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Tennessee football players Nu'Keese Richardson, Janzen Jackson and Mike Edwards use pellet gun in robbery attempt

University of Tennessee football players Nu'Keese Richardson of Pahokee, Mike Edwards and Janzen Jackson were arrested early Thursday morning for attempted armed robbery, according to Knoxville, Tenn., police.

Richardson was a longtime commitment of the Florida Gators before signing with Tennessee and new head coach Lane Kiffin on National Signing Day. Kiffin later bragged about stealing away Richardson from the Gators during a Tennessee booster club meeting. The coach also falsely accused Florida coach Urban Meyer of violating NCAA recruiting rules during Richardson's recruitment.

According to police, the football players were arrested on Thursday after attempting to rob three individuals at gunpoint in the parking lot of a convenience store near the campus of the University of Tennessee. The football players and a 22-year-old female, identified by police as Marie Montmarquet, were later arrested and each charged with three counts of attempted armed robbery. Montmarquet also faces charges for possession of marijuana.

According to police, Richardson and Edwards attempted to rob three individuals around 1:43 a.m. in the parking lot of a Pilot gas station. The three victims were inside a parked car when Richardson and Edwards, wearing black hooded sweatshirts, opened the car doors and demanded money. One of the football players was carrying a handgun, according to police.

According to police reports, the victims told Richardson and Edwards that they had no money and showed them their empty wallets. According to police, Jackson then approached the car and told Richardson and Edwards that it was time to go. The football players fled the scene in a Toyota Prius, according to police, and were later stopped by police on Neyland Drive.

Montmarquet was driving the car, according to police. After searching the car, police found an air-powered pellet pistol under one of the car seats. The black hooded sweatshirts were in plain sight, according to police. Police returned the football players to the scene of the crime and Richardson and Edwards were identified by the victims.

The football players and Montmarquet are currently being held in the Knox County Detention facility.

On Wednesday during the weekly Southeastern Conference media conference call, Kiffin pointed out to reporters that his football team had a clean arrest record.



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Cmon haters spin it into UF arrestS and bad Urban.

This is just really funny. What an idiot of a kid. Lane Kiffin is a joke.

I wouldn't list him in UF's arrests. However one must admit that he would have fit right in.LMAO

Wow, how did those three get away from Urbie the liar....

they belong at thug U most commonly known as gays-ville...

I wonder what the long term discipline will be for LK's young moneymakers?

Do they get kicked off the team permanently? The rest of the season?
Will Kiffin lay low or flap his pie hole on this?

Kiffin has been bragging about UT's lack of arrests and negative recruiting against Florida while pointing to theirs. Not anymore. ARMED ROBBERY. That says it all...And regarding Nuke Richardsons recruitment when Lane Kiffin told the kid to lie to everyone and he willingly complied...two peas in a pod.

I'd love to see how Lame brags about his recruiting coup over Meyer now. Tennessee picked up a real mastermind there. LOL!!!

Lane, On second thought, you can have him. XOXO Urban

U can b rest assured that if Nu'Keese did end up with the GAYtors that RURAL would have had the kids backs.
He would wait and play the they're innocent until proven guilty card and wait 4 all the facts 2 come out.
Especially with a big game coming up (remember the defensive lineman recently, don't remember his name, but u'all know who I'm talkin bout).

I am a um fan but what does it have to do with the gators? Thisnis tenesse right? Jo can you tell me what the academic requirements are in the sec and if it is lower than other conferences. Maybe the lack of academic discipline leads to lack of discipline overall

Kman...if you are a UM fan why are you reading the UF blogs? and can you explain why the ACC is such a weak conference? and why UM can not seem to win that weak conference? thanks, chief.

speaking of academics...it is Tennessee and not Tenesse

This could let us know who the trigger-man was...check out their mugshots - http://13psi.com/tennessee-players-arrested/

Speaking of academics here's the data on academics in the SEC.
According to the NCAA, the SEC has the lowest graduation rate 4 football players of any of the BCS conferences.
Be proud of your thugs GAYtors (and would b GAYtors).
Anything to win, the RURAL LIAR'S way 2 a better contract..
Change the thread j b good 'cuse your flock of meth heads can't handle the truth...

