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Will Florida Gators Tim Tebow still win the Heisman Trophy? Gator Clause prediction: Yes. Will Tebow deserve the Heisman? Gator Clause answer: Yes.

GAINESVILLE -- By Tim Tebow standards -- pretty much the highest standards known to man and the American Dream -- the Florida Gators quarterback hasn't played his best football in the past two games.

Tebow lost two fumbles against Arkansas and tossed two interceptions against Mississippi State. Both interceptions were returned for touchdowns. On Monday, Tebow was questioned by reporters about his "frustration level" and the Gators' struggles in the red zone. Now, it seems kind of silly to me that reporters are viewing Florida's undefeated season as anything but a smashing success. But that's a topic for another blog post. The topic of this blog post: Will Tim Tebow win the Heisman Trophy? Gator Clause's prediction: Yes. Does Tebow deserve to win the Heisman? Gator Clause answer: Yes.

Lost in all the hoopla of the Gators' red-zone struggles and Tebow's "frustration" is the fact that Tebow has done some pretty amazing things in the last two games. Against Arkansas, he led the first game-winning drive of his career with less than five minutes remaining in a game. Against Mississippi State, Tebow rushed for a beautiful 26-yard touchdown run on what appeared to be a broken play.

And, by the way, Tebow's touchdown run against Mississippi State tied him with former Georgia running back Herschel Walker for the Southeastern Conference's all-time rushing touchdowns record (49). The record might fall on Saturday in Jacksonville against, who else, the Georgia Bulldogs. Now, if those two weeks are the worst two weeks in the career of Tim Tebow, then I guess it's only fair for Gator Clause to draw upon our inner Chris Rainey and say, "And I'm like, damn, it's good to be Tim Tebow!"

Now, it seems rather obvious to Gator Clause that a QUARTERBACK who breaks the career rushing touchdowns record of HERSCHEL WALKER (pretty much the best running back in the history of the SEC and maybe college football) should be considered a lock to win the Heisman Trophy. My friend and colleague Israel Gutierrez wrote a column last week that basically argued that Tebow does not deserve the Heisman Trophy. My argument, Tebow deserves the Heisman more this year than in 2007 and 2008.

First, let's remind ourselves what the Heisman Trophy represents. It's the yearly award for the best player in college football. OK, who is the best player in college football this season? Tim Tebow. How do we know this? Well, for starters, Tebow is the best player on the best team in the country. Seriously, who's better? Florida is the defending national champions and has won 17 games in a row, a national best. What about the sandlot test? If you're picking first in a sandlot football game, who are you picking? Yep, Tebow.

What else? Well, Florida's Thundercat Offense is designed around Tim Tebow. The Gators are ranked No.6 nationally in rushing offense this week and No.1 in the SEC. Take a guess who the leading rusher is of the SEC's best rushing offense? That's right, Tim Tebow, a QUARTERBACK. Tebow is averaging 66.6 yards per game and has scored a team-high six rushing touchdowns. Alabama running back Mark Ingram, considered the best running back in the SEC this season, has rushed for eight touchdowns, or only two more than Tebow, who is a QUARTERBACK.

Oh, by the way, Tebow, despite throwing two interceptions against Mississippi State on Saturday, is still the SEC's top-rated passer (151.3 passing efficiency). As Gator Clause likes to put it, Tebow is better than your team's best player. Or, as Tebow likes to put it, he's doing what he's asked, "OK."

In 2007 and 2008 Tebow had receivers Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy to help make plays and accumulate stats. Harvin and Murphy are both starting in the NFL this season. That means Tebow is leading an offense that is ranked No.1 in the SEC with far less. A tight end is the Gators' leading receiver! Florida is ranked No.1 in the SEC in total offense (457.0 ypg) and scoring offense (35.3 ppg) and a tight end is the Gators' leading receiver! How is this possible!?! You guessed it, Tim Tebow.

Because of Tebow, Florida is ranked No.1 in the SEC in third-down conversions (46 percent), No.1 in the SEC in first downs (167) and No.1 in the BCS, AP poll, coaches' poll and Harris Interactive poll. Florida is one complete game away from Tebow blowing this Heisman race wide open. Enter Georgia, which is ranked 10th in the SEC in total defense, 11th in passing defense and fifth in rushing defense.

