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Aaron Hernandez and Joe Haden named first-team AP All-Americans

GAINESVILLE -- Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez and cornerback Joe Haden were selected first-team All-Americans by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Four others Florida football players also received recognitions. Quarterback Tim Tebow earned second-team honors along with center Maurkice Pouncey, offensive guard Mike Pouncey and linebacker Brandon Spikes. Alabama was the only team other than Florida to land six players among the three teams.

Last week, Hernandez won the John Mackey Award, which is given to the national best tight end. Hernandez led UF in receiving with 59 receptions for 739 yards and four touchdowns. Haden was a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award, awarded to the nation's top defensive back. Haden finished the season with 62 tackles, including 48 solo stops. He also had four interceptions, three sacks and broke up nine passes.



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C'mon Jo! Write what the people in GATOR NATION don't want to hear about for once. There is much bigger news than this and some boring Heisman ballot. Get on the beat man!

Why the media blackout on Billy Gonzales and Ahmad Black? This is big and you haven't written a thing? You usually update this thing on a minutely basis. Urban's right hand man bolts for rival LSU and no blog entry. A parent of a player alleges the head coach disrespected his son and no blog entry. I sense some sort of concerted effort to not report these negative stories Mr. Goodman. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Todd Chandler decommits from dah U. The wheels are falling off that program. Too bad once they bomb this season, waaaaandy shannon will be gone. Horrible head coach. Dah U cant even keep the Northwestern kids anymore.


Jo, you say that UF and bama were the only two to land 6 players while I'm reading on espn that texas did as well?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flatery "Fake" Sarasota, thanks!

How's Meyer doing? You know he almost died Saturday, right? Can you blame him? On the verge of receiving UF's "seat" at the "greatest of all time table" in the Great State of Florida, his team craps the bed! Then the coaches start jumping ship like a pack of rats, now the recruits are flipping him off!

USF looms...

Go 'canes!

UF #3 on rivals with an incredible recruit/ star

Miami not in top 10 and getting decommits from their very few 4 stars.

You tell me what program you would rather be?

Miami wont do squat under that garbage head coach that shouldnt even be a division 1 head coach. Maybe Miami Palmetto will take him after he bombs this year.

UF #3 on rivals with an incredible recruit/ star

Miami not in top 10 and getting decommits from their very few 4 stars.

You tell me what program you would rather be?

Miami wont do squat under that garbage head coach that shouldnt even be a division 1 head coach. Maybe Miami Palmetto will take him after he bombs this year.

Posted by: Frodo | December 15, 2009 at 08:12 PM

TRUE DAT! scUM shot their wad in 09. They aren't going anywhere in 2010 with that qb, that oline and that coach

Posers. Keep praying those star ratings mean something. Will Hill "five star, can't miss." How do you spell bust?

keep making those awesome predictions. As UF shades it will be more and more fun to come to this blog and watch you all disappear.

U keep thinking that Frodo! If UF is ranked within five places of UM at any point next season I'll be very surprised. Hell I'll be surprised if UF is even ranked after they play a real team (But that may be late October!).

P.S. Stats are for losers! Recruiting rankings? Recruiting rankings????? Coaches can't get out of Gainesville fast enough, recruit's are "steaming" on your 50 yard line, and your coach was in the hospital because he almost died Saturday!

If you want to sit at the same table as UM and FSU, then you'll have to do it on the field next time! Computer polls and voters will never get you to the "Greatest" party!

It's sooooo rewarding to watch you fools seethe in agony with your latest failure! Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!

THE University of Failure

USF looms....

Go 'canes!

Gator Fans arent going anywhere. There's not much to write about now. Sorry U fans. We actually have a life, businsses, families. You guys keep hating though! "I can feel your hate!...come to the Dark Side of the force!" I will have something to write about if DA U drops that game to the Badgers. Go Badgers!

"Easterwood became a figure in the NCAA's investigation of Tennessee recruiting practices last week when he described to the New York Times his contact with Tennessee hostesses, a part of the university's Orange Pride student ambassador group. Among other things, Easterwood said he once had to ask a hostess to stop brushing her breasts against him while he was on a visit with his son, who was a football recruit.

Easterwood told the New York Times he recalled saying, "Young lady, if you don't stop doing that, we've got a problem." He added that he has visited UT's campus five times. "Four for football, and one basketball visit," Easterwood said. "My observation is that this is a very organized operation. These girls have obviously been groomed. There's a lot of eye contact and touching."

