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Should UGA linebacker Nick Williams be suspended for his cheap shot on Florida Gators Tim Tebow?

GAINESVILLE -- Brandon Spikes is under a lot of heat for his dirty play against Georgia. Florida coach Urban Meyer is being scrutinized for only suspending Spikes for a half.

Why did Meyer go easy on Spikes? Who knows? While Gators fans think of good excuses for Meyer or debate whether or not Meyer went too easy on Spikes, here's a YouTube video of UGA linebacker Nick Williams' cheap shot on quarterback Tim Tebow on Saturday. Should Williams be suspended?



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Oh, jeez.


The play was still alive and Tebow was standing upright. Spikes was gouging the eyes of a defenseless player trapped under a pile. Pretending the two are even remotely comparable is just stupid

TD: U r a dumb F.....They are different, but that boy hit a defenseless Tebow...Watch it again u F.

If u still think u r right...flush yourself, and do green a favor.

Weak recovery Jo in patronizing the Gator fans after fomenting all the ill will toward Spikes today. Pretty weak (you could've posted any of half-a-dozen of these earlier today when the avalanche was pummeling Spikes). You don't have to put this kind of stuff out there anymore -- just leave it alone. Leave the heavy lifting to Sarasota 'cane and Mtx cane...they seem to drive this blog anyway.

I know it's just a job and you could give a spit about the Gators in real life...but you could at least fake it for the sake of this blog. Believe it or not there are alot of Gator fans in S. Fla who want a place to have constructive conversation about the Gators.


I really don't know or care if the Georgia linebacker needs to be suspended. What i am concerned is how Meyer and Spikes just made us look like a joke. I think the punishment does not meet the crime and Spikes should be at least be suspended 2 GAMES!!

Leave the heavy lifting to Sarasota 'cane and Mtx cane...they seem to drive this blog anyway.

I know it's just a job and you could give a spit about the Gators in real life...but you could at least fake it for the sake of this blog. Believe it or not there are alot of Gator fans in S. Fla who want a place to have constructive conversation about the Gators.


Posted by: Gator Palooza | November 02, 2009 at 10:19 PM

What was Jo suppose to do? It's one of the worst acts of sportsmanship that has come to light all year. The guy's a journalist, not a homer.

Oh woe 'ol Man of 1000 aliases! What a little byatch! I think the string is hanging out of your shorts Alan, er Swamp Donkey! Perhaps if you didn't spend every waking moment on the Hurricane blogs spewing your garbage you wouldn't have to deal with us over here you scumbag.

How did you come up with the name Swamp Donkey?

Posted by: gatorlegend | October 26, 2009 at 12:13 PM

He He, I'm a little embarrassed! I used to play baseball for UF, and let's just say I got it during the teams hazing ritual for freshmen! Man I still think I have a "knot" on the back of my head! He He


Posted by: Swamp Donkey | October 26, 2009 at 12:29 PM

Gator Palooza,

Come on, really? I think you might be looking a little too hard for something that's not there. I haven't even written an opinion about the Spikes thing other than to say it wasn't necessary and Spikes doesn't have to play dirty to play hard.


I think this is legitimate. The UGA linebacker probably won't see any suspension, but it should at least be brought forth to the public who may have missed it during the game. It at least shows as heated the game was

There are 5 to 10 of these plays in EVERY game, from EVERY team like this. Those of you that are shocked NEVER played football. That is what 15 yard personal foul penalties are for, not opposing for fans to say gotcha. Every game, every team would call for suspension of opposing players.

My belief is that was a 15 yard PF penalty. The Tebow play is actually 15 too, not allowed to hit a defenseless player this year especially a QB, his body is turned. But enough is enough, no action should be taken on the UGA player.

the RB for UGA should sue bit** a** Spikes. Spikes is a good player but that is a bit** move. For theUGA linebacker, it was a good hit, tebow is part of the play and needs to be looking for the hits when the paly is only 5 yards away

Good thing no one eye-gouged Jesus Timmy, We would have to deal with all the crying from the gator fans to suspend whoever did it for the rest of the season, and 24/7 coverage on ESPN of his current condition.

