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Florida Gators safety Dorian Munroe doubtful against Vanderbilt with another knee injury

GAINESVILLE -- Well, we're back in Hogtown after a long day in Orlando covering the Gateway Center shooting. Scary stuff.

Friday was an eventful day for Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer, who was fined $30,000 for publicly questioning Southeastern Conference officials about a play during the Gators' win against Georgia. The SEC made an example out of Meyer, who on Wednesday told reporters during a conference call that Georgia linebacker Nick Williams should have been flagged for his cheap shot on quarterback Tim Tebow.

Meyer's fine seems a little harsh -- $30,000! -- but chances are we won't be hearing a single disparaging word about SEC officials for the rest of the season from league coaches. Should Meyer have been fined so severely for his comment?

The Gators are favored by 35 points today against Vanderbilt. Gator Clause's official prediction: Florida 38, Vanderbilt 10.

Hate to do it, but we have to end a long day with some unfortunate news. Safety Dorian Munroe of Miami is doubtful for Saturday's game with another knee injury, The Miami Herald learned on Friday (while driving to Orlando). We hope it's not the case, but it appears that Munroe might end his career at UF watching from the sidelines.



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I see you GOOBERS haven't shaken the cobwebs out yet, but here's something to ponder.
>The #1 team in the country is on espn2, while on ESPN is an unranked FSU against an unranked Clemson. Hmmmm..
>Rural suspends a kid a half of a game for an eye gouge, while Randy Shannon suspends his starting QB from playing in a bowl game for missing class. Hmmmm..

When your on top, the media and pressure is all over your...its always something...Meyer is handling it great. He is the master at using the adversity to unite the team even more like he did in 2006 and 2008.

Mr Mit, whatever that means, I see you dont have much going on...first guy on the board of a Gator Blog? I go here for info to get fired up for the game. You? I see a big L on your farhead!

By the way, did you attend UM and do you have season tickets?

The Gators are on ESPN2 because they are playing a 1-7 team. Clemson vs. FSU is going to be a MUCH better and more competitive game than Florida/Vandy. I love the lack of intelligence that goes on here. It's quite comical.

Why would we shake any cobb webs out?! Our team is on national TV. That's a great thing. I would rather any SEC game, even Vandy v. Miss St., than any Almost Competent Conference game. Apparently ESPN feels the same. BTW, what year did you graduate from UM?

Go Gators!

Arguments like these make me proud to be an American! (Please pause while the author of this blog replaces his brain with two-day old oatmeal.) Seriously, does it really matter? Everyone gets both stations. They're channels on TV, people. You push your finger up on the remote; you push your finger down on the remote. Bottom line: no matter which channel you watch on Saturday night, you're still going to have to sit through annoying promo commercials. ESPN loves them some ESPN.


Sorry to hear about Munroe. Hopefully, if this is true, he can at least get back for the National Championship game.

nice pass jacory. i'm going to start tailgaiting now in god's country. the empty seats in "landshark" are embarrassing. there cant be more than 30k people there. GO GATORS!!!

What's this? Central Florida leading Texas 3-0 in the second quarter? Bevo is not happy!


Virginia's punt team ... not the best.


A HEADS UP TO ALL GAYtors. That new movie out called
'MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS' is a story of life and times at the university of florida (aka university of FELONS)..

ha, not bad mit. shouldnt you be at the game watching your team???

Arkansas attempted a fake punt on its own 22. Yeah, didn't work. Nice call, Petrino!


UCF freshman cornerback Josh Robinson of Plantation just pulled in an impressive interception from Colt McCoy. Robinson has four picks on the year and has made two quality plays in coverage already today. Broward County, represent!


Iowa trailing Northwestern 14-10 at halftime in Iowa City.


Pitt linebacker Greg Williams of Naples, cousin of Edgerrin James, with a 50-yard interception return of Syracuse's Greg Paulus in the first half.


West Virginia QB Jarrett Brown of West Palm Beach 7 of 11 attempts in first half with a touchdown. Brown's touchdown nine-yard touchdown throw went to receiver Jock Sanders of St. Petersburg. Mountaineers RB Noel Devine of North Fort Meyers with 56 yards on 13 carries in the first half against Louisville.


btw, canes up 31-17. GO VANDY..


2-7, I meant.

adams apple ur a typical GAYtor fan, just don't have ur facts straight (shake the meth out dude)..

52-17, goobers..

It's party time GOOBERS. Think i'll head to south beach and hit the clevelander then Joe's later.
Enjoy ur game in the swamphole and after the game enjoy your smothered and covered hashbrowns at the waffle house..

Lou Holtz just compared Florida's distractions (Brandon Spikes suspension and Urban Meyer fine) to England's resolve during WWII. I'm not kidding about this. Holtz just said on ESPN that England did not fall to the Germans because England was "strong within," compared to France, which, according to Lou, was not. Love that Lou Holtz!


With South Carolina's loss to Arkansas on Saturday, Florida is the only team in the SEC East currently with a winning record. Not exactly a strong division this season.


LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson of Pompano Beach is shadowing Alabama receiver Julio Jones today.


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