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Tim Tebow breaks Herschel Walker's record with long touchdown run

JACKSONVILLE -- So long, Herschel Walker.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow entered Saturday's game against Georgia at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium tied with Walker for the SEC all-time career rushing touchdowns record. Tebow broke the record with 1:32 left in the first half with a beautiful 23-yard touchdown run to give UF a 24-10 halftime lead.

Florida had 244 yards of offense in the first half. Tebow has rushed for 63 yards on eight carries and a touchdown and completed 14 of 18 attempts for 153 yards and two touchdowns. He's probably not very "frustrated" right now.



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Jo, I just checked Tim Tebow's eye black. It is very heartwarming and reflects the team's feelings with the previous game.

post it.


Tim Tebow's eye black : Philippians 4:6,7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

that is beautiful

All last week the Gators got called out big time...and responded like champions big time. THIS is what a true champion looks like!!

I could not believe this video when I first saw it. I guarantee Spikes is done for this thug crap. Don't think this is going to be forgotten by the conference or UGA.


What's your take Jo? Remember the kid from OSU who choked the guy out? This is worse!

I'm not sure why he had to bother, UGA is by far one of the worst teams in the SEC this year next to Vandy. Congrat's UF!

What a F'n scumbag!


Spikes is a scumbag! Can't believe a kid would do that.

Sure Urban won't do anything!

Thanks for policing our game guys...by the way there was another game going on in Winston Salem where you guys almost got humiliated by a b-ball school. By the way, I saw a 'cane jaywalking the other day and I heard one of your guys tore the tag off a mattress. Your Gator envy is comedy, pure comedy.

Right "D" Bag, Meyer & Co. throw 2 pick six's last week against one of the worst teams in the NCAA AND get calls from the ref's that would make Shoeless Joe and Bernie Madoff blush, but squeak out a win nonetheless. Today you roll arguably THE worst team in the SEC besides Vandy after you poke out a guys eye!

But UM was humiiated by Wake while down 11 defensive 1st and 2nd stringers, and oh wait, still managed to win?

So when UF wins bad for 4 weeks straight with their self-proclaimed "greatest team of all time" it's good, but when UM wins bad with their young, defensively decimated team, it's bad?

Besides that, what does all this have to do with Spikes poking the kid's eye out? I was just asking Jo for his opinion Swamp Donkey!

Now if a national news reporter happens to stroll by and has not seen the incident, you wouldn't want him to miss it, would you?

Go 'canes!

quit talking
when the Gators win the national championship it still won't be enough for them

They are stuck between the distant past and the possible future
They have not gone 43-6 in the last 3 and a half years
They hate, they envy, they are jealous

8-0...focus on Vandy
They were beating apparently the top team in the ACC until the wheels came off in the 3rd
quarter. One game at a time. Pull out your Commodore jerseys this week you haters!

Saw a Canes fan on another blog bragging about Duke!! And not in basketball, thats how stupid they are. The worst team in the SEC (Vandy) just gave the by far best team in the ACC, Ga Tech a game for 3 qtrs...the ACC is a national joke! Better to stick to that large orange ball!!!


As i watched this game, I kept thing the guy whom must feel the dumbest is Orson Charles. This kid was a soft commitment for UF, came to the UF stuff for two years, backed into and broke the 06 trophy during a visit. He is another cornelius ingram and he would be having some serious playing time now and part of the offense. he was interested in majoring in Building Construction (UF has #1 school in the nation)...all of a sudden at the end, he goes to UGA...I dont get it? we had one good tight end and he was going to be involved right away? It smells like $$$$ from UGA...now he is sucking wind and involved, but UGA looks down and out....

The thing that would concern me most as a canes fan is that, just like the last two years, the canes get worse as the season goes on...yesterday was the worst game they played all year. Last year they goose egged at the end...i see it coming again..i see a loss to USF and a bowl loss...Shannon is a good guy, a good recruiter and a good defensive coach, but he does not have the head coach magic....they dont have youth as an excuse anymore...i hope he continues to win just enough to stay, because if they fire him, they could get Tubberville, Strong or someone whom could make them good again...but i dont see Shannon returning them to the top...

Charles was closest to fsu
Teammate and QB Aarron Murray signed with UGA
Tampa Plant coach didn't like UF
Do the math

KO Classic,
Thanks for the info. The kid got bad advice. He be catching passes from the greatest collage football player ever on a National Championship run. Makes no sense. We could really use him!

We actually have a version of him on campus O.Hines

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