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Who's the rat? How do LSU students keep getting cell phone numbers of the Florida Gators?

GAINESVILLE -- Florida receiver Riley Cooper and quarterback John Brantley are the latest Gators to receive hundreds of prank phone calls from students at Louisiana State.

Both players began receiving phone calls this weekend from LSU students. How do these students get Florida's players cell phone numbers? Is there a rat among Florida's players? Doubtful. It's more likely that an LSU fan with access to a cell phone database pulls the numbers and then distributes them.

We all remember two years ago when LSU students passed around Tim Tebow's cell phone number and prank called him until his cell phone had to be shut off. Tebow, of course, responded en masse when he scored a rushing touchdown against the Tigers and then motioned to the LSU student section like he was dialing numbers and giving them a call. Classic moment. And no flag!



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LSU is really desperate. Cooper and Brantley came from good family and high school. They will not be bothered by these phone calls.

prank call...TEBOW?? haha they have to be kidding! they should have known tebow the frieght train would have got them that game! =p lsu. the tigers are going down this saturday no matter what!

Hey Jo,

Please don't delete the link! The kid WAS a UF prospect, now he likes The U! Adam gave it the BLOG HAMMER at uf.homer.com!


Go 'canes!

Didn't the Gators lose that game 2 years ago when Tebow made that phone call motion?

Yes, they lost because the defense could not stop LSU on fourth down. This year LSU is 0-5 on fourth down....

its going to take more than prank phone calls for LSU to win this game.

Why do LSU fans smell like corn dogs?

and they lost!

"Waaaaaah, I couldn't post about the Miami Hurricanes on a Florida Gators blog. Please let me complain like a baby somewhere else!" - Sarasota

LSU clearly know that they don't stand a chance in hell of winning.

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