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Florida Gators begin championship week a five-point favorite against Alabama Crimson Tide

GAINESVILLE -- Las Vegas Sports Consultants, Inc., opened the betting line for the Southeastern Conference championship with the Florida Gators a five-point favorite against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Only once during its 22-game winning streak has Florida defeated an opponent by fewer than 10 points (Florida 23, Arkansas 20). Florida defeated Alabama 31-20 in the 2008 SEC championship game. No.1 Florida (12-0) and No.2 Alabama (12-0) play at 4 p.m. on Saturday at Atlanta's Georgia Dome.



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Saban will taste defeat yet again at the hands of the best coach in the nation.

Jo, do you bet?

What gives jo! No love for the bball team? Ya this weekend was about beating fsu, getting to 12-0, and of course Tebow -- er, Senior Day. But what about that upset over #2 Michigan State!!! We're finally starting to look like a Major D-1 Program again and not even a footnote!

Jo -- injury updates? Any word on Ingram? I know he went out with a hip pointer late in the Auburn game. Outside of AJ Jones, who's out for the Gators?

..as predicted. Now we just have to win.

This will be a great tilt. These teams are almost identical on paper. I think it will be turnovers and special teams that make the difference.

I will take that bet

hey jo,

any word on hernandez's punishment for throwing the ball into the stands? if any?

Get rid of the color scheme and design on the football jerseys--blue looks like North Carolina
Keep our Orange Gators logo helmets at least!
High tech fabrics yes---radical design change-No
Is Obama in charge of this change? I guess the university got a lot of money to do this change.
I hope this design in uniform and helmets is not final.

just heard dunlap got a dui last night...awesome...

I don't get it? what the hell is this kid thinking? on a monday night especially? 4 days from the championship game? This kid has been so good? I can't understand the appeal to ruin yourself. Maybe I am not in their shoes but NO drinking should be going on at this point; now drinking to the point of passing out? in a car? on the town? It's like they cant handle it and have to self destruct....I guess we have seen him in a Gator uniform for the last time? what a shame. I hope he has a good NFL career. I can't see Coach Meyer or the University letting him play. Finally, one last distrcation to overcome! Can we go a darn week without some distraction!

What a bunch of criminals and degenerates! The U has model citizens!

You want to see degenerates? Watch the not-so-flattering documentary this weekend on the '80's 'canes. We will all see the genesis of the term "thug".

Fortunately the keystone cops (GPD) got hold of the situation before he hurt himself and/or others.

Hey Lizards, I see another one of your criminals got arrested, how many is that in the last 30 months ???? 26 ?

you can be "urbie the car salesman" won't even suspend him....nice program his running ...

You want to see degenerates? Watch the not-so-flattering documentary this weekend on the '80's 'canes. We will all see the genesis of the term "thug".

Fortunately the keystone cops (GPD) got hold of the situation before he hurt himself and/or others.

Posted by: Gator Dude | December 01, 2009 at 10:38 AM

Does that include shooting up a house with a semi-automatic weapon or acting like Demar Dorsey?

and at least when we were thugs we were about to win a championship without backing into the game like jenna jameson on cack.


Simple, for your national championships, every single one of them, you guys needed to rely on someone ahead of you losing to back into the game. Instead of finishing the season undefeated and dealing with matters with your own hands, you guys sat at home hoping for the likes of Texas or WVU to lose. Hence, you backed into the game. I guess those reasoning skills, or lack thereof, come with a public school education and 600 kids in a class.

UF is ranked ahead of UM by every university ranking institution.

I actually went to a different school, ranked in the top 30. Having said that...once out of the top 30, 30-50 are all interchangeable. The biggest difference, unfortunately for gator grads, is that life is about who you know. When you go to a private school like UM, you meet the right people who can help you in the job process, referrals for business, learn how to network earlier, etc. UF - where to go for a nice middle management position making $80,000 a year, not that there is anything wrong with that. Just to be able to fly first class to Spain to enjoy a meal at El Bulli, for example, you need to earn just a bit more. But you probably have no idea what El Bulli is and are perfectly content leading the simple life. Enjoy your Miller Lite, Bru's Room and $8 bottle of Yellowtail.

