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TIM TEBOW UPDATE: Wait-and-see period will extend into middle of next week, according to John Brantley III

GAINESVILLE -- Former Florida quarterback John Brantley III, the father of current Gators back-up John Brantley IV, told The Miami Herald on Thursday morning that Florida's coaches and medical staff likely will not know Tim Tebow's playing status until "the middle of next week."

"They won't know until about middle of next week, to be honest with it," Brantley said. "They have to be honest with it. They really don't know right now."

Tebow must be asymptomatic for a week before he is allowed to practice. He wasn't allowed to watch television or read until today, according to Florida coach Urban Meyer.

Brantley III, who lives in Ocala, is driving to Gainesville today to watch practice. He played quarterback at UF in the late 1970s and over the last two years has constantly reminded his son to prepare each week as if he was the starter.

"Obviously, the preparation is more stepped up than it's been in the past," Brantley III said. "This is his third year and he's well aware of the situation. It couldn't be a tougher test because it's at Baton Rouge at night but he's excited about the opportunity. If it comes around, he looks forward to the challenge."

Coincidentally, Brantley III's first career start came when he least expected it. In 1977, UF quarterback Terry LeCount suffered a broken nose against Utah on Nov.19 (homecoming) and Brantley III made his debut the next week against Miami in the Orange Bowl. UF won 31-14.

Brantley III is confident his son is ready to face a similar challenge. He has only spoken with his son once since last Saturday's game.

"Here's an opportunity that has presented itself," Brantley III said. "It's what we've been talking about for two years. Your opportunity is going to come when you least expect it. And he's been preparing every week with that in mind."

A side note to this blog post: John Brantley III's brother, UF All-American linebacker Scot Brantley, had his college career ended early due to a concussion against Georgia Tech. (The second game of the 1979 season when UF went 0-10-1. UF tied Georgia Tech 7-7.) Scot Brantley, who went on to star in the NFL with the Bucs, slipped while being blocked and his head collided with an offensive guard's knee.



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Tim is a great fighter and will work to get back into the game.....I just hope the medical staff, coach, and his family will make sure that when he does get back into the game it is in a time frame that is safe. Tim is not going to go 50% once he is unleashed again I expect him to go 110% as normal. If we gator fans have to wait an extra week for that to happen no worries.

What JB-III said is certainly true, no way they could make a decision on Tebow until next week. As jo pointed out, he must be asymptomatic for a full week. Considering he still had headaches on Tuesday (possibly yesterday too even though Urban Meyer said he looked "terrific") there is no way a judgment could be made until early next week at the EARLIEST.

Just as an FYI to everyone including jo, ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive (a brand new Florida Gators news and commentary site) has opened. If you would all be so kind, please head over to http://www.onlygators.com and check it out, comment, contribute, bookmark, etc. Hope to see some of you over there on a regular basis in addition to what jo is doing here!


Great comments Atl mover. My thoughts exactly. We know Tim will resume bulldozing defenders so he needs to be completely recuperated.

Nice job on your new website Adam!

Go 'canes!



Adam, just visited your website and was impressed. I've put it in my favorites right along with Gator Clause and will be visiting quite often!

Thanks guys, hope you comment there as much as you do here. ;)

"Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle" - Tebow's Brain

Look out, he might have to throw a pass longer than 18 yards...

One question:

How can he run the ball 25 time with jello between his ears?


UAB 30, Southern Miss 17

History is made!


It is pathetic that people are happy that Tebow is injured. It further highlights their insecure perception that their team cannot win unless Tebow is out of the game. They will sadly discover that this is NOT the case. CHOMP!

I predicted the Blazers would win all week long. I had heavy action on the Green Dragons.


Boy ol Boy these Gators are so lucky you all's schedule couldn't have been any better.Because if you all had to face LSU this week there goes your National Title run(a preview of things A.T.E;AFTER TEBOW ERA).Because anybody who knows anything about football FLA schedule is SOFT and they didnt wanna work for another national title.I say this because why is the #1 team in nation playing these cake walk teams to start the season GATORS ARE A FLUKE cant wait to see what happens when TIMMY LEAVES

and the Canes are lucky Oklahoma is missing 2 studs.

excUse U

Jacory cant play in the rain.

It is Cokers fault.


Marcus Forston has a cold.

We need to fire another coordinator.

We should go back to being an independent without a conference championship and playing home National Title games because we sure cant win them in the WEAK ACC.


That 1983 season was special tbone because it was our 1st 'ship (and 1st for the Great State of Florida), not because it was one of our best teams.

