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What do Steve Phillips and the Florida Gators have in common?

GAINESVILLE -- Everyone needs a slump buster once in awhile.

Steve Phillips

PICTURED: Steve Phillips and his bulldog.


PICTURED: Mississippi State's Bully, looking fly.



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Post of the year.

Is that the girl he screwed up his marriage over?


He is likely a Peter Puffer.

WOW! That is just not nice, but funny as hell. I read her stalker letter in the NY POST. Scary stuff.

I think she could fill in for Spikes if he's not full go.

Oh good one. Now make fun of Sarasota 'Canes mom and his war wiht Rawpimple.

Steve Phillips personally helps me with deciding how to fix Florida football games! Leave him alone guys HE'S OFF LIMITS!!!!

Fantastic! I do want to know....


If you're gonna cheat, everybody knows it's got to be a hot chick because 1) she's less likely to go crazy since she is used to getting guys, and 2) more importantly, if you get caught and it comes out...at least she was hot and you won't be as embarassed.

Didn't think Steve-boy had it in him to be that ruthless though...you gotta admire him on some level for just not giving a f**k.

Methinks the blogger fancies doggie style

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