Maybe DA U should consider this tatic since they can no longer act like criminals according to the ESPN docUmentary.

The 'U' 2 hour documentary on ESPN was the highest rated show in thier history. Also thier highest rated games involve THE CANES.
But according to you GAYtors meth heads we don't have any fans.
With your broken record mantra of;
look at all the empty seats,
look at all the empty seats.

Nobody cares about you GAYtors but the almuni (if your a florida resident you can get in ( tough entrance requirement)) and the hillbillies near campus.
No national following like THE CANES have.

Yeah with all the 3 star recruits the Canes are getting this year, maybe one or two will pan out, out of the 20 3 star guys. Dah U will now be referred to 3 star U. Then you guys can say how these 2, 3 star recruits panned out. BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

Sure if you recruit a bunch of bums eventually one or two will pan out. Too bad this years class for you is a bunch of bums. Horrible recruiting. In fact, Shannons only good year was when that Northwestern team came, which they were going to do no matter who was the coach. The funny thing is, recruiting is suppose to be Shannons strength because it sure isnt his coaching skilllzzzzz.

Just saw a top 10 ranking for next year and they had the Gators at #4. P.S. Canes not even in the top 10. Guess you guys will be "too young" again. BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH

Love the excUses. Dah U turned from a bunch of thugs, and a bunch of cheating to a bunch of babies and excUses. AWESOME!

Please let me know when you give in on that sorry head coach of yours. I will be first in line to say, "I told you so". I told you right when he was hired, that he'd be a bum and so far he has been much worse than expected. That horrid ACC record is laughable. In the worst conference in all of college football!

P.S. I see Randy is recruiting an additional 4-5 RBs this year. BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they can all sit on the bench right next to Lamar Miller. Does he know you only play one RB???? What a bum! How about some OL, DL, LB, DBs???? Your team is so WEAK!!!! The fall next year is going to be great!!! When you lose that early season game and Jacory has like 16 INTs and 12 fumbles, the wheels will officially be off. Better start looking for a new head coach now. You dont have any more coordinators, Larry Coker, or youth to throw under the bus anymore.

32-13, Gaytor fan getting beat down by a girl at halftime, timmy crying on the sidelines while getting his head stroked and coaches leaving in droves. The writing is on the wall. Hey, maybe they can post it next to timmys speech.

Chaz just killed scUM. ScUM fan can't understand that the elite teams are all out recruiting them. They think they're the only team with athletes. Fools. Fourth place ACC team should just shut up. UM is a trainwreck yet again in 2010

When are the canes going to win the ACC. Hell when are they going to even make it to the championship game. The weakest conference in football and the can't even make it to the title game. The U sucks. This ain't the 80's anymore you morons.

You got us there chaz.... By the way I hope thats not your real name. Who the hell names there kid chaz.

Who cares what his name is! He KILLED U!
Shanannigans recruiting is a joke! U chumps got any qb's incoming? Morris the 24th ranked DUAL THREAT??? Thought you guys were only interested in drop back pro style qb's? In case u delusional clowns didn't notice, qb recruits don't even talk to scUM. The blatant mishandling of Qbs at scUM will kill u in the long run. Your qb depth chart developmen. Is as rudderless as it gets. Randy will get axes and the new "budget coach" will spend years just trying to fix that mess. Forget about actually having a dominant qb. Harris??? Okee dokee!




U already shot your mediocre wad aka kehoe, How come you havent been all over the canes boards lately. Oh wait 32-13 never mind....

Man how the U has fallen from the days of thuggery and rampant cheating.

And yes I sure wish we could recruit a glorified fullback to play QB at the U, Not....

9-3, this year with one of the toughest schedules in D1 football.
You all will be dreaming to have that kind of season, next season.
Not bad with 2 and 3 star recruits huh, GAYtor meth heads.
Shake the meth out you jelly heads, it's not about stars, it's about desire. Something u'all will never understand with that waffle house management degree from UFELONS.
Where's your all-Americans at RB's.
Where's your all-Americans at WR's.
You have a TE and a fullback playing QB as your skilled position all-Americans, pretty sad for all those 4-5 stars you guys get. Might say something about your coaching huh? meth heads.

As far as caring what his name is I think his son would. Especially if "chazs" wife insisted on him being a JR. BWAHAHAHAHahahah

" it's not about stars, it's about desire. "

AND SWAGGER.....desire and SWAGGER

none if the players on the other 119 teams have as much desire. It has nothing to do with who has the best athletes. ( bama and Florida both have six ALL-AMERICANS, all six of Bamas are first teams (congrats.. You deservedly go to BCS title game), look at their combined winning record over last two seasons), NO, it has to do with...... DESIRE!