I agree with Gator Palooza from yesterday. Jo, you reported the Spikes incident as if was a one sided affair.This story about Tebow getting hit doesn't mean anything. Spikes got hands under his facemask that caused his helmet to come off and obviously got poked but you mentioned nothing about that. There was also a clear elbow to his chin on a tackle by the Georgia running back right before the poke happened but nothing was mentioned either.Tebow was also seen on the sidelines floushing out his eye. What do you think happened to him? Not saying you needed to say the Spikes was right for retaliating but saying it was an emotional game doesn't cut it. You should report the complete picture and let people interpret for themselves.Not just paint one guy responsible like the rest of the media. That's not journalism. I expect two dumbf$cks like Sarasota Cane & MTX Cane to write garbage like that.

My brother-in-law was a starting DT for UGA in the late 70s and he told me a long time ago that the kind of thing that landed Spikes in hot water went on all the time back then. Sticking fingers in face-masks and the like. Only difference now is the omnipresence of YouTube.

And yes - that was a cheap shot on Tebow. His involvement in the play was long over when he got hit. If it had been a passing play instead of a running play, late hit on the QB would have definitely been called.


Do you have video evidence of this stuff? Send it along please, if you do. Can't write anything without proof or evidence. It's a journalism thing. If you want to write about baseless accusations as if they are fact, then have at it. That's your right as a commenter on this blog. As for me, doesn't work that way. As for reporting a one-sided affair ... seriously, guys, come on. Spikes tried to rip this guy's eye balls out of his head. In my news story in the today's paper, and in the my news story in Monday's paper, I did write that both sides received personal fouls, etc...We (reporters) asked Tim about specific examples on Monday, anything that happened to him, and he said the worst thing that happened to him was he didn't convert a few third downs.



Any inside info on what's going on with Nu'Keese?

"Spikes tried to rip this guy's eye balls out of his head" and you want to stick up for him!


I could care less what you think of me! I have stated repeatedly that Florida and Bama are the best two teams in the country. However, that does not excuse the eye gouging!

As someone stated above, if this would have been another player digging at Tebow’s eyes all he** would have broke out! You would have wanted that player suspended for the rest of the year.

It's funny how journalists from all over the country have written on the subject, it was on Sports Center all day, PTI, Mike and Mike in the Morning, and all are saying the punishment didn't fit the act! Some even suggested it was worse than the Boise punch.

Stop being a freaking homer and listen to what you are actually saying, you know deep down Spikes act was one of the dirties ever! If this would have been a Miami player, I’m sure I would have read MANY of your articles titled THUG U.

Make sure you listen to the Mike and Mike radio comments. You’ll love that!


Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | November 03, 2009 at 01:40 AM


Make sure you listen to this, it's a classic.


This is the film of the series where Spikes pokes the Georgia RB. Follow the series and at the 1:15 Spikes tackles him and gets an elbow to the face. You have to slow it down to catch it.


It's obvious from the start of the game that Georgia had a dirty game plan. The play where Spikes gets his helmet knocked off and looks like he got poked also, how does the Georgia players hand end up inside his helmet? One thing is to get it ripped off another is to get it taken off by hands inside your helmet.

Of course Tebow isn't going to cry to the media. When has he been a guy that comes out and crys to the media? But when asked about the Spikes play he did say something like "nothing Spikes did Georgia didn't do" meaning they went after peoples eyes also.

Another fact anyone failed to mention was the fact that Spikes isn't known as a dirty player. This guy has been at Florida 4 years and when have you heard of Spikes being dirty? Forget that he is a good player, the fact is Spikes has been a clean player his whole career at Florida but noone mentions that.

Hey MTX-Cane, media is a business.They need to sell papers and subscriptions to make money.That's how they make a living.They need to get people's interest.People are interested in bringing the Gators down. Its a universal thing. When someone is doing well people want to see them fail. It doesn't always mean what they say is true. Just like Miami is still known as Thug U accross the nation largely because of the media. I know that Miami has been clean under Shannon but that doesn't make for a good story.

I never said Spikes play should be accepted. But if you watched the game it was a dirty one all around. The fact the Georgia played dirty should have been reported just as much. It was reported one sided.


Actually, if you slow it down Spikes is throwing a right uppercut to the RB.