Hey try -- I believe you just described the dynamics of the rankings process...you left out the part about the sports writer's and coaches weighing in (the polls).

While you have your thinking "tuke" on why don't you think through the ambiguities of your national championship in 1991, which you did not win out right (UW finished 12-0 and was voted #1 in the USA Today poll). Guess that only gives you guys 4..

Not to mention Turd,

What about that '83 game when you had to have three teams ahead of you to loose for you able to get the 1st of your 4?

I did not say they were not legit titles for you guys (unlike the Ohio St one in 2002), just merely that you guys should try to finish undefeated in a season at some point, it is a great feeling. So yes, 83 we had a blemish, to you guys actually, but 87, 91 and 2001 were all undefeated seasons. So yes, we have done it a few times. Unlike you guys. Actually 96 was pretty tainted for the Gators, seeing as FSU beat you all a month earlier at the end of the season, but you guys happened to win the correct game of the two...

Also, spare everyone the "we play in the sec and it is impossible to finish undefeated in the conference" line - LSU and Auburn both managed to do just that in recent years.

Now that you guys areg etting personal...I only paid $110 a credit hour at UF and not $1250 like you did at UM...Unless you got a scholarship you have to be an idiot to spend that type of money......I live In a new home in Pinecrest, 6500 SF and HAVE YET TO HAVE RUN ACROSS A CANE GRADUATE WHOM I WOULD WANT TO TRADE PLACES WITH...... I BELIEVE YOU WILL FIND THE UF GUYS IN THE BIG BOY SEATS IN THE MAJOR CORPS AND IN THEIR OWN CORPS....I ask you WHERE ARE YOU LIVING?


Sunset Island 1.

And, like I said, I went to a school far higher rated than either UF or UM, despite getting full scholarship offers to both.

Hey try -- are you counting '91 as an undisputed championship? I think UDUB will debate that one -- they finished undefeated also.

Has your argument morphed into "If there is no undefeated team in a given year, can there be a national champion?".

You're funny dude. It's like arguing with my 7 year old niece, whenever logic breaks down, reframe the topic!

No. Not at all. When you win the championship by going undefeated instead of relying on lucky breaks to get back into the picture that is a different story than losing and hoping the chips fall right or hope that you lost earlier in the season. For example, in 2008, you all lost to Ole Miss, a pretty sorry loss, especially in that difficult swamp. Oklahoma lost to Texas, Texas lost to Texas Tech and Texas Tech lost to Oklahoma, all three defeats far better losses than yours, to an unranked team, at home. But because the BCS did not want a rematch, you guys backed in. That is called a lucky break.

Also, comparing the modern era to 1991 is a bit faulty, seeing as back then the PAC-10 champion was locked into the Rose Bowl. So while it was a split national championship, it was a split national championship because both teams dominated their entire schedule and won out. Yours is disputed because whether or not you would have won or not, Utah did something you all did not do - went undefeated. Moreover, they beat Alabama in essentially a road game and by more than you did. So that is a disputed national championship. Because you all did not take care of business on your end. When you lose to the likes of Ole Miss, you leave yourself vulnerable to these sorts of claims - especially when another team does what you were not able to accomplish.

I understand where you are coming from here and I think we are both making a case for a playoff (discussion for another time). The one constant between then and now is the polls. The BCS is less an amorphous apparatus that we can hatch conspiracy theories about and more a vehicle of the pollsters. The pollsters drive 2/3 of the equation (correct me if I'm wrong) --- the single biggest component.

I understand your assertions of attribution in a year where no teams are undefeated, but in the end the polls decide who gets ranked where. Even after the BCS championship game, it is up to the pollsters to decide who is #1. While one or two voters can be biased, the wisdom of the collective whole is what wins out. I doubt the pollsters conspired against Utah last year, but rather a consensus about their worthiness to be ranked first was reached.

In '91 like now, the polls decided who was #1 and it was split down the middle. The only year there was no consensus.

Actually I think the year it happened also, with Georgia Tech and Colorado?

Sorry, year before that.

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