Can't speak for the whole SEC but Florida has top 5 highest graduation rate of footballers....one of Urban's bragging points was every senior actually graduated last two years..... Miami?.....middle of the pack 66th out of all D1....

Sorry GAYtor joan in pines(?)crest. But ur not going 2 pull a fox news on the dittoheads and give them false info.
Florida grad rate is 68% according 2 the NCAA (not according to the LIAR's stats). Vanderbilt leads at 91%.
If it was 100% don't u think the lackey who runs this lame blog would have responded by now ( and a 100 others)..
Just the facts maam (and finish ur waffle house management degree b4 u debate ME)..

A follow up to previous msg. Marcus Thomas and Jarvis Moss, that's who RURAL exacted his stern discipline on (suspended them for easy games, play them the hard games).
Anything 2 win. UF=University of FELONS, the new THUG U..

I wonder why these three crimiNoles weren't signed by halF asS U. A perfect fit.

Richie don't be such a girl. I was asking from a question. I did nt say anything about the gators and I do not o writing anything negative on the blog it was just an inquiry or is it above your head to be civil. Your the reason people hate gators fans so much. Had nothing negative to say about the gators at all so get a life. I do not condone any um fans talking trash here either it really takes away discussion which you just did

By the way I am posting from my iPhone not the best for spelling and writing.

Hey Richie......

You're either very young or a complete retard, yes you are right about the canes not winning the ACC, however you fail to mention it took the "swamp lizards" 40 years before they won the SEC...Moron

.....I just love all this hating by the U fans on a GATOR BLOG....that is the sweet smell of success to me...like the o'l ball coach used to say "if people dont like you, it's usually because your kicking their a@#!"...I love the fact we won a National Championship in the canes home stadium...thats like someone walking into your house an boning your wife on your bed!..How's it feel cane fans? Need we say more....keep hating, means were winning!

Keep on hating! All that negative energy! That is the sweet aroma of our success!

Who is hating?

Kman, your not one of the chronic haters on this blog..I log on to see what Jo's got and get my daily dose of hate...."I can feel your hate...come to the dark side ..." Gator fans no need to worry, the force is with us!

They're still innocent until proven guilty. But they should be definitely disciplined if proven. Thanks for sharing. By the way, being a great sports fan is rewarding too! Here's one from Premio Foods, the producer of delicious and quality sausage products in the U.S. They're giving away free buy one get one coupon whenever your favorite team wins. Be a Premio Facebook Fan and check out the details. Thanks and have a great day!

Get a kick out of you waffle house, cracker barrel management types, when confronted with facts ala' Marcus Thomas, Jarvis Moss, FL grad rate of 68%, SEC has lowest grad rate of all BCS conferences, how u'all cried when Lane stole Nu'Keese from u.
U'all like 2 change the subject. Your just like fox(fixed) news and it's flock of dittoheads. Must stay on message, damn the truth (25 arrests) and the obvious (ur the new THUG U).

good boyz gone bad ...

second chance ?

UT is only doing what I taught them to do which is recruit gangbangers and prisoners on the team. Ahhhhhhhhhhh i taught them well.

How many Gator arrests were for ARMED ROBBERY? 'Nuff said. I don't see the Canes wanting to give back their national titles under Jimmy J when they were known as Thug U and Johnson was covering up Sapp's positive drug tests so he could play. Maybe when the old U can win their own division you'll go post on your blog and quit crying how successful Florida has been this decade.

now UM fans care about graduation rate all of a sudden...comical. when your team sucks, turn to worrying about graduations. I love it!

