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Betting service names Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer co-favorite for Notre Dame job

GAINESVILLE -- Yes, you can even bet your hard-earned money on who the next coach of Notre Dame will be. Offshore betting service Bodog.com just emailed me the latest odds, and guess what? Florida coach Urban Meyer is leader out of the gates along with Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly.

Here are the betting odds on who the next Notre Dame coach will be if current Fighting Irish coach Charlie Weis is not retained after this season:

Urban Meyer 3/2
Brian Kelly 3/2
Jim Harbaugh 3/1
Chip Kelly 5/1
Kirk Ferentz 10/1
Bob Stoops 20/1

Question that just popped into my brain: What will Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick do with all of his winnings?



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No coach, no coaches, no QB, no RBs, no WRs, no OL, no defense. Enjoy it while it lasts.
A little history lesson for u GOOBERS. When MIAMI was under probation in the mid 90s you & FSU got the kids that would normally have gone to MIAMI and you win a title. And in the mid 2000s MIAMI was under Coker's probation and the same thing happens.
Admit it GOOBERS, u'all can see the storm brewing down south. So take your house off the concrete blocks, put the wheels back on and get out of town, 'cuse it's gonna be quite a storm..
PS. don't forget the meth, meth heads.

Envy, the funny thing is you don't even realize you just shot down your own team with what you said. Probation!! Thats all UM is good at is getting in trouble with academics, which isn't surprising. UM will never win a national championship as long as there in the ACC. They need to go back to the easy Big East where they had success winning all their rings before. They can't even get into the ACC championship game let alone the national champ. game. Come play in the SEC and they probably wont win 5 games. So when UM is on probation in the next 2 years, don't try to make an excuse about how the players that would go to UM went to UF and FSU just because of that.


we should be moderated because we are scared and a bunch of babies. We just want to talk UF football and not here that Randy SHannon is a loser. EVeryone knows that already. The guy isnt a head coach. Face the facts. Instead they fire or coordinators quit and drop like flies all around him. BRUTAL!

We are terrified of some middle to lower of the pack ACC team with a clown for a head coach. In fact, if we are scared of Miami, we should be scared of Duke, NC State, Virginia, Rutgers, FIU, FAMU, La Tech, SE LA State, and plenty more.

sorry 23, but u guys r the 1s with 28 arrests (in 4 years) under RURAL's tenure, compared 2 MIAMIs 1, yes I said 1, under Shannon.

Your past is ancient history. Nobody cares

Your future is a joke. Ask VT and Wake and Vlemson.

U are on the fastrack to nowhere with the lying incompetent Shannon. In recruiting u get our scraps. All u are is talk.

I'm not so concerned about Meyer leaving (he won't) as I am about Charlie Strong leaving. He is the cornerstone of the short, mid-term, and long term plan for the Gators. Hopefully Foley and Co will put the crowbar in the wallet and give him what he wants to stay (coach in waiting title?).

I don't think Urban Meyer will leave so soon but I think eventually he will just like every other coach these days. I think the amount of early success he has had will eventually put pressure on him. If he were to leave today this would be my list of possible replacements:

1. Jon Gruden
2. Brian Kelly
3. Butch Davis
4. Mike Shannahan

tbone1999 - I like #4 -- he got the Gator offense going back in the Wayne Peace era under Charlie Pell. Foley was chasing him when Spurrier left. I agree with you though, I don't see Meyer leaving anytime soon, especially to Notre Dame.

Gator Dude

My post was just for fun. I think he will stick around another 5 years but you never know and after we went out and hired Ron Zook after Spurrier and went thru those crappy years, we better have a short list prepared.

Why exactly am I being mentioned? I have made one comment here in two weeks.

I am so sick of the illiterate faction of cane fans coming on the board talking trash. All I hear is next year this and next year that. Win the ACC, get a BCS bid, and talk all the trash you want. Until then, pipe down and beat Duke/USF.

Anyway, I too, hope we don't lose Strong.

When Meyer leaves UF, as he likely will some day, he will probably go to Notre Dame, if he doesn't take a cushy analyst job at ESPN. However, that won't happen before his children are grown up and out of the nest.

