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Florida Gators a 43-point favorite against FIU but Urban Meyer giving Golden Panthers respect

GAINESVILLE -- The No.1 Florida Gators (10-0) are an amazing 43-point favorite against FIU for this Saturday's game. Kickoff is set for 12:30 p.m.

Florida coach Urban Meyer, who began breaking down film of FIU (3-7) on Sunday, said on Monday that the Golden Panthers are a quality opponent with talented personnel.

"There is no question FIU will be a bowl team sooner than you think," Meyer said. "There are quality athletes; they are very well coached. I just got done watching last night and today both sides of the ball and we're going to attack this thing to go to 11-0.

"This is not a smaller Division I team. This is a very good team that will be in a bowl game within two years. That's our opinion, because they have very good personnel and they throw it around. The won last week and they have a lot of ability."



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Points per regular season SEC game:

2008: 44.9
2009: 27.6

As many suspected, it was all Percy Harvin.

Percy and Louis Murphy are both starting NFL receivers, of course that had a MAJOR impact. Also, people forget losing Trautwein and the other starting tackle (forgot his name) was another big hit on the o-line. Carl Johnson has played like crap at LT after Patchan went down with the ACL tear.

I think Cooper said it best - this is a different team that is going to try to wear opponents down. That's just the reality of it. Reality is also the Gators are 10-0 and finished the SEC 8-0. In the end, no one will remember how close these games were, only if the gators won the SEC championship and/or national championship.

tenow gunna go pro?

tenow gunna go pro?

Posted by: mrs.tebow | November 16, 2009 at 05:11 PM

crawl back in your LOSER hole lame ass cane fan

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