If Florida defeats Georgia on Saturday and South Carolina loses to Tennessee, then Florida will clinch the SEC East in the NINTH WEEK of the season. And the winner of the 2009 Heisman Trophy goes to ... University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Now, it won't be that easy -- Florida needs to defeat Alabama in the SEC championship game to ensure that Tebow wins the Heisman -- but consider what teams remain on the Gators' schedule after the Georgia game: Vanderbilt (nothing else to say), South Carolina (Tebow's motivation: Steve Spurrier didn't vote for Tim Tebow as the SEC's preseason all-conference quarterback.), Florida International (nothing else to say, other than Miami won't play FIU for who knows why) and Florida State (probably the worst defense in the ACC).

Reporters like to compare Tebow's stats to 2008 and 2007. That's fair but if that's your logic in arguing Tebow doesn't deserve the Heisman then it also seems fair to use that same logic in arguing that Tebow does deserve the Heisman. With six games remaining in his collegiate career, Tebow is already responsible for the most touchdowns in the history of the SEC and is already tied for the SEC career rushing touchdowns record. He has won two national championships and is the favorite to win a third.

Somebody, please tell me who is more deserving of the Heisman Trophy?



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The problem is, simply put, that the award has become about stats. Jo, if you had a vote, would you have voted for Tebow last year? I can almost contend he deserved it more last year than in 2007.

This is an article that I will be forwarding to all of the Tim tebow haters across my address book this afternoon. It's a complete and detailed explaination of why Tim is the best player this year and could prove his legitimacy of why he's the greatest college football player of all time.

And 1 more thing. This year should mark tebow's third heisman trophy. Bradford is a bust. Tebow is still doing what tebow has done for his entire career in Gainesville, winning football games.

I would take a NC over a Heisman for Tebow any time (not hatin' just sayin'). The Heisman has lost it's place as the impramatur of football greatness anyway. How many forgettable players have won (e.g. Andre Ware, Rashaan Salaam, Erich Crouch). This award is an icon of times past when freshman weren't aloud to play and the forward pass was used as a last resort. Besides, the winner (more often than not) curses his team in the post season...something this Gator Fan does not want to see happen.

what a joke of an article.

1) he is a RUNNING quarterback. A glorified fullback, really. so please stop acting like someone who carries the ball ~20 times isnt going to pickup some yards. But to put it in perspective:

- he's the 77th best rusher in CFB in terms of total yards gained.
- ranks 176 in terms of rushing avg. (amongst qualified rushers...at least 6 attempts per game)
- T.Pryor has more rushing yards, a better yard/attempt avergage and only one fewer rushing TD....and, oh yeah, has thrown for more yards and TDs than the golden boy.

2) he's not a very good passing quarterback.

- tebow ranks 15th in passing efficiency.
- 30th in completion percent.
- 85 quarterbacks have thrown for more yards.
- 78 quarterbacks have thrown for at least as many tds.

3) Charleston Southern and Troy
- 7 of 18 total TDs came against these world beaters.
- In his 5 games after the first two, he passed for more 135 yards only once...and that to an Arkansas team that has lost more games than it has won and is 0-3 on the road where tebow got em. And 3 out of 4 SEC teams Arkansas has played so far has passed for more yards than Tebow did against them (not a stout pass d).

Anyways...to me it's really clear that Tebow is a great CFB player, who is on a top tier program and has had very successful career. But this is not a career achievement award. he's a good player...but shouldn't be considered a heisman candidate at this point.

btw, how bout them refs in the SEC, wow. UF could honestly be a 2 loss team right now.

Anyways...to me it's really clear that Tebow is a great CFB player, who is on a top tier program and has had very successful career. But this is not a career achievement award. he's a good player...but shouldn't be considered a heisman candidate at this point.

btw, how bout them refs in the SEC, wow. UF could honestly be a 2 loss team right now.

Posted by: uhhuh | October 26, 2009 at 07:11 PM

OMG, pure poetry! Jo, I'm sorry but... check and mate!

The part about the SEC officiating is the most troubling. I know everyone here hates Kiffin, but when a rival coach decides to go ahead and kick because "he knows" the ref's are going to throw a flag if he tries one more play, WOW!


Tebow will be one of the greatest TE's in the history of the NFL. The NFL just doesn't use the fullback the way they do in college.