Meyer has repeatedly said he likes the idea of doing most of his recruiting within a five hour drive of his home because it allows him to stay close to his family. He knows that recruiting at ND requires lots of plane rides and hotel stays away from home.

I would take a bet against Meyer taking the ND job now, if it becomes available.

StL Gator --- The vetting of recruits by the ND admissions alone has created a hurdle for coaches there for over 20 years. It simply is not a level playing field for recruiting. The last coach to tame the ND admin was Lou Holtz back in the day. That's why they are, and have been so devoid of talent. No elite coach would go there, especially one from the state of Florida. I'd short that bet on Meyer leaving also too...if shorting is possible in Vegas.

Wow, THAT would be something, if Urbie the car salesman bolts for ND...

Wow, THAT would be something, if Urbie the car salesman bolts for ND...

Posted by: FZB | November 20, 2009 at 12:27 PM

If urban said this afternoon that his heart was actually with UM, you would fire incompetent Randy Shannon TONIGHT!


Gator Dude - You raise a very good point. Although, if there's one head coach in America with enough clout to get the ND admin to bend on the issue of academic requirements, it would be Urban Meyer.

Meyer would be easily able to get the powerful ND boosters behind him. And you know the old saying, "He who has the gold makes the rules". The ND boosters have the gold and God knows they're tired of mediocrity.

UM is paying 3/2 -- I just wish I could take the field for 2/3.

"Question that just popped into my brain: What will Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick do with all of his winnings?"

Probably not much.. The limits on these types of bets is very small. No more than a few thousand dollars I would think.

that's a good point jay, but i am sure a catholic would never do something like that.

if urban leaves i hope we can lock up charlie strong as our head coach, but i doubt urban will leave based on his recent comments...unless he pulls a saban on us.

it is so funny that canes fans come on here talking trash when they can't even win their division within the ACC, can't get more than 20k fans in the stadium (they had to put huge tarps over the corners of the upper deck...what a joke) and all they can talk about is their arrest record. enjoy the gaylord hotels bowl losers.

If Meyer leaves, then I think Charlie Strong becomes the head coach and will hire a good off. coordinator, like say for example, Steve Spurrier who would probably leave South Carolina to become a co-head coach at Florida.

Meyer is definitely leaving, maybe not now, but eventially because after 3 or 4 NCs, he'll want a new challenge (e.g., NE Patriots). The good news is that we'd be in position to hire just about any big name coach we would want.

You lunkheads are being delusional again to actually say, 'I don't think he'll leave until the kids are grown'. Do you jelly heads know he's from that area?
Has he been anywhere for more then 4-5 years.
Why stay at florida and rebuild, when he can go to NOTRE DAME(his dream job) and build them into a national power.
Wouldn't that look good on your resume(for you GAYtor alums, a resume is your work history and qualifications).

Maybe the AD can use his winnings to pay off the contract of Charlie W :)

envy, you are an idiot and probably did not go to UM...or to college at all. it's sad that the canes can't sellout a game even with all the fake fans like you. now get off the computer and pay attention to your professor at MDCC.

After this week, the U will stand for "Unranked"

Urban Meyer would want to do something unprecedented before he leaves, like get (at least) a fist full of rings. Moving on means risking failure and relegation to obscurity -- if he's done something unprecedented then his feat would be recorded in the annals of history regardless of subsequent failure.

That being said, a one off NC is not enough, getting 5, 7, or 10...that's one for the history books. I would think he would win at least 5 rings before he goes. Otherwise he's just another Schnellenberger (sp?), Johnson, Ericson, or Coker.

Shake the meth out GAYtors. Why would you stay at florida and be 6-5 or 7-4 at best and lose all your street cred. The up-ward mobility type's like RURAL, know when to get when the getting's good.
RURAL had a great fullback playing QB in a mickey mouse offense that works with college kids but doesn't get them ready for the pros like MIAMI's program does.

Peni$ envy brings up a good point...if Meyer can turn around that scat-hole of a program in South Bend he will be bigger than Elvis. The rest of his copy is a bunch of senseless blither-blather.

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