The 1987 team, and the 2001 team are both considered "one of" the greatest teams to ever play the game, in any era.

We beat Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl that year. Even with their losses, the FSU team AND the Oklahoma team are also considered the best either school had ever fielded.

We also beat #20 Florida 31-4 (the last time UF played Miami on an annual basis dating back to 1944!).

# 10 Arkansas 51-7 in Little Rock.

# 4 FSU @ Doake. The 1987 FSU/UM game had 11 players that were taken in the 1st round. Cortez Kennedy and Russel Maryland were third string in that game!

# 10 ND 24-0 @ OB.
# 8 South Carolina @ OB.
#1 Undefeated Oklahoma, in what was billed as "The Game of the Century"!

The most memorable aspect of the 2001 program is when UM was faced with certain defeat against BC (our version of UF's 2008 Ole Miss. trap game.), UM intercepted the ball on the 2 yd line, and Ed Reed stripped the ball from his own teammate, and ran it back 95 yds to win the game. They also won 38 straight games and were cheated out of playing Oklahoma in the 2000 BCS CG. The computers the following year were "tweaked" so that a school could not be passed by another school that they beat, provided they had the same win-loss record. I no longer contest the 2002 OSU game, even though it was a bad call at the end. We had 5 turnovers, I'm over it.

The Pell grant scandal was found to be so prevelent throughout all of the top schools at the time, that it was brushed under the rug.

Luther Campbell was paying players for "big hits" on the field, not to attend The U. It's not right, but it was "different"! More bravado than cheating since the kids were already attending the school.

Miami's current compliance program is now considered the model that all other schools use themselves. It was born out of the controversy of the 1990's 'cane programs.

Our other 3 titles were the usual "last team standing" type titles, similar to yours (UF's), again with our 1st title being the 1st ever for the Great State of Florida.

It is what it is. I get tired of the revisionist history that is so prevelant with our program, the facts are right there. Hell we lost 3 more NC's to Penn State, Alabama, and OSU during the same era! All games we were favored to win! Oh well! I'm not a stat guy, but when questioned, it's all on the web.

UF is the only team to date in the history of the SEC to ever have a conference title taken away! Think about that for a minute! In a conference that recently had 9 teams on some form of probation at the same time, UF is the only school to ever have a title taken away in the history of the SEC. The SEC is hands down the best conference in America. It is also, without question, the most corrupt of all the conferences. This is the 1st time in decades that there is not an SEC school on any form of probation.

Chris Rainey told a reporter 2 years ago that the local Lakeland boosters were paying him with clothes, jewelry, and money to attend UF! I believe "gobs of cash" was his answer! Meyer almost died! He said it on TV, and you and I both watched it!

I could care less, but don't smear my school for something that happened in the '80s and 90's, when you have a player on your current roster who admitted the same on TV 2 years ago. We've also only had 2 arrests in all sports over the same period that you have had like 25, and both our players are no longer with their teams.

I miss the annual rivalry with UF (and ND), but it's easy for UM to pickup games of similar caliber. We are playing OSU in the Horseshoe next year, and we have a 4 year home and home with USF.

You questioned, I answered!

Go 'canes!


There you go again Gator! They were who they were when we played them! We beat 3 ranked SEC teams, one of the best FSU teams of all times, they shutout 10th ranked ND, and #1, undefeated Oklahoma.

What more could they do? It is WIDELY considered by football pundits to be "one of" the greatest teams of all time. There has never been another team like it in the Great State of Florida! (The 2001 UM team would be the only other team you could attempt to compare to the 1987 team.)

#20 Florida 31-4

# 10 Arkansas 51-7 in Little Rock.

# 4 FSU @ Doake. 26-25 The 1987 FSU/UM game had 11 players that were taken in the 1st round. Cortez Kennedy and Russel Maryland were third string in that game!
# 10 ND 24-0 @ OB.

# 8 South Carolina 20-16 @ OB.

#1 Undefeated Oklahoma 20-14 , in what was billed as "The Game of the Century"!

Stats are for losers!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane

As much as I hate to say it you have a fact error in this story; Darryl Heflin a full back at George Tech collided with Bratley ending his season. No offensive lineman involved at all!



Thanks for the great comment. That's the story John Brantley III told me. So, I should have written, according to Brantley.


I don't read a single longwinded vomitous comment from the displaced cane idiot.

You read every word of it "D" Bag! The truth hurts!

Go 'canes!

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