Go back to the eighties chump. Your three star depth chart landed you in the middle of the Almost College Conference. Remain in denial. U always will. There is a correlation between top recruits and top programs.


Harris????? Okeee dokeee!

If a player drops uF it is "THE END." if a player drops UM he was "scared to compete." ALL teams lose recruits. U are losing your best three stars. Florida will close in the top five. U R toast.
That's a fact delusional loser

Harris led college football in INTs. Cant wait until next year. Imagine if Duke would have caught all those INTs thrown right into their hands? He could have set an NCAA record for turnovers.

Randy Shannon isnt a head coach. Just face it. Dude still recruits a billion RBs. At least Lamar Miller will have someone to talk to on the bench. BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Chaz PUNKED da U.

Hey Bowden, I mean Kehoe, You just made Kiffin A prophet considering all these 5 star all Americans Alabama and Floriduh had it must have been the coaching. Saban > cryer

No chazs parents punked chaz. BAWHAHAHAHA

Kiffins whole team is freshman CLOWN. Spin success and ignore failure. THAT is your helpless m.o. Cane clown

We are too young. Our schedule was too tough. I mean having to beat FSU by luck at FSU in the first game? FSU is a really good football team. Oklahoma without Bradford and their best WR is really good too. Isnt FSU playing Oklahoma in the National Championship game?
Dah U beat both of dem.
At least we arent cheating nearly as much as in the 80s and 90s. Luther just gives money to the kids at signing day and christmas time.

I guess you didnt hear the remark kiffin made about Floriduh having better players but Alabama having better coaches before the sec championship game. And i thought you were a gaytor fan CLOWN.

So now you're a conference clown??? Newsflash "D" Bag, your team just lost the biggest game in state history, your coach almost died last week, and now two of your biggest recruits are heading to FSU! On top of that, your coaches are jumping off like rats from a "sinking ship"! Get it, "sinking 'ship"!

Chaz your "evil laugh" is beyond stupid! I can't help but picture a fat, slow, semi-retarded loser who acts 13, but is really 28-35 years old. Everytime you yell "Go Gators", I'm reminded of Cameron Diaz's brother in Something About Mary. "Beans and franks (Go Gators), beans and franks (Go Gators)!"

My God the next 2-3 years will be awesome!

Go 'canes!

Hey lets have a little Q @ A. Question: Who taunnts a girl before a halftime football throwing contest then gets his ass kicked by the girl. Answer: A gaytor fan.

"your coach almost died last week,..."

as usual, u are the lowest form of vermin there is. Did that excite U scUMbag? Do you have anything aside from a hospital visit that backs up your disgusting allegation? U are so used to being fed misinformation from U know who that U automatically sink as low as imaginably possible.

U should be ashamed of your despicable behavior. Take up backgammon or something Sarasota. You're bringing enormous shame to anyone associated with UM.

OH MY GOD, Bud Foster from Va. Tech turned down Meyer for the DC job at UF!

"Hey Bud, the UF job is yours if you want it!"

"FU UF!"

Go 'canes!

Can you go lower, My god man grow a set would you. You sound like your QB looked at the end of the sec championship beating. My how the mighty have fallen. From 13 and 0 to pasedena we go to stop picking on our coach.

U should be ashamed of your despicable behavior. Take up backgammon or something Sarasota. You're bringing enormous shame to anyone associated with UM.

Posted by: Can U go lower? | December 16, 2009 at 06:05 PM

Is this low enough "D" Bag?

Go 'canes!

If Urban Meyer died, a dead Urban Meyer would be a much better coach than Randy Shannon.

Imagine if the Gators celebrated Canes losses? We would be celebrating every ACC conference week.

If UF is falling apart how are they #3 overall in recruiting and how are the Canes not in the top 10? What does that make dah U? Waaandy shannon the great recruiter...BAWAHHAHAHAHAHA

32-13 nuff said

Your such a hypocrite kehoe you celebrated every canes loss on the cane boards this year.


I just heard that Randy had an inoperable brain tumor.


That's U scUMbag

U have depth chart that is a disaster

Awwwwwwwwww, the "D" Bag has a sensitive side! That's what 24 months on a rivals blog spewing your garbage gets you FOOL! Get used to it, we run this shyt dump now!

P.S. How's Meyer doing, he almost died you know!

Go 'canes!

Does Randy Shannon even have a .500 record in the ACC?????