Mike Alstott was the last fullback that I can remember to play the way Tebow does in the NFL. You cannot sustain a career taking hits the way Alstott did. Alstott's head is filled with concrete, and he is quite frankly one of the dumbest players I have ever seen interviewed. Tebow is much more important to the game at the TE position, and in limited "gimmicky" formations.

P.S. Hey Swamp Donkey, this guy even logged in with his own account! Not your "Man o' 1000 aliases" crap! Mad props for playing beisball at UF though! Congrat's!
How did you come up with the name Swamp Donkey?

Posted by: gatorlegend | October 26, 2009 at 12:13 PM

He He, I'm a little embarrassed! I used to play baseball for UF, and let's just say I got it during the teams hazing ceremony! Man I still think I have a "knot" on the back of my head! He He

Posted by: Swamp Donkey | October 26, 2009 at 12:29 PM


Tebow... He's a stud qb that any team would gladly take and start, regardless of system. Is tebow the greatest qb, nope, but he's the greatest football player... RB, TE, LB, or his favorite -QB, tebow can play and will make it at the next level. The gator nation doesn't care about silly stats, we care about winning... It's our tradition! The awards that Tebow and a host of other gators recieve are just icing on the cake! Give me another sec title and trip to Pasadena... Successful season regardless of stats, rankings, or urban's new mediocre offense; which, by the way is still efficiently better than most other offenses in the nation.

Mr. Uhhuh,

If you don't think that a running quarterback can win the Heisman, then you clearly do not know anything about the history of the award. Tebow is going to win it.


Jo - Looks like you and Stewart Mandel aren't on the same page. Today's article.

Tim Tebow's 2008 season was defined by "The Speech." Saturday night, after what was unquestionably the worst performance of his Florida career, the Gators star had nothing to say. It marked the first time as a starter (besides the Kentucky concussion game) that Tebow was not available to the media.

I'm not one of those writers who feels an athlete is morally obligated to help fill reporters' notebooks, and it's hard to criticize a guy who's never once complained about his highly public existence. But Tebow's rare bout as a recluse speaks volumes about the level of frustration he's undoubtedly feeling right now.

Saturday night at Mississippi State, the former Heisman winner threw not one, but two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns (both on tipped passes, both by Bulldogs freshman safety Jonathan Banks). The first, just before halftime, came on a third-and-goal at the eight and let Mississippi State back in the game. The second, after Florida had pulled away 29-13, came when Tebow tried to throw out of his own end zone late in the game.

Tebow finished just 12-of-22 for 127 yards on the night, his lone highlight coming on a 26-yard touchdown run.

"He's very frustrated," Gators coach Urban Meyer said Sunday. "He's used to playing at a certain level."

Tebow is hardly the only one to blame for Florida's continued offensive woes. The offensive line has allowed 10 sacks in the past two games. Receiver Riley Cooper and tight end Aaron Hernandez continue to be the only pass-catchers of note. And the Gators have been downright horrendous in the red zone, scoring just two touchdowns in 15 tries over the past three games.

Still, Tebow is the one with the "Superman" label, the guy who television announcers talk about "willing his team to win" at least 10 times per broadcast. So far this season, that image has been shattered. He's thrown eight touchdowns in seven games. He's been held below 200 yards passing in all but one game. He remained on most Heisman Watch lists coming into the week, but after Saturday night's display, I don't see how that could possibly continue.

We came into the year debating whether Tebow might become the best college quarterback in history. Right now, he's not even on the short list of best quarterbacks this season

Stewart Mandel


He got the award in '07 for his stats, now you want to say that stats don't matter. I thought he deserved it last year more than any other anyway.

The award has become a joke for true fans of the game. Most would agree that the voters get it right about 1 in 5 times that it is presented. I also agree with "D" Bag in that it becomes more of a "curse" that QB's try to live up to in post season play.

My "dark horse" Heisman candidate is Ponder from FSU. He just might "seal" his candidacy against UF! That would turn a few heads!

Go 'canes!

Jo, it seems that there has been a lot of expectations from the media and fans when Tim tebow and other Players not only gators but other teams promise to return and play one more year. The 3 QB nominated for heisman trophy last year all decided to come back. Everyone thought this season will be the best in college football. But fate has it's own course. The injuries started it all. I would say whatever is happening right now is all the result of too much expectations from most teams particularly the gators. Of course it is human nature that we won't be satisfied with what's in there. We will always look forward to something amazing such as the promise, superman and the road to the SEC and BCS. I just hope that people will give them a break... For when you don't expect anything... Amazing things happens...

