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Is it too early to start talking Florida vs. Alabama? Heck no!

GAINESVILLE -- My friend and former colleague Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News predicted today that Alabama would defeat Florida 24-23 in the Southeastern Conference championship game. LINK! Wow! Talk about no respect.

We're not talking about a lack of respect for Florida, of course. We're calling Kevin out on Gator Clause for his obvious lack of respect for two of the best defenses in college football. Kevin, 47 total points!?! I'd take that over-under betting line and buy a new car with my winnings!

Scarbo is one of the best writers in the Southeast, so we respect his prediction, however, Gator Clause must respectfully disagree. As the SEC title game draws nigh, there's going to be plenty of talk about which team has the better offense: Florida and Tim Tebow or Alabama and Mark Ingram. What do we think? Pointless discussion. Gator Clause isn't laying down an official prediction just yet, but the editorial board is willing to make this educated guess: Neither offense will be good enough to consistently do much of anything against superior opposing defenses.

Offensive stats won't matter in this game, because there will be none. Coaching won't matter in this game, because both teams obviously have quality guys on the sidelines. This game will be determined by field position, punting, field goals, kick-return yards and one big play. An interception return by Ahmad Black, a missed tackle on Julio Jones (a la LSU), a blocked punt by Chris Rainey, a forced fumble by Rolando McClain: who knows, but something is going to happen -- one big play -- that will determine who represents the SEC in the national championship game (assuming both teams are still undefeated on Dec.5).

Is it too early to start hyping what could possibly be one of the most anticipated games in SEC history? Heck no!



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Jo, I was listening to Mel Kiper talk about this game, and he was saying that he liked Alabama because they win the way that he prefers to win: running the ball and playing great defense. Now, as I look at the stats, I swear that UF does both a little better. This year, we have been a power football team. I think most of the perceived offensive woes are based on previous offenses (and playmakers) that UF had over the past few years. I just think that we get overlooked as a power-football team because this isn't our typical style of offense. But with our special teams playing solid field position football this year (as opposed to making explosive plays, I will take our defense and running game against anyone........as long as we don't turn the ball over. What's your opinion on UF being overlooked as a legitimate power football team?

Mel Kiper is forgetting one thing. Florida has Tim Tebow and Alabama has Greg McElroy. All things being equal, who ya taking? I probably should have added this to my post. Can't believe I left it out. Oh, well. Anyway, quarterbacks MUST make plays during big games. Tebow is a proven winner. He defeated Alabama last season (without Percy, no less).

Kiper never ceases to amaze me with his statements. So, let me get this straight, this guy doesn't think Tebow can cut in the NFL because (Kiper's logic) Tebow is more of a runner than a thrower, but when it comes to picking Florida vs. Alabama, Kiper is going to side with the Tide because Alabama wins the way Kiper prefers to win: running the ball and playing great defense. With Tebow at quarterback, there isn't a tougher team in the country. Florida has the most powerful offensive player in the SEC AT QUARTERBACK! For crying out loud, Florida leads the SEC in rushing and the leading receiver is a tight end! Uh, folks, that's powerful football. End of discussion.


...as always: If the Gators, with their ability, play at an average level, they win.

Good call, Jo...good call...

I'm sure they will win. How can they not. After all it is the SEC championship game so they will have SEC officials. We all know who will win the OFFICIATING BATTLE. LMAO

ibis1966 good one!! Hope we bring our SWAGGER to UNC cause we will need it! No game plans, no oline blocking schemes - just SWAGGER. You know I heard you can't coach it.

Yea SWAGGER is one of those thing that can't be taught. The U invented SWAGGER and that is why if you have to think about playing for the U then the U doesn't need you. You have to bleed GREEN and ORANGE to have SWAGGER and play for the U.

Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers.... If the Gators do not make stupid turnovers they WIN!

Special Teams and Defense are way to overpowering to let a game slip away.

Good to see U back to SWAGGERING and no longer STAGGERING.


555 yards given to Wake Forest


Nu'Keese Jo??

I don't think "fake" Sarasota has SWAGGER Jo, but he does seem to type with a lisp!

Man did the Gator's dodge a bullet with NuKeese Richardson! The other kid he was with is a 5 star recruit out of Louisiana. Who was their agent, Willie Williams or Maurice Clarrett?

Go 'canes!

Oh I got SWAGGER. SWAGGER is something you can't coach. U'r either born with it or not. It makes you feel unbeatable with 30-35,000 fans cheering for U.

Go' canes!

hey real sarasota cane, youre right about nu'keese. what a clown he turned out to be. whew...

Thanks Dan.

Go 'canes!

You got good SWAGGER....when you drink a lot of Henessey (howver that is spelled; i only see on the billboards by the overtown overpass)! Or maybe they SWAGGER so no one can get a clean shot at them...As a recruit or a parent of a recruit, I would not worry so much about the arrests, as I would about getting killed! Seems like a player at the U gets capped every few year now! All talk aside, thats scary!

Go Alabama!!
Gaytors used to be my #3 team behind #2 FSU and #1 Miami until I got a load of the gaytor fans on the Miami blog. Now I root against them every week. Hopefully that talking head Kiper didn't jinx the Tide. Maybe the SEC will finally see a well officiated game once they have their two darling teams in the championship game.

Well JO you have done an outstanding job covering my conference. Almost as good as me ensuring that Florida and Alabama will make it to the conference championship game and that LSU does not lose any ground in the BC MESS standings....But yet my job is far from done....I have to go spring NU' Keese and the others from jail and I have to ensure a SEC team makes it to the NC game.....ahhhhhh my work is never done.

florida is going to win another championship. for sure. Alabama has no chance of winning! they almost lost to lsu a couple weekends ago! the only reason they won that game was because the referees were terrible!

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