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On second thought, Florida Gators linebacker Dustin Doe is a "bonehead"

GAINESVILLE -- Good Monday morning, Gatorland. Had a long travel day on Sunday getting out of Mississippi. Isn't it bizarre when you're in some random city for a connection flight and you run into someone you know from a completely different part of the country. That happened to me on Sunday. I as in this world of strangers, blank faces and TSA workers and then all of sudden there's an old friend. Good times.

Well, I just wanted everyone to know that Florida point guard Erving Walker of NYC told me last week that the Yankees would win in six. He was right. Yankees in six.

Is Florida getting special treatment by SEC officials? Two questionable calls in two weeks that led to fourth quarter touchdowns in close games? Just coincidence of is it something else? Here's a link to my story in today's paper. LINK!

What did we learn after Week Eight of the college football season? Exactly nothing. We already knew the Gators' Thundercat Offense was having trouble in the red zone. We already knew the Gators' defense was a force greater than the sun. And we already knew Dustin Doe was, in the words of teammate Terron Sanders, a bonehead.

Seriously, Dustin, was all that high-stepping really necessary? Against Mississippi State? Really?

--I talked to Caleb Sturgis on Sunday night and he agreed with me that it's probably a good idea that he no longer spot the ball at the 27-yard line for field-goal attempts. Sturgis' last two misses (first quarter against Arkansas and first quarter against Mississippi State) were both from 37 yards.

--We learned that Mississippi State running back Christian Ducre can always tell his grandkids that one time back in October 2009 he got the best of the great Ahmad Black.

Alabama has its flaws, too. Don't want to pile on the embattled SEC officials here but did Terrence Cody rip off his helmet before the clock hit zero in Tuscaloosa, Ala? Some are saying he did. That, of course, is against the rules.

People, do y'all really think Florida coach Urban Meyer should replace his offensive coordinator of a 7-0 team on the week before the Gators biggest rival of the season?

Everyone needs to lay off Steve Addazio. The Thundercat Offense is ranked No.6 nationally in rushing this week (258.29) and continues to churn out at least four field goal attempts per game.

More later after Urban's Monday press conference. Will be slightly surprised if Tebow shows up today. He skipped out on the media on Saturday night.



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Have the Gators gotten the benefit of some game altering calls? Yes... But...

The refs in all sports recently have been rather shady... In the MLB playoffs, there were more ridiculous calls than I can ever imagine... In yesterday's Dolphins game, there were two horrible calls that led to 14 points for the Saints after obvious replays... The NBA we all know is definitely rigged

It makes me wonder if with the economy being down, Vegas profits down, league profits down, that there is something else at work here...

I hope that I am wrong here, but I would imagine that some people agree with me

I think alot of people will disagree with me but the defense has earned the right to high step. They have won plenty of games this year on their own. Just keep the ball in front of you next time you are high stepping Doe.
On the redzone topic, why don't we just get into eye formation and run between tackles? I don't think once you get to the five yardline you need to be calling that many different plays. I guarantee that if Moody gets the ball on the 5 yard line he will score in two tries. I think we are making it more complicated than it has to be.

I hope that I am wrong here, but I would imagine that some people agree with me

Posted by: Conspiracy Theorist | October 26, 2009 at 12:01 PM

Look it's not point shaving, it's team propping! Say what you want about whether the bad calls decided each game, it's just not fair to the team on the wrong side! As was pointed out earlier, it didn't feel good when it happened to UF against Auburn!

There are millions at stake when UF and Alabama play this season. I just hope that from here on out there will not be anymore "phantom" calls and no calls!

Here, take a look at this beautiful offense with more or less the same exact players against one of last year's greatest defenses:

Those same players are older and more experienced. Yet, instead of that lovely variety of options, slants, and field-stretching routes this year its is the "dive", "Tebow smash", "dive", "five wide while the line crumbles," and "dive."

The "Thundercat" offense works because of the extreme talent on the field, despite the best efforts of Addazzio to undermine it.

I'm not saying you dump him mid-season, but Brantley's going to need a bit more help next year. Well, unless Addazzio's plan to replace Percy with Sturgis actually works...

I liked the I-formation look on the one play for the TD

It seems naive for fans to blame Addazio. The problems on offense are remarkably similar to those in 2006 and likely won't be fixed until Bowl season. No coach is better than Urban Meyer given three weeks to prepare for a game!

As for the bad calls, UF's probably benefitting much like USC, Texas or any program does that is expected consistently to make big plays. That kind of halo effect also applies in the NFL, or at least long-suffering Bucs fans always felt was the case ;-)

Unlike the Arkansas game where the call clearly was bogus, Dustin Doe's "non-fumble" on Saturday was difficult to determine until the network time-synched two different views more than 5 minutes after the play occurred. If it takes the network that long to piece it together, it's not reasonable to expect the replay official to have done so with the stock views.

Next time you talk to Sturgis, ask him about the lack of consistent touchbacks. He's got a cannon for a leg. Are the coaches asking him to kick it within the zero to 10 yard line, or is he just struggling with the shift from high school to college ball?

I'm with Apples.


Addazio is a great coach but not a great play caller. I think that there is an issue here.

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