What was Coker's record???? and that dude was fired....Who is running that Canes program???

It's tough to win when you cant cheat and have no conference championship game and home national title games.

Lets go back to the 80s. Cheating was much better.

Posted by: This will help Miami more than you will ever know | December 16, 2009 at 08:45 PM

Not one thing U predicted has come true this season.

Home national championship games? We won in Pasadena vs the Big 12 as well as in New Orleans vs the SEC.

U ever been to Pasadena "D" Bag? That's the "Grandaddy" of all the bowls! UF should try to get there sometime, California really knows how to treat a champion! If I'm not mistaken, this years game is in Pasadena! Just ask 14and0ToPasadenaWeGo!

Go 'canes!

Urban's coaching tree now includes: Greg Brandon (Bowling Green), Mike Sanford (UNLV), Kyle Whittingham (Utah), Gary Anderson (Utah State), Dan Mullen (Mississippi State), Charlie Strong (Louisville) and Doc Holliday (Marshall). That's pretty impressive when you consider Urb's only been a head coach for nine years.

What's Randy Shannon's tree look like? oh yeah, no one leaves for a better job, they get fired.....3 OC and 2 DC in 3 years...nice job....

After seeing all the crying that went on in GAYniesville last week. The show *GLEE wants to do a remote on the GAYtors campus.

*rolling stone magazine calls GLEE the gayiest show on television

That's quite a tree, looks more like a bush.
bowling green, unlv, utah st., marshall, didn't know they had football programs there..

no we have never been to boise idaho either...sure that is fun playing there in one of the first bowl games which the canes RECENTLY did.

Just play in a Jan 1st or after bowl game before you canes fans start talking. Long time since that happened.

Dah U a bunch of babies from their head coach straight on down to their lowest man, the blogger with a chinstrap, manny.

"Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them."

its like iraq over there. there is nothing going on in our city meanwhile bombs are dropping in the background.

the canes are crumbling. their head coach is the biggest joke in all of college football. the only reason he has a job right now is because miami is broke from paying off all those 80s players and miami northwestern went to dah U, like they always do no matter who is the coach. However now miami northwestern player is dropping dah U. the program is burning down faster than U can blink.

dah U home to BABIES and 3 and 2 star recruits.

this football season for the canes is going to be the best one of them all. excUses are drying up real fast. the young excUse is over. all the coordinators getting fired is over. coker excUse is over. you still have the rain excUse and injUries excUse. better come up with better ones for this year. all the excUses I said you woUld Use this year U did.


big talk from small chumps

UF aka university of FELONS will be the next stop for the show 'GLEE' (the gayiest on TV). The producers loved all the crying last week..

Hey "chaz" are you talking to your parents yet since they branded you with that moniker. Hell they could of at least helped you out and in life and gave you a little tougher name. I like Biff. What do you think?

ohhh we are dah u and cant handle anyone talking bad about us when we are terrible. we cant even go to the acc title game in the weakest conference in college football, forget winning it.
even northwestern recruits are turning us down.
our liberal newspaper had to turn into censoring comments (how ironic) just so all go stuff is posted and we can all pretend like dah u isnt crumbling down faster than a 1920 las vegas hotel.

dah U from thugs, cheating, and drugs to just flat out being terrible and being a bunch of babies and living in the past.

dah U past= rampant cheating and never having to play a conference title game, weak schedule, and home national title games....wow that was easy....last years vandy team could do it...

have fun fighting it out with DUKE every year for last place. Miami may have better players than duke but duke has much, much better coaches.

Great job Chandler for turning down dah U!!!! even northwestern is turning them down now....BAHWHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

Your coach had a nervous breakdown on the sidelines. Your everything QB/Fullback cried while getting his head stroked at the end of the game. Urbies right hand man and best recruiter made a lateral move to a rival program. The coach of your defense jumped ship and most of your juniors worth a damn are scurrying for the NFL (Good luck with that).And you think the U is crumbling like a 1920 vegas hotel. OKEY DOKEY!

Coaches leaving for head coaching jobs is success.
Juniors joint to NFL is success.


You know what I fing hillarious...that even though we lost to a great ALABAMA team, all of the blogging action remains in the UF section and I don't see any in the CANDYCANE blogs. UMM...I wonder why? UM has been irrelevant for years and the only way to feel good about their school and team they needed a video that showed how well they cheated played the game of football. So, fire your head coach and maybe, just maybe the CANDYCANES and their "FANS" may have something to talk about than the past. GO GATORS! I can't wait to play you silly CANDYCANES.

