against Arkansas. Sturgis kicked a 27-yard field goal to win the game. He finished the game 3 of 4 in field-goal attempts and drilled a 51-yard field goal, a career long.

Alabama running back Mark Ingram was named SEC offensive player of the week after churning out 246 yards on 24 carries and touchdown against South Carolina. Kentucky linebacker Micah Johnson appears to finally be living up to his potential. Johnson had 14 tackles in the 'Cats win against Auburn.

Ole Miss center Daverin Geralds was named SEC offensive lineman of the week. Georgia defensive tackle Geno Atkins of Pembroke Pines was named defensive lineman of the week. Atkins had eight tackles in the Bulldogs' win against Vandy.

OFFENSE: Linemen Carl Johnson, Marcus Gilbert, Mike and Maurkice Pouncey, running back Jeff Demps, receiver Deonte Thompson, quarterback Tim Tebow and receiver Riley Cooper was named player of the game.

DEFENSE: Linemen Omar Hunter and Terron Sanders, free safety Major Wright and cornerback Joe Haden was the defensive player of the game.

FLORIDA INJURY REPORT (According to Meyer)
MLB Brandon Spikes (groin) probable; DE Justin Trattou (pulled bicep tendon) doubtful; WR Riley Cooper (hip pointer) probable; defensive tackle Lawrence Marsh (ankle) questionable; defensive tackle Jaye Howard (knee) questionable.



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Maybe the ref saw that Sheppard was taunting Gilbert. I wouldn't have called it but he did taunt him. Nobody is mentioning that.

Coincidentally (or maybe not) the crew that worked the Arkansas-Florida game on Saturday was the same set of officials who worked the Georgia-LSU game when UGA receiver A.J. Jones was wrongly flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty. Hmmmm...

Is there a little $$$ being handed under the table to this crew?

So, the conspiracy theorists abound...time for your Trekkie convention or Area 51 club reunion...no money changing hands, c'mon man...

no money changing hands, c'mon man...

Posted by: John Trent | October 19, 2009 at 10:21 PM

That's what they thought about the NBA ref??? Isn't he still in prison for exchanging money for calls.

If I were the coach of an SEC team I wouldn't want this crew to officiate the game.

Go Dan Mullett and your Mississippi Bulldogs, you should know how to stop the 'thunderKITTEN' (teabag 27 carries for 76 yds. with 6 sacks and 4 fumbles) offense after watching the Arkansas game. Let's just hope the same refs aren't working the game..

The gaytors past, present, and future are the same(TEABAG and RURAL LIAR's kitty offense). When Timmy Teabag ends up in the Philippines(and to help out gaytor fan, that's not an NFL team) and Rural Liar ends up in Notre Dame.. With Brantley at QB and Charlie Strong as coach, good luck... Maybe Spurrier will come back to help u'll off your trailers roof tops....

You made some good points 'envy the past , et. al. Wait a minute...what's your point? The sun's rising, get back to that lawn maintenance job with the rest of 'cane nation...

Boca dude probably lives in the Tudor subdivision in mom's backroom since there's no basements for you. Out off oriole country road with his fellow gaytor hillbillies..

And boca gurl, if you don't get the point you obviously didn't go to school.. BTW, aren't you working, it's between 7-11 and what's the pump#, sir...

Jo -A.J. Green is UGA's receiver. A.J. Jones is UF's linebacker.

How about the trip on Rainey that caused a fumble? Did they comment on that? That would have been a touchdown for Rainey.

tbone, I get your point (I think), and it's a good one. There are several plays during a game that can go either way.


Another day @ #1


No money changing hands, just the SEC looking out for its top teams, thats all. The only money involved is the SEC trying to protect their war chest.

I am a pretty decent basketball player. Any chance of walking on at Florida at bumping Dan Werner from the roster? Even if I never get into a game all season, it will probably best the best thing for Florida sports since Mr. Two Bits.

Predicted to finish 5th in their own division? That is absolutely pathetic. Thats why our 2 NCs were an anomaly. You'll never see Duke, North Carolina, Kansas picked to finish 5th behind South Carolina and Vanderbilt. I'm surprised more hasn't been made on Billy's awful recruiting.

Does that fact that Carl Johnson, Marcus Gilbert, Mike and Maurkice Pouncey all made The Champions Club make you think that the staff thought the offensive line played well despite giving up 6 sacks? Wonder what THEY think is the problem then?


This blog has erroded to neverending, childish arguments between rogue, 16 year old canes fans living in their mothers homes in perrine. We cant even have good intefation without these fools interjecting dis' and dat'. It makes me want to go to some canes blog and harrass them, but I have a life. Can you block them or something?

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