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And the spouse of the year award goes to ... Ann Bowden

OK, Florida plays rival Florida State in two-Saturday's time so this blog post is not totally irrelevant to Gators football. Plus, I'm sure a few people who read this blog have spouses, so that makes it doubly worth reading.

In Wednesday's USA Today, Ann Bowden, wife of FSU coach Bobby Bowden, offered evidence that she's pretty awesome. This is the proper way to defend your man after he's had a bad year: "You know, we don't need the university as much as they need us -- as much as they need him and his connections and reputation and everything. If they want to pull that trick, we'll just shake the dirt off our feet and go to Europe or go on a long cruise or something."

Double snap. Mmhmm, you go girl.



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Agreed. Good for her.

Your connections? Dudes ego has been killing the program for a long time now. Sorry Bobby/Ann, you made the program and the program made you. How many millions are you worth Bobby? You are not bigger than the program even though you built it. Your ego and your bank account are bigger than the program but your legacy isn't. Sorry! Do the program a giant favor and ride off into the sunset.

Speaking strictly as a Gator fan who remembers the days before Bobby Bowden came to FSU, I can wholeheartedly agree with the Bowdens. Bobby built that football program up from nothing. So he's fully entitled to tear it back down to nothing before he departs, which come to think about it would not be an all together bad thing for the Gators.

Now, aren't Gator fans glad that SOS voluntarily walked away form UF before he lost his mojo?

I wouldn't say he "voluntarily walked away." His pockets were stuffed by Dan Snyder.

As is the case when coach becomes bigger than the program...the breakup can only be ugly. As much as I don't care for the 'Noles you can't help but squirm when you see Bobby holding that school hostage. Same with JoPa at Penn State. If for any other reason, Bobby should be let go for falling way short of the standards HE set. Kind of ironic....

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