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Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will likely be a finalist for the Heisman; Will he win it? Still to be determined

GAINESVILLE -- In Tim Tebow's sophomore season, he won the Heisman Trophy based upon his stats and despite playing on a team that lost three regular-season games.

In 2008, Tebow again had good numbers but watched Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, a guy with better stats, win the award. Bradford played for a one-loss team during the regular season. Florida lost to Ole Miss.

In 2009, Tebow's numbers are down compared to 2007 and 2008 but this time he's on an undefeated team. Will that be enough to earn him his second Heisman Trophy. Will it be enough for him to at least receive an invitation to New York for the ceremony? Tebow will likely be invited but whether or not he wins his second Heisman is still to be determined.

Four things determine the winner of the Heisman Trophy: hype, stats, season and sportswriters. Does Tebow have the hype? Check. Does Tebow have the stats? No, not if you're comparing them to his sophomore and junior seasons. Does Tebow have the sportswriters? The verdict is still out on that one. Are sportswriters suffering from Tebow overload? Yes, some writers are probably are sick of hearing about Tebow. Is there a Tebow backlash? Yes, there are certain regions of this country where voters will be looking for reasons not to vote for Tebow.

Whether you agree with this or not, Tebow's stats this season are going to be compared to his stats in 2008 and 2007. Tebow's touchdown total in 2007 was one for the ages. He accounted for 55 scores and was the first person in the history of major college football to throw and run for at least 20 touchdowns. In 2008, his touchdowns were down slightly but still impressive. In 2009, Tebow's scoring totals have been steady but the Gators' haven't been blowing teams out.

Tebow's passing numbers in 2007: 350-234-6-32; 3,286 yards
Tebow's passing numbers in 2008: 298-192-4-30; 2,746 yards

With three games remaining in the 2009 regular season, Tebow has completed 124 of 198 attempts for 1,730 yards, 12 touchdowns and four interceptions. 

Tebow's rushing numbers in 2007: 210-895 (4.3 ypc.), 23 touchdowns
Tebow's rushing numbers in 2008: 176-673 (3.8 ypc.), 12 touchdowns

With three games remaining in the 2009 regular season, Tebow has rushed for 604 yards on 171 attempts (3.5 ypc) and 10 touchdowns. Now, if you factor Tebow's sacks out of his rushing stats, those numbers improve significantly. Tebow has been sacked 23 times for minus-125 yards. Take away the sacks, and Tebow has rushed for 729 yards on 148 carries (4.3 ypc).

On Tuesday, Florida coach Urban Meyer defended his quarterback and told reporters that Tebow should still be considered for the Heisman Trophy despite Tebow's drop in statistics, which -- and this is just my opinion -- are directly related to Florida's lack of receivers.

"The Heisman goes for the best player," Meyer said. "I'd be hard to argue that he's not one of the best players in college football. Because he didn't throw for as many yards as another guy? I've never really looked at it (that way). I always look at the win-loss. How do you evaluate a player, especially a leader. Do you win games? That's No.1. It's always been No.1."

Six teams remain undefeated entering the 12th week of the season. Of those six teams, three quarterbacks are being mentioned in the Heisman discussion: Tebow, Texas' Colt McCoy and Boise State's Kellen Moore. If the Heisman was based strictly on stats, records and quarterbacks, then Moore would be the clear favorite. He has thrown for 2,558 yards, 32 touchdowns and three interceptions. Comparatively, McCoy has throw for 2,628 yards, 19 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Of course, the Heisman isn't just about stats and records. Don't forget the hype factor. Does a sophomore quarterback from Idaho really have any chance of winning the Heisman? Probably not.

That brings us back to Meyer's quote about looking beyond Tebow's stats compared to other quarterbacks. A quarterback, it seems, is no longer the favorite to win the Heisman. Who would have predicted that at the beginning of the season?

Alabama running back Mark Ingram is having a fine season. He has rushed for 1,297 yards and 10 touchdowns in addition to catching 25 passes for 225 yards and three scores. Those are solid numbers and will likely earn Ingram a trip to New York. Since this is a Gators blog, we would be remiss if we didn't point out that Tebow has the same number of rushing touchdowns as Ingram. Will voters consider that statistic when filling out their Heisman ballots? We'll see.

At this point, the Heisman race is too close to call, but if I had to guess who the finalists would be at the end of the season, I'd pick Tebow, Ingram, McCoy and Moore. Barring injuries to either Tebow or Ingram, I'm still of the opinion that voters in the Southeast will wait until after the SEC championship to make a decision. When was the last time a late-season injury factored into the Heisman? In 2007, Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon suffered a knee injury during the 11th week of the season. Dixon's injury made Tebow the favorite.

The Heisman Trophy isn't a career-achievement award but the voting is so subjective that nominations might be handed out based on Tebow's entire body work. At season's end, he will be the SEC's all-time leader in touchdowns. That's quite an accomplishment. Of course, if you're going to vote for Tebow based on his career, then you can just as easily make a case for McCoy, Texas' quarterback who finished second in the Heisman voting in 2008. The logic in voting for McCoy? Tebow already has a Heisman, so let's give McCoy one.



