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Florida Gators Tim Tebow out of the game after third-quarter touchdown throw

GAINESVILLE -- Long kickoff return by Brandon James to begin the second half. The Gators needed just five plays to drive 41 yards for the offense's fifth touchdown of the game. Quarterback Tim Tebow found Riley Cooper for a 18-yard touchdown pass.

The touchdown throw appeared to be Tebow's final pass of the game. John Brantley is now in the game with seven minutes left in the third quarter.

Florida guard Carl Johnson is no where to be found on UF's sideline. He left the game with what appeared to be an ankle injury in the second quarter. UF linebacker A.J. Jones (right knee) is also not on the sidelines. Offensive lineman Mike Pouncey began the second half at center but back up Sam Robey is now at that position. Starting center Maurkice Pouncey appeared to injury his ankle in the first half.



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11-0 and very proud......loser

offense will be better next year with #12

offense will be better with #12

Congratulations to the "swamp lizards" on their
tremendous win over mighty FIU...coach "urbie the car salesman" must be very proud...

Did Miami play today??? I switched on the channel but saw an empty stadium, so I figured that they just cancelled it for lack of interest.

Just goes to show you how VAPID your lives are GOOBERS(and I'm amazed u'all are proud of that), when you fill up the swamphole to watch a scrimmage.
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As for us we have 4 professional teams(Dolphins, Marlins, Heat, Panthers), we have 3 college programs(MIAMI, FAU, FIU), we have casinos, we have world class restaurants(waffle house and cracker barrel don't qualify), we have an ocean, we have beautiful beaches, we have boats, we even have homes that don't move.

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must suck to wake up sunday morning in a jealous rage.

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