No way ponder wins it... If he was in the talk a little earlier, possibly. Tebow doesn't need another hesiman to seal his incredible college career. He doesn't even need another championship, he's won just about every major award, proven time after time he has raw talent, incredible leadership on and off the field, and ultimately that he's a winner! Many people are tired of the tebow show, the tebow worshipping announcers tend to do, but still, with all the pressure he has on his shoulders, all the attention; he manages to overcome, but prove he's still human. Yes he makes mistakes, but who doesn't? besides, in the end, he still manages to find a way to make plays when they matter most... Sec champ and nay champ games... Tebow was "vintage Tebow" as meyer calls it. Give tebow a few great games and then he'll be back in the talk, especially if he leads the gators to another sec champ victory, that would almost seal the deal.

Well spoken yana94, you summed up what my hideously long comment intended to say! We expect too much many times out of our Gators, how about we just stay satisfied with wins and ultimately be proud of the Gators and their accomplishments.

Heck with the Heisman...I'll take 5 point gut wrenching Woody Hayes wins and the NC with Tebow running 25 times a game and breaking Herschels record...Next Year we get Air Florida!

It's great to Be A Florida Gator!

Envy the RECENT PAST, Envy THE PRESENT, Be scared sh#@less of THE FUTURE!

Tebow is not going to win the Heisman, because all the media talks about is how terrible the offense is playing this season. I think Colt McCoy's schedule sets up perfectly for him to run up big numbers and since going into the season many felt he was the favorite since Bradford and Tebow already owned their trophies. Texas is not going to lose a game this season, especially with how bad the Big 12 North is playing. I would give the Heisman either to the SEC refs or the Florida defense, because the defense is single-handedly winning games.

It is weird, the Gators are #1 in the polls and BCS and I feel like I did when they were 5-2 under Ron Zook... uncomfortable. At least I have been able to take advantage of Las Vegas' love of the Gators and their overinflated point spreads.

Tebow has six games left to improve his stats. Is anyone really doubting this guy after two inconsistent games? Has anyone other than me watched Florida play football for the past three seasons? It's inaccurate to qualify Tebow's performance against Arkansas as a bad game. He led a game-winning touchdown drive. Against Mississippi State, he tossed two interceptions. I realize the two interceptions were poor decisions, but does that mean he should be written off of Heisman ballots? I don't see it happening. It seems to me like the national media is overstating Tebow's struggles. Who cares if Tebow didn't speak with reporters. If you ask me, Tebow is too nice and should probably jack Geno Atkins in the face with a forearm shiver during the first play of the game Saturday just to send a message. The champ is here. OK, so Tebow has thrown just eight touchdown passes in seven games. Well, guess what? Florida's offense is geared toward the run this season and Tebow doesn't exactly have All-American receivers at his disposal. Tebow has accounted for 14 touchdowns through seven games for a team that leads the SEC in scoring. That's two touchdowns per game, folks. Pretty good for a guy who is supposedly "very frustrated" and playing poorly. In the SEC, only Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet (16) and Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead (15) have accounted for more touchdowns than Tebow so far this season. Would you rather have Mallet or Snead as your quarterback or Tebow? Would you rather have Jimmy Clausen as your quarterback or Tebow? Would you rather have Mark Ingram as your running back if that meant getting rid of Tebow? Pretty sure the answer to all of those questions is either no or Tebow. Take Tebow away from Florida and, well, Florida is just Alabama. There should be no doubting Tebow's overwhelming contribution to the Gators' offense after watching Alabama nearly lose to Tennessee? Was there ever any doubt that Florida would lose to Tennessee? Just my prediction, but if Florida is undefeated heading into the national championship game, then Tebow will win the Heisman Trophy. I'm standing by that opinion until Tebow proves me wrong, but I don't think that's going to happen. As I wrote in the blog post, if not Tebow then who else? He is better than your team's best player. Thundercats hoooo!


I hope he does..but he may have lost it the other night. BUT. Bottom line we're still unbeaten and in control. Heisman's are great. But Natl Championships are more important

Sarasota cane is dilusional

Well done Jo-a most cogent assessment and argument.Well done sir, well done...