I never said it wasent about success but all good things must come to an end and the gaytors run is OVA (that is how you say it isent it kehoe). Although the lateral move by Gonzales is puzzeling???

Well thats not going to happen because the gaytors are afraid to play the canes on a regular basis. And dont say its gonna happen in 2013 (God I wish) because the news should come out shortly that the gaytors are backing out of that one also.

Well boys my work is done here.(Ive owned this $hit dump the last 24 hrs). Hey kehoe I am sure we will keep in touch at the post or the cane blog here (Oh thats right youve been banned from those). Well theres always the hearald.

Check that ment to say sentinel (we all know the stroke fest you and shands have going).

The most excitement the Canes had this football year is when they watched the 30/30 ESPN episode. How sad! Actually it was the only time the Canes were on ESPN this year. Otherwise they were relegated to ESPNU and about 13 homes across the country.

luther with a santa hat handing out money to football players on UMs campus. just flaunting the cheating. BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

dah U = home of rampant cheating and middle of the pack ACC football school that even northwestern kids are turning down now.....wow the end is near....give shannon an extension so he can finish what he started...the demise of football


Meyer. >. Marbles

UF. >. scUM

Sugar. >. Chumps

Brantley >. Beanpole

hey sardines60214, why don't you and the rest of these tough gals on this here blog tell MRS fooley that you want to play the CANES every year.

BTW, You girls have already backed out of 2013..

PS, Charleston Southern wants a rematch..

5 > 3 Ships

28 > 26 Head to head

3 > 0 Perfect seasons

1 > 25 Arrests

Guess where the gaytors are "Greator than"

we can speculate about the future, but it doesn't mean anything! or we can look at the FACTS. thanks gutting remix!

We can speculate about the future are you kidding me. Those are the facts Einstine.Come on data whats your quess?

3(last 14 years). > 1(last 19 years)

not even close doooshbag.

You're era Is LONG GONE has-been

This century called,it said you're an ancient has-been.

Stick to your 80's history book chump.

Its funny how you dident find comparitive guttings post at 11:28 am speculative.But its what we have come to expect from delusional gaytor fans.

Jo >>>>> Manny and his chinstrap
Brantley >>>> captain INT/fumble
Meyer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> waaaaaandy
Omar Hunter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>marcus baby forston
donna shalala at getting chicks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sarasota cane

Who cares what these carbon dated cane fans think. They will never win another BCS Championship..... EVER!

Their coach is a joke and their recruiting class is sliding backward. No ACC title. They're completely irrelevant. Have been for almost a decade. And they still blame Coker. Blame Donna you clueless imbeciles.

Hey present drank I mean Kehoe its 2 in the last 18 years. 1991 @ 2001 you know the last one being undefeated and considered one of the greatest teams of all time. Dont feel bad, maybe one day

"donna shalala at getting chicks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sarasota cane"

F. C. O. T. W. ((( applause )))

Maybe he could meet her at a duke bar and teach her how to "throw up" a U.

He's a low IQ mongo so surely he's good at it.


2001 the last stand for unchecked PED usage. Donna the Mutant swept that out the door and U haves sukkked it ever since. Seven first rounders wasn't from SWAGGER dumbazzz. It's scUM's dirty little secret.

I hear urbies doing much better now after his "Dehydration" incident after the Alabama beatdown. That prozac is some amazing chit

As far as timmy goes the only thing that will help him is a skirt.

Whats wrong Testostorone Drank, I mean purple drank, I mean empty orange seat, I mean KEHOE, The cat got your fingers?

Now for all you GAYtor grads with your waffle house management degrees..

CANES 26 1st round draft picks (even with our lowly 2-3 star recruits).
GAYtors 9 1st round draft picks (even with all the 4-5 stars recruits you all get).
CANES go 9-3, with 2-3 star recruits.

As of opening day of THIS year (again I said THIS year) in the NFL.
CANES have 49 players in the NFL.
GAYtors have 34 players in the NFL.

2001 team is considered one of the best teams of all time, as is the 1991 team and the '86 team.
No GAYtor teams ranked.

Holla Soldy and help a brother out. Im getting drilled on my own board.

Your friend,

Oh wait Im the same guy,how can I help myself?

I love this Brantly love fest... man he looks good in PRACTICE... oh no that's right he played good against KENTUCKY.

Even Tebow as a Heisman lost 4 games (including a Michigan BEATDOWN)during his first year as a starter.

