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Shoe company to unveil new Florida #Gators uniforms to keep up with competition

GAINESVILLE -- Nike is using several college football teams around the country next week to drum up interest in their new line of football uniforms. Nike is losing business to Under Armour in the football-uniform market.

Florida will be one of the uniform models. The uniforms are blue. The helmets are white. The helmets will feature a blue 'F' in italic font. The helmet logo is similar to the 'F' painted in Florida's south end zone. Florida State is also wearing new uniforms to help advertise for Nike. Both Florida and Florida State receive money from Nike in sponsorship deals. Here's a link to the new uniforms. LINK!



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i think there are only north and south endzones. am i wrong?

Oh, wait, let me check my compass. Yep, you're right. Make that the 'F' in the south end zone.


they should have black stripes, just like the zebras because they get every call plus it also will remind people about convicts....

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