Tebow should not would the Heisman this year, if anything it shall go to a defensive player cause the heisman trophy has turned into nothing but a award for offensive players.

Defensive players like Taylor Mays, the defensive tackle from the CornHuskers. Their has not been any defining Heisman moment by any offensive player this year.

By the way, nice post yana94.

Adam S.,

I'm not yet a voter for the Heisman but might be in the near future. In 2008, I probably would have voted for McCoy going into the SEC championship game. After watching Tebow defeat Alabama without Percy Harvin, I would have changed my ballot this way: 1. Tebow 2. McCoy 3. Bradford.

My criteria for the Heisman. (One criterion can outweigh another. It's totally subjective.)

1. Are you the best player in college football?
2. Is your team successful?
3. Have you been arrested this year?
4. How are your stats?

If I had a vote this year, my ballot through the season's first eight weeks would be...

1. Tebow, QB, Florida
Reason: The best player in college football.

2. Eric Berry, SS, Tenn.
Reason: The second best player in college football.

3. Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama
Reason: The third best player in college football.

Not far behind and in order:

Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama
Reason: Nation's third leading rusher behind Ryan Matthews and Dion Lewis.

Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State
Reason: Amazing stats and has the non-BCS Broncos ranked No.6 in the AP poll.

Dion Lewis, RB, Pitt.
Reason: 12 total touchdowns, nation's second leading rusher

Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
Reason: Appears to be finding his form.

Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State
Reason: Nation's leading rusher. Big time talent but three losses hurts.

Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
Reason: A few throws away from being in the top three but losses to Michigan and USC hurt.

Joe Haden, CB, Florida
Reason: Best player on the nation's best defense. Freaky, freaky, freaky athlete, leads team with 32 solo tackles, needs ball in his hands more to be seriously considered.

Rahim Moore, S, UCLA
Reason: Tied for nation's lead with interceptions and is second in the nation in passes defended. Like Matthews at Fresno State, losses hurt.


btw, how bout them refs in the SEC, wow. UF could honestly be a 2 loss team right now.
Posted by: uhhuh | October 26, 2009 at 07:11 PM

It's funny how I keep reading this on here and on other blogs. Did you forget the fact that MSU's offense was pretty much non-existent, and the fact they were even in the game was because of two bonehead pic-six's?? Let's be real, even if MSU had gotten the ball on a touchback I really doubt they would have driven down and scored a TD

the heisman usually goes to the best player on the best team unless there is someone extraordinary from a team with a much worse win loss record.

i.e. Tebow for florida, ingram for alabama, and mccoy for texas.

One of the biggest jokes of the heisman was gino toretta. That dude was horrid but won because he was the best player on the best team. We could go on and on naming players like him that won the heisman.

ohhh by the way gino toretta sighting at my house every monday and friday. he picks up my trash. i heard those garbage guys make pretty good coin so gino aint doing too bad for himself and his family.

Get off Tebag's jock already, we all know you love him. He is a great college quarterback who doesn't deserve the Heisman this year. Face the facts, your team is winning because of defense (pretty darn good d) and BAD, really BAD officiating. Wake up people and face the truth. Oh, and unless he will be catching passes, defending passes, or running in goal line situations, Tebag will not play on Sundays. Even then, he will be a backup project somewhere.

And 1 more thing, Jo, after looking at your "Heisman ballot" I can see why you don't have a vote. You can't be impartial when it comes to your team and others. Journalists are supposed to be impartial and not play(home town)favorites when it comes to awards like that.

The officiating had nothing to do with the Mississippi State game. Nothing. Florida was winning that game no matter what. So maybe the score would have been a little closer. You dont get points for moral victories (you can ask Lane Kiffin and Randy Shannon about moral victories and playing not to win).

The Arkansas game was questionable. Florida was still driving in that game. Could they have lost without the calls? Sure but they might have won too. You just dont know. They were on the drive.

Florida is winning because of great defense, a very good running game, and one of the best head coaches in the game. The difference between teams like Miami and Florida/Alabama? COACHING. That is why coaches get paid the big money because coaches make a huge difference.

No, Eric, as a journalist you technically should not even vote for such an award. But, since we're sports writers and not members of the White House press corps, it's OK to vote for an award that ultimately means nothing. As for your comment about impartiality. Inherently, if you vote for something then you are being partial. This isn't a complex idea and I shouldn't have to explain it any further. (But, then again, for someone who writes "Teabag" on the blog, you never know.)

