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So that's what Florida Gators' Tim Tebow meant when he said a 'different style'

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- It's a crisp and beautiful day in Mississippi. Currently about 50 degrees and the mercury is supposed to dip to 40 degrees tonight. This is football weather, folks!

As you get ready for the game tonight and you still don't know what to think about Florida's offense, consider this: Tim Tebow said it would be different. Apparently, no one was really listening. In today's Miami Herald, we take a look at the misconceptions of the Florida Gators' offense. Here's the link. CLICK ME! Pretty good read.

So, I ventured out of my hotel room last night against the advice of one of my best friends (who happens to be a Gator). We'll call him Gator Peru.

I asked Gator Peru, "What do I do in Mississippi on a Friday night?"

Gator Peru and his Peruvian wit: "Stay inside your hotel room and pray, bro. Maybe go to the hotel bar."

Well, I went and mingled with the natives anyway. Met some cool dudes. For most of the night we talked about rebuilding muscle cars, which I know nothing about but received some cred for my devotion to buying Fords.

The Southern accents in Mississippi kill me. So harsh and exaggerated. Like speaking with marbles in your mouth almost. Nice people, though. Got invited to a couple tailgates today at The Junction. Pretty sure I'm going to pass.



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Man the only good thing about Missippi right now is that the gators are there.

Nothing quite like the smell of the paper mills. In this electronic age those mills are probably folding like cheap suits.

All week long I heard,"Mullen knows the Gator offense." Well won't the Gators know Mullen's offense too?

Can we please calm Gator Nations nerves and just blow these guys away.
The Bulldogs already have four losses. Please launch an aerial assault so we can give the passing game a spark.

Jo whos faster? c.j spiller or jeff demps (chris rainey, whichever)? Dam dat kind of speed should be illegal

First, I want to say thanks for all you do in keeping us gator fans informed. I've always enjoyed the blogs and updates. Until today.

I've lived in Mississippi most of my life, and I'll be the first to make fun of the state and some of it's people, but your over-the-top exaggerations are a bit much. Surprise--I'm a Mississippian and I don't hunt, fish, or own a truck, gun, or a stitch of cammo. Furthermore, in all my years here I don't know anyone who wears cammo out of the woods, or can build a truck from scraps. Are those peope in Mississippi?? Sure--you could find some in the backwoods I'm sure. But if we go digging in the Florida swamplands we could find some REAL classy people too. Does the state have issues?? Sure--but leave the people alone. They're some of the friendliest and most welcoming you'll meet anywhere. And it would shock you to learn that we're not all uneducated hillbillies, so we don't really enjoy being thrown into that stereotype created by mindless media garbage--the kind you usually stay away from for the most part.

I enjoy your articles, but maybe you should try to keep it focused on football, and not offending the gator fans who are scattered across all states and communities across this country.

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