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Time for Florida Gators defensive backs to take center stage

GAINESVILLE -- OK, so Tim Tebow has had plenty of headlines this season and linebacker Brandon Spikes has been a pretty popular guy, too. This Saturday, the Florida Gators defensive backs have the potential to steal a little of the spotlight.

Arkansas (3-2, 1-2 SEC) might have a losing record in the Southeastern Conference but the Razorbacks defeated Auburn last week. The Hogs are confident and visit Gainesville this Saturday boasting the best passing offense in the SEC (318.2 yards per game). That factoid is interesting because the Gators have the nation's best passing defense (115.2 yards per game), according to the stat book, but haven't played a quarterback with the ability and potential of Arkansas passer Ryan Mallet.

Major Florida thinks it has one of the best sets of defensive backs in the nation. Major Wright, Ahmad Black, Will Hill, Janoris Jenkins and Joe Haden will get their chance to prove it on Saturday. On Tuesday, UF's secondary began preparing for their toughest test of the season.


"The DBs are very excited about this," said Wright, who has two interceptions this season along with Haden and Jenkins. "Today we started off with overlapping and playing the quarterback and doing things different."

Florida safeties coach Chuck Heater said on Tuesday that the Gators' secondary is expecting a challenge in shutting down Mallet, who transferred from Michigan to Arkansas when the Wolverines hired former West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez. Mallet has thrown 13 touchdowns this season, leads the SEC with 1,422 passing yards through five games and is second only to Tebow among SEC quarterbacks in passing efficiency.

"This is the best offense we've faced and this is the best skill we've faced in my opinion," Heater said. "So, it's a real challenge for us and schematically just how they do things is very impressive. It's a challenge for us on defense and we're excited about it but it will be a challenge for us."



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first...i have gator envy

first...i have gator envy

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 13, 2009 at 09:31 PM

You're the best "Fakey"! But we need to do something about your name!

Instead of say first, try saying this"


It writes itself Jo!

Go 'canes!

Back on the porch Boy! The Sheriff's back from dinner! Bang Bang shrimp at the Bonefish Grill! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Go 'canes!

Bonefish Grill is where old people and middle aged people who think they are hip eat.

Carrabba's, Bonefish, P.F.Changs, all the same chain crap. All a half step above Red Lobster. Nobody cares where you eat jealous idiot.

Bang Bang shrimp at Bonefish - yum (too bad the one on Ponce closed!).

Note to Chuck Heater: Break out the Alabama/Ark game tape with some Bonefish Bang Bang shrimp and some cold ones --- see how Saban shut them down and implement the same.

I have a lot of confidence in our DBs; however, we need to blitz the crap out of them and hammer Mallet. If he can setup in the pocket, he can pick apart any secondary. I quote Ryan Mallet on the Bama game, "They didn't confuse us, but they brought pressure. They brought some pressures that we hadn't seen." We need to really mix it up and bring it from everywhere. We showed we could do it last week against a more mobile QB.

Pretty sad when Arkansas is the best offense that you have faced by week 6... Wow

Would that make Troy the 2nd best?

# 9 and rising folks... A storm is brewing!
We also have half of our defense out for the season, so imagine if we were healthy

Alabama held Arky to seven points, so it should be an interesting measure to see how many points UF allows. That's probably all we'll be doing for the last six weeks of the season, comparing UF's common opponents with the Bammers.

UF leads the common-opponents comparision so far. The Gators defeated Kentucky 41-7 (31-0 first quarter lead) and Alabama 38-20 but trailed 7-6 with 41 seconds left before the half. Alabama scored two touchdowns (the last being a major mistake by Kentucky) in the final minute of the second quarter and the rout was on.


The Gators had their easy schedule early. The Canes have it now. Same deal. At the end of the year let's see where we all end up in rankings and in strength of schedule.
It's funny the one year the canes have a supposedly "tough" schedule their fans spout off at the mouth. Meanwhile the Gators play a brutal schedule just about every year (last year they had the toughest strength of schedule and won the NC). Far cry from those UM days of not playing in a conference, playing the Temples, FAMUs, and not having a conference championship game and just cruising into their home national title game. Now, they are in a conference ( a basketball conference) and they can even make it to the conference championship game. WEAK!!!! Those past years look like a farce now.

That's because those past years ARE a farce.

Let these idiots drone on and on about the storm that is brewing. Their recruiting is not on level with the top schools. So they had a big haul a few years back. That will crescendo with them getting hammered in a BCS bowl and then it's back to the lower middle of the pack where they have languished for countless years. Harris looks average, even if he does take them to a BCS bowl there is nothing behind him. Long term, they look like crap at QB. Man, if Harris was our only QB they would be laughing at us day and night. I'm sooo happy were not pinning all our hopes on Jacory Harris. That's shakey ground.