When it comes to the Heisamn, what you're supposed to do is form your OWN opinions through your OWN observations. Like many Heisman voters, I'm probably going to vote for someone I've seen play in person rather than someone I've seen on TV. The national TV guys and national writers have their own opinions but that doesn't mean it has to be my opinion. Meaning, there is no such thing as political correctness when it comes to the Heisman vote. If I wanted to vote for an offensive lineman, then there's nothing wrong with that.


After watching the Arkansas game i thought that the trip on Rainey was illegal and shouldn't have been a fumble. To my surprise it looks like College Football rules allow the ball carrier to be tripped. Sounds crazy but that's what I found.


I'd like to see the rule. Can you copy and paste?


Talk about being a homer...you're top 4 are from the SEC.

Wifey must be puttin something in Jo's Cap'n Crunch. You're in the zone man! I'm lovin' it. Bringing it STRONG.


b. No person subject to the rules shall strike an opponent with his foot or
any part of his leg that is below the knee.
c. There shall be no tripping (Exception: Tripping the ball carrier is not a

There are some exceptions but they don't apply.


You need to download the pdf of the rule book.Not sure if the link above does that but you can download it from this one:


Than go to RULE 9 , SECTION 28, PAGE 116.

Thanks, tbone. You da man!


Jo just wants Tebow to win so ESPN can make "Thundercat" offense a mainstream term

This discussuion should end, you can say what you want about Tebow, but should an award really being given to a player who has a style that is hurting his team? this team will not get better unless we start trusting the other players on the team, Tebow is a limited quarterback and teams are finally realizing it, I don't care what Urban Meyer does this week to improve the red zone offense, his inability to admit that Tebow is limited and not trusting anyone else will be the downfall of this team, we are only undefeated because of the defense

One tiny little insignificant stat says otherwise. The Gators are ranked No.1 in the SEC in total offense. MiamiGator, step away from the ledge.


- Seriously, if you have watched his play this year, Tebow does not deserve to be involved in any conversation about the Hiesman period.
- In regards to breaking Herschel`s TD record. Don`t forget he set that record in 3 years...Tebow is in his 4th. So, technically no record is really being broken.
- The Gators are undefeated due to your defense saving the games (not tebow), soft non conference schedule, and a few bogus calls from the refs even admitted by gator players and The SEC.

That's a fair point, Tebow scored eight rushing touchdowns his freshman season.

As for the other stuff, the Gators are undefeated due to the defense AND Tebow. Whether you like it or not, the guy is a player. Had a bad game. Big deal.



Are you serious? Did you really think that it was against the rules to trip the ball carrier? Did you really think it was ok to tackle someone but not trip them if they have the ball? Seriously? And then you seriously asked someone to post the rule that says it's not a foul. Seriously?

Are you seriously wanting to become a journalist or are you pulling our leg on that one too?

Without a doubt, Tebow is a great player and leader for the gators. I`m not a Gator fan by any means but, I do respect the fact that he would do anything to win a game for his team. I just think some fans get a little to carried away with what they expect. Anyway, there are still games left, and if he picks up his performance goes undefested, and wins the Nat`l Championship again he will still be in the running for it.

Well, lets see, Terelle Pryor has more Rushing and passing yards and more td's then Tebow. Albama's own McElroy (who many say is struggling) has more passing yards, td's, and less interceptions then Tebow. Seriously, TP is better then Tebow?? Sad

The guy has been great for the Gators, but no way he deserves the Heisman. You are totally off your rocker. The only reason you are winning is cause defense and phantom penalties. UGA beats you this weekend.
Sic'em Dawgs!

delusional cane fans,

Go back to you koolaid UM blog. Your opionions are worthless. You are the same guys saying Miami was back and Spongebob was a Heisman Candidate.What a joke. You got lucky against FSU and the Sooners played without their QB so count your blessings you aren't 3-4.It's pathetic when you can't even win the ACC. Yeah i know jacory is young, Coker messed everything up blah blah excuses excuses.The only thing you have left is to sit around and hope the Gators lose.Pathetic. Hate Tebow all you want but he is a better college player than any UM player to ever play.


Seriously, bro. You're trying to tell us that Terrelle Pryor is better than Tim Tebow? That's the best you got? Greg McAlroy? Yawn...


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