FZB...we are talking about today, bud. Not ancient history. UF has won its conference. UM has never done so. I guess the likes of Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, and FSU are just too good for you guys to handle.

it is unbelievably hypocritical for UM fans to be talking trash about UF's arrest or graduation rate. think back to when miami was good for a moment...Thug U was miami and you guys were proud of it. how come all of a sudden youre hating on UF? oh thats right, bc your team sucks and your grasping at straws to find something to talk trash about.

Hey richie and dan, shake the meth out dudes.
My god dan, that's 25 years ago, and grad rate is only 1 item out of many (stop cherry-picking and face the facts). GOMER
And richie (what kind of name is that for an mature adult), I'm talking about the last 4 years and I think that's pretty recent huh? GOMER.
Your the new THUG U so just face the truth GAYtors, with ur 25 arrests under RURAL LIARs tenure, an eye gouger (who had to suspend himself, ur lack of and ur very convenient discipline (marcus thomas, jarvis moss, jelani jenkins), ur vaunted SEC has lowest grad rate of all conferences, ur 68% grad rate, and on and on..

Just OWN it GOOBERS, 'cuse u'll go down as, THUG U of the 2000's.

PS. Miami is 7-2 and ranked 13th in country. METH heads.

hahahaha oh my god you are a clown. get a life dude. your passion on this subject is creepy...and kind of sad. im gonna go hit my meth pipe in the waffle house parking lot for the rest of the afternoon...oh wait, this is the MIAMI herald blog so most of us live is south florida moron.

*in south florida. sorry still a little foggy from all the meth...

He must of spent too much time around the belle-aids peeps

Allthis hating on uf miami, didn't we stomp a mudd hole in your budt last year? I can't wait for a rematch so that all these little UM bizches will run with there little tails between their legs. Until then I'll just have tonentertain myself in the um fiu riot footage thug u nuckah pls "U" only wish you had have the successful professionals coming out of tour school.

It is strange why UM fans would waste their time on a UF blog...I can't waste my time with UM, to catch up on them, I simply look up mediocrity in the dictionary, and there's a picture of Ibis and Randy Shannon...

UF could have a dozen arrests over the next 30 days for serious crimes, and will never, ever been known as Thug U - that will always belong to UM. Are washed-up rappers still handing out $100 bills to UM players who can make a tackle? (wow, what an incentive!)

25 arrests, and an eye gouger. b proud GAYtors.

No Gator arrests for Armed Robbery?? What about the dude that stole the dead girl's wallet and used her credit card?? That's pretty low if you ask me. Gators have had 30 arrests in the past year. Good discipline by Urbie "I'm headed to Notre Dame" Meyer

What a joke!! A gator blog rubbing it in the Vols face for players getting arrested for Armed robbery. Who was the Gaytor that pulled an assault rifle out of his trunk and fired it into the air? Who was the Gaytor that stole his teammates dead girlfriends identity? What did Joe Haiden do? This article and author are a complete joke....pathetic Gaytors.


UF stands 4 FELONS U.
THUG U of 2000s.

I 4 1 applauded how Butch Davis and Randy Shannon have cleaned things up and have done it with class and discipline..

Keep on hating...the sweet smell for success! Its great to be a Florida Gator!

At least nobody got shot and killed at UF this year!

Thats right - Miami players are always looking for trouble, and that is why one got shot dead.

Its a good thing that UM's entrance exam doesnt ask which is the more serious crime - armed robbery or using a dead girlfriends credit card at a gas station....or else no one would get it. Oh, wait a minute, there is no entrance exam, you just have to have either bad grammar or have worked for MetroZoo...

Actually a gator used a dead person's cc too.

But yeah Bryan Patta? WTF? Unsolved? BS my nigga junebug told me a cane did it. Alive recruits on one side dead unsolved murders on the other.

Who's NUMBER 1 Baby?

How bout those heels, nice end to the season lucky the Noles dont play ya

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