The "U" must pay well. Maybe we should call it the "$". Why else would any great athlete want to go to a small school, no stadium on campus, no fans in the stands, etc.? Oh yeah - I forgot. It's easy to get into Miami academically.

Miami is ranked just as high academically as UF, and in the fields of medicine and research are much higher... we also have a 15,000 student population vs the pork barrel spending 50,000 student population at UFelony

GatorBud U are a douchebag...Plain and simple...

Urban is the poster child/punk for dirty recruiting tactics, that slithering slimeball!

I see a Cat 5 brewing just on the horizon of the Leeward Islands... Shutter up boys!

At least the Gators still have some games left to play. Did you understand that comment DC Cane or do I have to explain it to U? Does "DC" stand for "DUMB and CONFUSED"?

"Urban is the poster child/punk for dirty recruiting tactics, that slithering slimeball!"

typical baseless imagined untrue jealous nonsense from a scUM fan.

Got ANYTHING that lends credence to your claim LOSER?

Keep on with your empty storm nonsense. Nobody is worried about one and done U. Beamer is laughing at U. Get a clue and stop posting comedy.

At least Urban has enough sack to show up at the STA game that WAAAAAAAAAAAHDY avoided like the plague.

Randy is scared of Urbs...plain and simple

By the way, Meyer made a point to tell me that he was hanging out with his longtime friend Joey Porter on the STA sideline. Hanging out with the Dolphins star is always a good idea when trying to impress South Florida high school football players. Urban is an excellent recruiter.


Meyer speaking on opening up the offense:

"It's all tied together. Protection is tied into the throwing game. Our receivers are getting better. Our protection has to continue to get better. The receivers feel a lot of heat around here, which is part of playing receiver at Florida. But when you throw the football, you better be sound all the way across the board. We're getting close."

Gotta love the way he won't utilize certain plays until the players show they are doing it they way he demands it be done. Sit tight all of you "open it up" naysayers. Just like last year, it's coming.

GatorBud = delusional a.s.s clown typing from local library because he cannot get high speed in his double wide.

typing from library? double wide?

Those have only been used about 10,000 times you flaming idiot. Stick with being a delusional idiot, U better at it.


Loser, trolling Canes Fans. What jokes they are.
Haven’t seen DaU on a SI cover in a while. Oh that’s right, they don’t put 7-6 teams on the cover.

But they do put Canes articles, if any, on the last page because nobody cares about DaU; nobody wants to read DaU articles–not even their fans. That’s why they are always on gator blogs–at least it’s interesting reading. Nobody wants to see DaU on TV either–unless they are playing someone people want to see.

The Canes and their fans need to get real. Imagining your football team is good is quite different than your team actually being good. Delusions of grandeur. How comical.

UMiami is:
loser team
loser conference
loser trollers of other team’s blogs.

Talk to me when you win something meaningful. And no, the ACC doesn’t count. I said, meaningful.

If you like, I can break out the microfiche and we can reminesce about the good ole years, circa 1980’s.

Joakim Noah will light up the NBA this year.


Why does UF have to "open it up?" I think the offense is just fine, considering how stout UF's defense has been. Can UF open it up? Uh, yeah, Tim Tebow is the quarterback, but until the Gators have to throw, don't you think they should just keep running the ball?


Jo, I was responding to the naysayers who are criticizing the inside runs. I'm fine with playcalling seriously. Other people on this site and others are not pleased with it. The deep threat does open up things though so it wouldn't exactly bother me to see them get that cranked up. Plus, the deep ball is just exciting.

If the Gators can bring home another trophy running and running, I'm fine with it. Remember Florida was a "finesse" team last year. That is until the SEC Champinship game concluded. BOOYAH !

Also Jo, When watching the video of Urbans post practice press conference this morning I heard you ask him about opening it up. He responded with something like, " gotta get it done." I mention this not because I'm in the gotta open it up camp, but it tells me you ARE there for the presser. Please do me and all Gators fans a favor and ask him (tomorrow?) why Moody isn't being used more. I would have bet that Moody was going to get a bunch of carries v. LSU. Didn't happen.

It's probably a sticky situation to ask him why certain players are used or not used but I know you have the cred and tact to get it done.

Gator Nation is counting on you to gather answers to this burning question Jo. And no, a seance with Matzo Ball won't do it for us.


tebow is the gator's pride and joy. other players (brantly, spikes, haden) might look like they have the spotlight but they are far from it.

We definitely do need to open it up because right now we seem afraid to trust any of our wide receivers and defenses will come back to bite us if we don't throw to them more consistently. I can't believe that Hernandez is the only one that can catch the ball.

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