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SEC officiating crew suspended after Florida-Arkansas debacle

Just got this press release in my email inbox. Wow! A side note to this story: I spoke with UF offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert on Tuesday and he told me that the infamous personal foul call on Arkansas that led to UF's touchdown should not have been called. Guess Gilbert was right.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (October 21, 2009) -- The officiating crew from Saturday’s Arkansas at Florida football game will be removed from its next scheduled assignment on Oct. 31 and will not be assigned to officiate as a crew until Nov. 14, Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive announced Wednesday.

“A series of calls that have occurred during the last several weeks have not been to the standard that we expect from our officiating crews,” said Slive.  “I believe our officiating program is the best in the country, however, there are times when these actions must be taken.”

Following each weekend, the conference office reviews games from the previous week, using video replays as well as interviews with officials, coaches and administrators.

“While only a few calls have been identified, the entire crew shoulders responsibility for each play.  I have taken this action because there must be accountability in our officiating program,” added Slive.  “Our institutions expect the highest level of officiating in all of our sports and it is the duty of the conference office to uphold that expectation.”

In addition, there will be an impact on eligibility for post-season bowl assignments for the crew.



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...now this...How about somemore controversy?

4 u delusional GAYtor fans. C, C, C. U barely beat a bad team with the worst defense in the SEC, let alone in the swamphole and it took a bad call 2 do it.
Please GAYtors shake the meth out of your heads and join reality, it's a wonderful thing..

Ref Speaks.


If you don't see it then don't call it!

This was a necessary and correct decision by Slive. For all of those who want to pour it on the Gators, this officiating crew made horrible calls TWO WEEKS in a row. In addition to the B.S. PF penalty they called on Arkansas, they called the ridiculous excessive celebration penalty on Georgia and MISSED both a legitimate PF during the UF game that was not called earlier AND a tripping call on the Rainey fumble.

Horrible crew - deserve the suspension in every way.

They wouldn't have been suspended if SEC officials didn't feel that it affected the outcome of the game...

Those refs should be investigated!

It looked fixed to me...

Of course it's fixed just like fox news. TV decides what it wants and it wants the GAYtors and Alabama in SEC championship game.
The second coming(teabag) against satan(nick saban)..

Go win that god awful ACC conference jealous loser then check back.

It's a shame that u have refs that are playing favorites with who they want to see win. In watching the last two Gators it's obivious the Gatorsgot plently of call in their favor, just as Notre Dame gets doesnt get called for excessive celebration in the game aganist Washington.

The right call was made is suspending these refs because of the obivious favortisim they showed towards the Gators.

Florida might have won without BOGUS CALLS...

But tomorrow when the BCS standings come out I doubt that the Gators fall to #2 or lower despite an obvious REF SCAM...

#1 doesn't stay on top after trailing all but 10 seconds of the game vs. an unranked opponent that was defeated by the ZEBRAS in a scandal.

Suspended? What a joke! How about giving the victory to Arkansas? That would be just and fair. There is too much going on in college FB to say it's a credibly run sport. From ButtCrapShoot rankings that are based on "what people want to see" all the way to "We wanna help our favorite team" official crews, not to mention borderline recruiting ethics.

Wow!!!!! why couldn't I get some of those calls with my Florida Gayturds and then with the Washington Redskins, maybe then I wouldn't be considered the ultimate loser.

We are a total failure as a conference...we depend on refs that lack morals and also depend on TV revenue to give the fans a fake sense of self.

miami did well against v tech...

I know from most of your posts, you don't really watch the games. The phantom PF penalty occurred on a 1st and 10 play at the Arkansas 20 yard line. Would have been 2nd and 9 from the Arky 19. Instead 1st and 10 on the Arky 10 and the very next play Demps runs it in to TIE the score at 20-20.

If you hinge everything on 9 yards you are pretty much a loser. Most likely Florida scores anyway. Then if Arkansas was going to win why didn't they stop Florida the next drive? Florida would have probably scored a touchdown on that drive too but they chose to run the clock out and set up for a FG.

If some of your facts were close to accurate it might not be as comical...

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