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Thanks, great insight! It would be great if he won again!

With that being said let's here it from Da U trolls. Let me hear it with SWAGGER please. Morons.

True story: I'm dog-park friends with the owner of Burrito Brothers. Cool lady. Great burritos!


They are great burritos!

NO! They are STELLAR burritos.

The runs almost over GOOBERS. Enjoy it while it lasts.
No QB., No RBs., No WRs., No OL., No defense, No coach, No coaches.

The Canes run is JUST beginning. 'Our future so bright, gotta wear sunglasses at light' (quoting a song that's on every GAYtors ipod).

No guac? I hate it when that happens!

Hey backwards guy...is that a timbuc III reference or Corey Hart??

Jo - Good article. The stats don't compare to the previous 2 years, but he should still end up in New York as a finalist, and if he doesn't, he'll go as a past winner anyways. ha.
bradford lost to texas in the regular season last year tho. just a edit for your second paragraph.

Roger, that. How could I forget!?!


If they GIVE tebow the heisman its a fluke.Ingram is the one who DESERVES it who cares about some undefeated team, this is not a team award this is a award to the best man in college football that year and tebow aint it. BAMA is where its at bring home your Heisman Ingram.This not some Popularity award tebow should have been out of the picture for heisman but because of his celibrity status they keep him in the race cant wait until he leaves and FLA has to play real football not that jump pass bullcrap or qb run's.........MAN ITS GOING TO BE FUNNY when next season roll around

Nice call on the Roger, that. ha. I read your stuff all the time, i just never leave comments, but because of that, i'll be back to set you up with a few more one liners. good talk.


So, by your logic, Tebow doesn't deserve the Heisman, but no one can beat the Gators because of Tebow?


The Tebow of '08 would of had a better chance this year than the Tebow of '09. He just hasn`t had the year he needs to win it in my opinion. If the season ended right now I think Ingram would win it hands down with McCoy in second.
Next year is going to be the year that Meyer has to prove how good he really is : Tebow, Spikes,Cooper, Dunlap Haden,Cunningham, Hill, Stamper probably both of the Pouncey twins only to mention a few of the Gators that will be in the draft. We all know he vowed to not go to Notre Dame... ever. I guess we`ll see right? Saban said he was never going to leave LSU, or the Dolphins nowadays a Head Coache's word is as good as his bank statement can potientally look.

I'm tired of hearing the argument that "Tebow already has one so let's give it to McCoy." This isn't the YMCA. It isn't about spreading the love around and letting everyone get an award. It goes to the best player. The Gators would not have the record they have without Tebow as QB. He has done more for the Gators than any other has done for their teams. He should win it.

JAY it is going to be funny when we win the ACC again...

its funny how the gator haters can only make remarks like "wait till next season" and "enjoy it while it lasts" because they are so drowned in their jealousy of

I would put my vote in for CJ Spiller. He is the most explosive athlete in the NCAA... Last week he ran, threw, and returned a TD for Clemson. He keeps it up, and Clemson wins out, he should be a finalist. Remember he toyed with the idea of transfering to UF. Tebow has the record but not the stats, reminds me of Troy Smith from OH ST 2006.

I'd take a NC over a Tebow Heisman...

...Heisman is a curse for the winner's team in post season anyway.

Next year is going to be the year that Meyer has to prove how good he really is : Tebow, Spikes,Cooper, Dunlap Haden,Cunningham, Hill, Stamper probably both of the Pouncey twins ..........

Posted by: Be honest, delusional gator fans | November 18, 2009 at 03:20 PM

At least you understand that UF will be flooding draft picks into the league. The peculiar part is why you would go through the trouble of creating that typepad name, Sarasota. What are Gators delusional about? Recruits, conference titles, and national championships are flowing in. We don't make absurd claims like the forgotten step children down the street. We do our talking on the field. Can't say that about the faux contenders down the street with the "Heisman candidate." Sure you crashed the party early with none of the product at half the price. But that doesn't justify your outrageous predictions and claims.

Sure UF will probably lose a few next year but the HC recruits like no other and is continually restocking. Florida will still compete for conference titles and SEC supremacy. They'll dray in the national conversation like other elite teams. Can't say the kids down south are in that conversation. Win just one conference title and then you might get in the club.

Is it the tired ancient "5 is more than 3" nonsense that you insecurely cling to? 462 years of football history? Your dwindling andcirrelevant NFL supremacy?

So tell me dooooshbag, what are we delusional about?

Marley - The gator defense is what will win your NC not Tebow if you win it this year Tebow makes key plays on 3rd and short and passes only when he has too.

Go canes - Championships flowing in? your "winning tradition" didn`t start until around 1990 when Spurrier got there. yes, the gators have had a good run the last 3-4 yrs. but all good things come to an end. You guys will be lucky if Meyer hangs around. every Head Coach has a price and the ego just as big to take another job if the pot is sweetened enough. Either way, it sounds like your getting nervous because Timmy Jesus and Co. are leaving.

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