Either way that's not dirty, just FB.

Eye poking for 10 seconds is dirty!

Canes fans are a joke. Stop worrying about the gators and try going to some of your games. 30,000 fans in the seats...how pathetic. You guys support the gators more than you do your own team.

Things do come around for everyone:

- Brandon Spikes will be a thug in trouble even in the NFL he`ll be black listed from teams soon after.

- Jesus Timmy will open up a Mega church and Car Dealership in Gainesville after being a back up for the Jaguars for 2-3yrs.

- Urban Meyer will write in his second book that these two players will be forever in his mind and those of the Florida Gators while referrring to himself in 3rd person... again.

- Corrine Brown will unfortunately give a public speech about all the above... very badly.

Stay Classy Gators... your run is coming to an end.

No need to even reply to these non-Gators.
We can never do enough no matter what we do.

They are stuck between the distant past and the possible future
They have not gone 43-6 in the last 3 and a half years
They hate, they envy, they are jealous

The only delusional fans are UM fans.
Your run came to end long time ago. UM can't even win the ACC.I think the ACC is probably going to kick you guys back to the Big East soon. What a sad state of affairs. Yeah yeah I know next year you'll do it.Coker did it. We are young. Truth is Randy Shanningans is a joke. That guy can't coach peewee football. He can't even call timeouts. Truth is teams like Wake Forest can compete with Miami every year.

What's it going to be this year? Cash for Gold Bowl? UM fans can walk into the stadium without paying simply by handing in their gold teeth.

It's always funny when a UM fan talks about class.Even your nickname "The U" is ghetto.

Hey the Corrine Brown thing was funny you can at least admit that.


Cash for Gold Bowl...I wonder what the media gift will be.


Wow, sooo the swamp lizars think the cane fans are jealous of the them ?????

what F****** arrogance, get lost you maggots.

Any time one levels a gaytor is fine. If teabag is that oblivious, down goes teabag, down goes teabag.............


Really? The "gaytor" and "teabag" never gets old - what are you - 11?

UM can talk all they want when they beat us or win an ACC championship. You guys had a chance by simply beating Clemson and winning out and potentially play us in some bowl. But Randy et al blew it.

There is always next year. I heard you guys are young....ha ha.

Sounds like BillyBob has experience with teabags.

WHO'S #1?

Ok The Gators were the SEC's lil sister until Spurrier got there. Your "Tradition" started basically in 1990. I do know some rational Gator fans who can hold a semi-normal conversation but most of you are the stereo-typical cross-eyed delusional type who really don`t realize that what you have going on right now can end, and probably will very soon. Which is why most of you get trashed talked soo bad by people on here. If you acted or conducted yourselves like you`e "been there before" we could all have a decent conversation here. Oh, by the way, get ready for mediocrity it`s coming your way very soon.

Yes I am sure Urban Meyer has no plan. Tebow and Spikes are gone and it's over. UF can't recruit nor attract top notch talent.

That's what you are telling me? What was Urban doing at the St Thomas game a few weeks back? Get real...U are being delusional! We have a top 10 recruiting class coming in and have been in the Top 10 since Urban has been here.

I expect two dumbf$cks like Sarasota Cane & MTX Cane to write garbage like that. -tbone

Classic, on the money, succinct.

I love it how many Miami fans have a Florida Gator app on their iPod. I also love it how UM fans are so proud of their 5 championships when none of these fans were even around to see it and probably just became fans or have no connection to the University what so ever.

Williams should be suspended! beaten up on tebow! spikes did something bad so now he has his consequense. what about Williams? suspend his butt!!!!

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO when boys play boys will play...Dick Butkus where the hell are you when we need you? Protecting TEBOW is up to the GATORS and letting them play is just that....SPIKES did not do anything at all....Simple as that...THEY are simply trying to knock this awesome program down (see its this reason that they win..they cheat....SURE THEY DO)
I have never seen so many idiots on ESPN coming down on the GATORS....well in the end its all done and over with.....URBAN is the boss and he determined what was what....THE HELL WITH ALL OF THE GATOR HATERS......Its simply because they win and keep on being NUMERO UNO BABY!

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