One more question, WHO THE HECK IS HE GOING TO THROW IT TO?! Hernandez is gone! and even that loser 5 year senior is gone TOO!

Oh Debose right? The guy who hasn't played one college game? Oh yeah, that guy.


Hey Gators,

I have two airline tickets to Pasedina. Since I won't be needing them anymore, I was wondering if you know any bama fans that would like to purchase them?

poor sarasota cane and his multiple personalities....has to live back in the 80s...when UM won with a weak schedule, no conference championship, and home national title games with rampant, i mean rampant cheating and thuggery.....now randy shannon comes in and softens up the program so much...not only are they celebrating 9-3 seasons in the WEAK ACC, they are celebrating their 2-3 star recruits......amazing how they fall.....

duke and miami every year dueling it out for last place in the weak ACC...they should at least throw that game on ESPN 4 and get it off ESPNU..

Come to dah U, home of the 2.5 star recruit and 500 RBs with no OL, DL, or secondary....that randy sure is a great at recruiting....it is equal to his clock management and timeout skillzzz...BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hey Urban, Walgreens is on line one and your prescriptions ready.....

Hope you gator fans are enjoying this because this is what we have had to put up with for two years. Isnt that right chaz, Imean purple drank, I mean Kehoe and on and on and on.

Dent.... Nix... Chandler

WHO'S NEXT? U can't evev keep your 3-stars. Forget about 4-5 stars.

Any good QB recruits considering UM? (containing laughter)

Marve... Cook... Smith

what QB recruit in his right mind would sign with Randy "I play favorites" Shannon
answer: NONE!

U r screwed

Waaaaaaahdy isn't building ANYTHING

That's how dense you GAYtor grads are, you just can't comprehend that the rankings don't matter.
How many 1st round draft picks are busts???? and these are pros doing the evaluation.
But according to your star f-ing ranking of recruits, USC should win the NC every year but they have won 1 under Carroll.
But you lunkheads with no life watching the recruiting rankings in your mom's basement, like you've the NC with a top ten ranking.

Watching recruiting rankings is for TOTAL losers with no life.

So explain the CANES 9-3 record with 2-3 star recruits.
So explain all the CANES in the NFL.

So explain all the CANES in the NFL.

It's called unchecked and rampant PED use.

Desire is for the movies you ancient 80's has-been

"Watching recruiting rankings is for TOTAL losers with no life."

Same clueless LOSER that posted 1,000 comments about Randys ESPN #1 class two years ago. That ranking was the genesis of all these clueless canefans starting their silly "we're back" nonsense. VT, WAKE, and Clemson all agree that U definitely are not back. Back with fumbly Japicky12 at the helm???


" The ball was wet."

Hey Keho how does it feel knowing that even the fans for the team you root for hate your guts for turning this blog into a cesspool.

Multiple Question. What is more pathetic.

A:Your coach having a nervous breakdown.
B:Your QB crying his eyes out while getting his head stroked.
C:A gator fan getting beat down by a girl in a football throwing competition.
D:All of the above.

Any takers?

Its definitely D yea its definitely D

posted by: cane dolt

DESIRE and SWAG get U FOURTH place in the all candy conference. (or was it fifth place?)


Purple stank, Its funny how you rail on 2 @ 3 star recruits because your next opponet is built around 2 @ 3 star players. Last I checked there undefeated. Hope you have the balls to show your face after that game.

The pisser is we beat the team that won the all candy conference as you call it, actually we drilled them. How bout you guys. Thats right 32-13, damn that stings.

PLAYER OF THE DECADE: Tim Tebow, Florida
A star from the day he set foot on campus, Tebow will graduate with two SEC championships, two BCS titles and a Heisman Trophy. He is 34-6 as a starter and set SEC career records for total yards (11,699), rushing touchdowns (56), total touchdowns (141) and rushing yards by a quarterback (2,899). His impact, though, extended beyond the box score. “I don’t think I have ever seen a better leader,” said Florida State coach Bobby Bowden.

BEST COACH: Urban Meyer, Bowling Green/Utah/Florida
Meyer, who became a head coach in 2001, turned around three programs this decade thanks to a hypercompetitive personality and relentless zeal for recruiting. He leads all active coaches with an .841 winning percentage (minimum five years) and is the only coach to win two BCS championships. Bowling Green, 2-9 the year before his arrival, went 17-6 in Meyer’s two seasons. Utah went 22-2 under his watch. Florida has gone 56-10 in his five seasons.


FOURTH PLACE in the all candy conference


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