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A precursory comparison of Florida's and Alabama's defenses

GAINESVILLE -- Back in Gainesville. Took me awhile to get out of Columbia, S.C., on Sunday. Sorry to all for not having a live blog of the first basketball game. The Gators defeated Stetson 74-46. More on basketball later. First, a look back at the football game.

Here's a link to today's story in the Miami Herald about the Gators' dominant fourth-quarter defense on Saturday and this season. LINK! One key stat that didn't make it into the paper: The Gators are outscoring opponents 138-36 in the second half of games while the Alabama Crimson Tide is outscoring opponents 157-54 after halftime. That's a scoring-margin difference of one point(103-102), favoring the Gators. Wow! Here's a link to Sunday's game story of Florida 24, South Carolina 14.

Yes, there are two more games left in the regular season, but we're already beginning to focus on the Gators' upcoming game against Alabama. The Pachyderms looked pretty good on Saturday against Mississippi State, defeating the Bulldogs 31-3. Alabama certainly dominated Mississippi State more thoroughly than the Gators, but that is usually the case when Alabama plays a common opponent of the Gators from the SEC West. 

Historically, Florida has struggled to victories against SEC West opponents. Alabama rushed for 252 yards against Mississippi State. The Gators had 140 rushing yards in Starkville, Miss. Alabama defeated Arkansas 35-7, allowing just 160 passing yards to Hogs quarterback Ryan Mallet and 61 rushing yards to Arkansas running back Michael Smith. Florida defeated Arkansas 23-20. Mallet threw for 224 yards against the Gators and running back Dennis Johnson had 107 rushing yards.

Alabama's only scare of the season came against an SEC East opponent. Alabama needed two blocked field goals to defeat Tennessee 12-10. Of course, Alabama plays Tennessee every year, so these teams are very familiar with one another.

OK, that's quite enough meaningless comparisions between Florida's and Alabama's common opponents. Check back a little later for Gator Clause's report card of Florida's 8-0 run through the SEC.



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FIU week is FINALLY HERE IN GAINESHELL! Too bad the reptiles are too scared to play Miami because they would have their “Greatest Season in Gator History” derailed by their traditional tormentors. At least Foley can sleep easy this week, unless Mario Cristobal decides to remind him just how far away from the bottom of the State he should remain with his future Notre Dame or NFL coach to show the proper amount of respect.

Also, I'm a giant hating tool.

Your tradition is doormats. Ask Butch. He owns U!

Jo correct me if i'm wrong. Brandon Spikes has played like GARBAGE this year. How in the H*LL does Haden have more tackles than our All EVERYTHING MLB. He needs a headset instead of a uniform, he's always directing people, but he's never where he needs to be. I'm convinced Stamper is a better MLB. Maybe Herbstreit will call him out like he did before the LSU game.


Spikes appears to have put on a few pounds since injuring his Achilles heel and groin muscle. He already wasn't the fastest linebacker around. As for calling plays, Stamper usually does most of that. Spikes will need to lose a few pounds before the NFL Combine and UF Pro Day. Haden seems like a top-10 pick to me, so Haden leading the team is tackles is more a testament to his ability than it is a knock on Spikes. Just my opinion. Plus, Spikes has missed a lot of time this season and Haden is a regular on punt team.


My best Jimmy Johnson after that sterling effort against the mighty 'Heels..."HOW 'BOUT THEM 'CANES!" Please give Shannon and his crew lifetime contracts...immediately!

Coach Shannon,
Would like to schedule the Canes every year. However, with the high competition in the SEC and a couple breathers on our schedule, we can't add a Pansy team like UM. Plus, you have enough in your plate already with the Almost Competitive Conference bottom teams. Good luck!

I'm going to take class roll and see who is here:

Sarasota Cane-absent
MTX Cane-absent

They probably went to New York early to get good seats at the Heisman presentation so they can cheer on Jacory. I'll look for you guys on tv.

Jo, since you're making comparisons, note the Gator defense that beat Bama last year was not quite as good as this year's edition, while the Tide quarterback this year is not nearly as good as last year's. Since the Gators played last year's game without Percy Harvin, you'd have to agree the match-up of Gator offense to Tide defense is about the same and we all know how that game turned out. As I see it, advantage this year goes to the Gators.

Oh oh present!

See you guys in the Meinke Bowl if you are lucky to make it!

"False hopes on one side, I-N-T-S on the other"

Oh yeah well....387 years and stuff...and five and stuff...and um...U guys suk..

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