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No need for eye gouging, Brandon Spikes. You're better than that!

GAINESVILLE -- For the second season in a row, Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes had an amazing game against Georgia. He had 10 tackles and an interception return for a touchdown on Saturday.

All that hard work will probably be overshadowed by one dirty play, though. Check out this YouTube.com video that is circulating among college football fans. While gang tackling a Georgia running back, Spikes decided to poke a few eyeballs in the process. You're better than that, Brandon! You don't have to play dirty to play hard!



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He should be suspended for the rest of the season. What he did was much worst than what LaGarett Blount did and is indicative of an Urban Meyer team!!!

He was just getting back for the late hits on Tebow. He should have poked all those stinking bulldog eyes out. A bunch dirty players and sorry losers.

In watching that game, it was very evident that Georgia came in with an agenda on Brandon Spikes, I'm sure because of last year and that play against Moreno that got alot of play in the media. I saw early helmet ripping, hair pulling, face slapping and I think Brandon let it get the best of him. With that being said, I DO NOT condone in any way what he did in retaliation and I feel he should sit out the next game and talked to by the coaches.

You HOPE he only has to sit out the next game "D" Bag! The NCAA might ask for a few more than that.

Go 'canes!

This was the worst show of a dirty player I have ever wittnessed. Brandon Spikes should not be allowed to play another college game, EVER! this is no different than the Oregon player knocking out the other teams player!

Waaaah, waaah -- look everybody it's the 'canes fans with their rattles, pacifiers and dirty diapers! Waaaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah

Ha! Great imagery....appropriate!

Spikes got hit illegally by Georgia the whole game. He also got poked in the eye. I have no problem with retaliation. Cane fans go to your sorry blog and cry there. You are ALL a bunch of punks.

I noticed when he did this live too. It was a dirty play, no doubt about that. Honestly though dirty plays happen all the time. And to the poster above saying it was the worst show of a dirty player he's ever seen, you should reconsider. I've seen many equally dirty plays, many times they were players stepping on other players hands, throats, injured body parts, etc etc. Anyone remember the OU player trying to step on Harvin's ankle?? And I know you all remember Marcus Vick's play...

Anyway, on another note, I really hope Rainey is alright. As soon I saw him on the ground I knew it was his shoulder. It's unfortunate how injury prone he is

C'mon guys..football is a violent game, especially at this level. Players performing at this level endure this kind of stuff in PRACTICE (my best Iverson voice), not to mention games. This is a non-issue and it underscores why rugged SEC teams will always be competing for NC's and whiney, less inferior teams (or at least their fans) will cry and complain while sitting at home in January watching the big boys play.

Brandon Spikes should be suspended, no doubt. The only question is I Urban Meyer has the class to do it himself.

Not canes fan oh paranoid one, nice distraction attempt! Gators are now easily seen as the Thugs. Congrats!

Visors all around....

I believe he will be suspended by the SEC for dirty play. Look -the Gators are a corrupt organization. They purchase home wins ,referees ,and duck competition. The UF ARKANSAS GAME was a fraud .They only play 4 away games this year . College football is a joke and UF is its most current punchline. No wonder congress is looking in to it.

=UF is the university of felons..

Sell your souls, GOOBERS..
Like Osbourne did at Nebraska and Switzer did at Oklahoma and McCarthy did at Colorado for thier schools to win a NC.
Remember 25 arrests and a eye poker to boot, in RURAL's tenure. Be proud, very proud.

There are references to the SEC corruption in Dan Brown's lost chapter of The Da Vinci Code. I downloaded it from the internet but the black helicopters flew off with it!



That's a ridiculous statement. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't make it OK. Seriously, didn't your parents teach you anything?


In football the player who retaliates is usually the one who gets the flag thrown. I saw lots of excessive roughness by Georgia players towards Brandon Spikes. It was apparent he had a target on his back from the start of the game. Note to Georgia players: If you can't take it don't try to dish it out.


Gotta love cane fans with double standards!

On the previous play Ealy spit on Spikes. If Spikes gouged out his eyes then why didn't Ealy even bring his hands to his face as he returned to his huddle? If his intent was to hurt or injure him then play would have been stopped for Ealy to nurse his wounds. Maybe Spikes was just returning his spit. Maybe he was just trying to intimidate him as the Dogs were playing a pretty dirty game. It does look bad but without knowing all the facts, EVERYBODY is jumping to conclusions. Now when Miami and FIU went at it, it was pretty obvious the intent was to hurt the other players as helmets were being swung along with fists etc. Easy to throw stones but don't be surprised when your glass house shatters.

Gotta love cane fans with double standards!

Posted by: Canes R Goobers | November 02, 2009 at 02:01 AM

Has any Cane fan stated they have doubled standards?

What Miami did was wrong and I nor the school condone it. Did you notice the coaching staff SUSPENDED all players involved?

Now let's see what Urban does.
Probably nothing.......or maybe he will suspend him for the Vandy game. Ha Ha Ha

Well well...MTX and Sarasota is back..Beware of DUKE>

Wow all of this ramble on here is non-fuckin-sense. get a grip. it happens, was is right? no..is he the first one to get a cheap revenge shot off? NO!! If this was some BS team like Miami or Virginia State nobody would be talkin smack...it's cause Florida's on top. "THOSE WHO CAN'T..COMPLAIN!"" GO GATORS!

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