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Media types calling for suspension of Florida Gators Brandon Spikes

GAINESVILLE -- Keep an eye (sorry, had to write it) on this Brandon Spikes eye-gouging story today as it develops.

On Sunday afternoon, SI.com writer Andy Staples called for Spikes' suspension. On Monday morning, Birmingham News columnist/SEC writer Jon Solomon wrote that Spikes should be suspended for his eye-gouging attempt. LINK Solomon writes...

If Florida doesn't suspend Gators star linebacker Brandon Spikes, then the SEC should. TV cameras caught Spikes gouging the eyes of Georgia's Washaun Ealey after making a tackle. Urban Meyer told reporters Sunday morning that he hadn't yet discussed the play with Spikes. "I'll talk to him today," Meyer said. "He's a very emotional player. If that's the case, I'll have a very serious talk with him." Sorry, but Meyer needs to do more than talking. He needs to sit Spikes for at least a game. And if Florida doesn't, then the SEC -- which constantly talks about promoting sportsmanship -- needs to do it for the Gators. It's one thing to talk about sportsmanship. You've also got to back it up with enforcement.

Solomon is well connected with SEC officials, so something could be brewing here.



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Is this that rumor-mill guy who was circulating the Meyer-to-Notre Dame stuff last year? I seem to remember something coming out of Birmingham during recruiting season last year -- the guy was eventually exposed as a homer/fraud.

Is it just a coincidence that this is coming from Birmingham (UA) and not Athens, Knoxville, Oxford, Columbia (you get the trend here)?

It's a highlight on SportsCenter now.

Thanks for the update MTX-Cane.

Maybe you should be thanking your lucky stars that Harris was able to hit 4 hail mary's in row on that last drive.

who cares

Wanh, Wanh, Wanh... Stop crying... Are there any sports writers left who have played the game of football before? Yes he got caught on film and he should be suspended for a half maybe not start the game, but the sports writers need to stay out of it... I guess the next player to take a cheap shots that is not detected by the refs should require a suspension by the league as well, right?

Thanks for the update MTX-Cane.

Maybe you should be thanking your lucky stars that Harris was able to hit 4 hail mary's in row on that last drive.

Posted by: tbone1999 | November 02, 2009 at 11:34 AM

Not a problem T-bone. Here's another update. SportsCenter just stated that the SEC is looking into it, so it's now out of Urbans hands.

Yes, the long passes by Harris were nice and completed. And we won. At least the ref's didn't help us.

that video is ok but this video is my favorite...




MTX-Cane whats your point of coming on here? You just come to critize and talk garbage.
Does that make you feel better about your team which can barely get by Wake Forest? In my book people like you are losers. Just like Sarasota Cane. Pure losers.

It's Swagger not Swagga, you wouldn't understand.

And that kind of Swagger was not awarded with a "I'll talk to him about that", all participance were suspended for multiple games.

Don't you hate when your team is being represented as EYE POKING U on ESPN and MOST of you Gator fans feel it's OK? It wasn't Spikes fault?? Unbelievable!


You comment (talk smack) on every Miami article that was ever written, so why would you ask me why I come to this board?

Your opinion doesn't matter. As long as we keep winning and get a chance to play for the Crystal Ball.

Spikes retaliated and got caught. It's only sisies like you that don't understand that.

Again you are pathetic. Go to the koolaid blogs and praise Jacory "hail mary" harris.

ESPN and the whole nation knows your team as THUG U. And that will never change.

This sort of stuff has always gone on -- but now we have the ability to capture and distribute it.

So let Spike sit out the first defensive series during the next game. That's plenty.

no, MTX-Cane...I hate when our team has 2 losses to woeful ACC teams. Your team is mediocre. Sorry.

Gator Palooza,

Different guy. You're thinking of Paul Finebaum of the Mobile Press-Register. Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News is a respected journalist.


All the crying from the sports writers to suspend him is ridiculous. Go ahead Urban and suspend him for the game. Do we really need him against Vandy anyway? It will make all the Gator haters happy.

Ha ha ha 1/2 a game...better then a sharp stick in the eye...


The Southeastern Conference has reviewed and accepted the disciplinary actions taken by the University of Florida regarding football student-athlete Brandon Spikes. The university suspended Spikes for the first half of its next game (vs. Vanderbilt, Nov. 7) for an unsportsmanlike act during the Gators' last game (vs. Georgia, Oct. 31)."

gee maybe Randy will finally win the ACC. but probably not...

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