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What's the difference between Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow and Alabama running back Mark Ingram? One rushing touchdown.

GAINESVILLE -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and Alabama running back Mark Ingram lead their teams offensively and are the leading Heisman Trophy contenders in the Southeastern Conference.

After Saturday's set of games, Florida and Alabama have played seven common opponents. Ingram has rushed for seven touchdowns against those teams while Tebow has rushed for six scores. Ingram's longest touchdown run was a 70-yard burst against Mississippi State. Tebow's longest touchdown run came on Saturday, a 55-yard score against Florida International.

These are interesting stats, considering Tebow is a quarterback yet only trails Ingram, a running back, by one rushing touchdown against common opponents and overall. It kind of puts Tebow's impact into perspective. Will these statistical comparisons weigh heavily in the Heisman Trophy debate?

Through 11 games, Tebow has rushed for 11 touchdowns and is averaging 64.2 yards per game. Being a quarterback, Tebow has thrown for 14 touchdowns and is averaging 176.8 yards passing per game.

Ingram has rushed for 12 touchdowns and is averaging 127.2 yards per game. He also has three touchdown receptions and is averaging 20.5 receiving yards per game.

Tebow's numbers might be down compared to 2007 and 2008, but a strong case can be made that Tebow is having a better year than Ingram in 2009.



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Not to mention the thing Tebow is best at. Being a leader and winning games. Tebow is the best leader in all of college football. Everyone looks at Tebows stats which are still very good but Tebow is the best leader in college football.

With one more win Tebow will have led the Gators to an undefeated season (through the SEC) something that has only been done one other time in Gator history.

Look at the previous Heisman winners. When the person with the stats arent there, the Heisman goes to the leader of the best team in college football. (Ask Gino Toretta, and Nebraskas QB, Matt Leinart).

That leader of the #1 team this year is Tim Tebow.

If people want to wait for the winner of Florida and Alabama, that would be fine but the winner of that game will decide the team going to the NC game and the winner of the Heisman.

Hey GAYtors, if there's any of you awake and coherent.

U'all know that with Colt McCoy winning yesterday and passing for 396 yds & 4 TDs means. He sets the all-time NCAA record for wins at 43-7 in a career and means he's the favorite for the Heisman.

U'all know with NOTRE DAME losing yesterday means, that Charlie tuna's going be fired and RURAL's the favorite to take over.

Enjoy it while it last, meth heads.

New coach, new coaches, new QB, new defense. Let the rebuilding begin...

urban is not going anywhere and UF's offense is going to be better next year.

hey envy, with all those great things to do in Miami why were you sitting at home on friday night talking trash on a gator blog?? also, we have been over this, it is the MIAMI herald, most of us live in south florida you moron...best of both worlds for us...looked like all 12 people in landshark enjoyed the big win over duke yesterday...loser.

Well danny boy, shake the meth out u moron. I believe the internet is world wide, but I could be wrong. And way to second my opinion of GAYniesville(yeehaw junction).
Another meth head trying to debate me.
PS. GOOBER, I happen to be staying at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi on my way to New Orleans.

HAHA you are such a clown. bragging about your lifestyle on a gator blog??? BWAAHAHAHAHA!!

your "envy" of the gators is so transparent, and sickening, quite frankly. the good news is you did not go to UM so you can change allegiances without too much trouble. as soon as MDCC gets a football team you will have something to cheer about.

enjoy new orleans...should be a nice change from your moms apartment in west kendall.

Dan, it's entirely possible that your Canes friend is commenting from an iPhone or BlackBerry. I receive outstanding reviews weekly regarding the Gators' iPhone application. Perhaps UM fans are downloading it to stay abreast of latest Gators news.


Smoooooooth Goodman. Smooth.

Jo -- I know it's early, but since it's a lock, are there any lines on Bama/Florida yet?

Haven't seen any lines yet, but I'll keep you posted.


Some wingnut saying UF as 4-1/2 point favorites. Can't confirm that. Doesn't matter to me. Uf's d will lower the boom late JUST LIKE LAST YEAR when Bama was supposed to win.

Here's a little test: Do you think Alabama would trade Ingram for Tebow, if they could?

Do you think Florida would?

Thanks gomer. Your an ok dude.
You know I'm only have some fun with your flock (they're so high strung).

haha, nice one jo. now i know this clown went to MDCC bc he didn't even get it. all these fake UM fans and they still can't get anyone in the stands.

Floridian, you make a great point. That's an interesting perspective.


I can not believe it tebow's last year

What a pipe head you are DAN. jogo was trying to educate you, but your so stupid or out of it you can't comprehend.
You can take a GAYtor out of yeehaw junction but still a GOOBER.

haha, think so huh...

to "envy the past...":
We Gators are enjoying every minute of our year..how nice of you to wish we GATORS well !And you know what?We are going to enjoy these memories and trophies and watch Brntl set all kinds of records until the next one comes along...
Have a nice life!

-Gator in Paradise

Correction:We will watch Brantly set all kinds of records(with that cannon of an arm) until the next one comes along...
PS:There is no debating a fool, so fear not..we won't bother trying with someone so fixated on meth, which it appears you indeed are...

Hey Canes fans, especially "envy the past, Fear the Future":

From today's gator press conference:

Urbs: "I am not going to ND...I will coach here as long as they will have me."

Thank you, happy to get that out of the way for recruiting purposes!

The man is staying "AS LONG AS THEY WILL HAVE ME".......can you say dynasty! FEAR THIS FUTURE!Looks like your OC might be going back to the pros also since randy is throwing him under the bus about the clock management.

tebow is the man

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