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Aaron Hernandez and Joe Haden named first-team AP All-Americans

GAINESVILLE -- Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez and cornerback Joe Haden were selected first-team All-Americans by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Four others Florida football players also received recognitions. Quarterback Tim Tebow earned second-team honors along with center Maurkice Pouncey, offensive guard Mike Pouncey and linebacker Brandon Spikes. Alabama was the only team other than Florida to land six players among the three teams.

Last week, Hernandez won the John Mackey Award, which is given to the national best tight end. Hernandez led UF in receiving with 59 receptions for 739 yards and four touchdowns. Haden was a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award, awarded to the nation's top defensive back. Haden finished the season with 62 tackles, including 48 solo stops. He also had four interceptions, three sacks and broke up nine passes.



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Tim tebow cryed like a girl his last game.Everyone knows bobbys senile for gods sake.

Urban Meyer had a nervous break down as saban was making him look like a pop warner coach.

What is this world coming too. Now gaytor fans are quoting Bobby freakin Bowden about how great their players are. Your reaching so desperatly for something to hold on too.Sad so so sad.

Can we go back to the days of being independent and playing that weak schedule, and no conference championship game, and home national title games, and days of luther paying off all our kids, and our kids doing and selling drugs???
It would be much easier to try to go undefeated. Heck, I cant even come in second in my own conference. I am dueling it out with Duke for who takes last place. This stuff is hard.

Read that same article "U got Nothing", scroll down a bit to where it says "BEST SINGLE-SEASON TEAM". Wait?!?! I thought it was the 2009 Gators. No, no, that's right, they pooped the bed on national TV and had their leader "BEST PLAYER OF THE DECADE" cry like the woman that he is.

It was Miami (2001), you know the same team that whooped you up the last time you played in the Sugar Bowl. The same team that whooped you the very next season in Canesville. You've had your 3 years in the sun, Gatorfan. Now go back to where you belong, 3rd in the state. ::can't wait to see Brantley throw pick-sixes next year in the Stinkhole aka da sWAHHHHHmp::

You Canes and Gators fans have to be the biggest bunch of Whinning, Crying, Sniveling, living your lives through others Babies in known to mankind !!!

Back n Forth, back n forth, with no substance what so ever .

You are exactly the same you idiots. Only one of you wears dopey orange n green hats n shirts while the other dons orange n blue.

But the one undeniable comman theme you identical clones have is that ALL of you, EVERYTIME any of you ever have stepped foot inside a Stadium was because you had a ticket in hand for a seat rather than a helmet to strap on and ball.

I would ask if any of you "fanatics" reread the misinformed garbage that you weave here, but I'd hate to dumb you down more than all of you already are.

Now please go do the world a favor, get back to your X-Box and fantasy leagues and leave the big boy commentary to those that have actually left DNA on the field rather than in the Stadium urinals or the backs of the other drunken dolts seated in front of you.


Enjoy your's and Manny's work for the unbias info you both provide. (to bad about Manny's "DELAYED EDIT BLOG") ... Wanted to ask you though, exactly what's it like to be the Ring Master of a bunch of non know it all wannabes and never weres ?

Never boring huh ? So Sad at the same time .

But it's a J.O.B.

Now "D" Bag is a disgruntled ex-player dissing his own team? I love it!

P.S. Serious question: Would you rather have the "Greatest Team of the Decade", a team that went undefeated, or the "Best Coach", who received 2/3 of his production at other schools?

Nevermind, I already know! You hired Meyer to get you over the hump. I'm not going to fault him though, the guy almost gave his life in the pursuit. Get well soon Urban!

Go 'canes!

4-5 stars = 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in last four years

2-3 stars = 1 NC in last 18 years and 4th place in candy conference

bUt U do have SWAGGER and DESIRE

Watching the Thursday Night NFL game last night, I couldn't help but notice two things:

1. Reggie Nelson bouncing off of Dallas Clark for a TD.
2. Reggie Nelson getting scorched by Reggie "The U" Wayne over the top for a game winning TD.

Congrats guys! Have a nice Friday!

Meth heads, here's a question for you all if your coherent, yet.
Which conference has the most NFL players?

It's the ACC, that's right the ACC, and not your vaunted, over-rated SEC (sleazy and easy).
ACC has a whopping 74, eight more than sleazy and easy, 18 more than the big ten, and 26 more than the big 12.
MIAMI has 49 NFL players.
GAYtors have 34.
That's as of THIS season, so spin that into ancient history, meth heads.

So for all your 4-5 star recruits u'all get, where are they now. Certainly not in the NFL.
Maybe says something about your coaching, huh? meth heads..
You get'em ready for the Philippines, MIAMI gets'em ready for the NFL.

You're more likely to get arrested under 'RURAL' than drafted.


Is there anybody in hereeeeee

Congrats Kehoe you have succeeded in killing your own teams blog!

Reggie Nelson made me cry last night :(. By the way, did Jarvis Moss retire finally?

He might as well have, I havn't heard his name in months :(


I SAID IT BEFORE AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, "5 RINGS ARE BETTER THAN 3 MY FRIENDS!" Face it turds, the Tide just washed away all your hopes & dreams. Your little 2 year reign of terror is over. Speaking of which, U guys are quick to brag about your 2 titles over the past 3 years but U never mention the fact that U only have 3 titles in your 120 yr history! Your coach is desperate and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, constantly talking about how he ain't goin nowhere when the truth of the matter is no other school wants him because HIS SPREAD IS DEAD! His players don't or did'nt respect him or your worthless university enough to stay sober and out of jail long enough to participate in the biggest game of what could have been your best season in your pathetic 100 yr history! Even the good 'ol boys of the bcs are feeling sorry for U, which is why they put U in the Sugar Bowl against Cincy instead of the Fiesta against TCU where U belong cause they know U would suffer another double-digit beatdown, chumps. U got a all-world Heisman qb that more than likely won't even get drafted, especially after TEARFEST '09 lol! At least Jacory Harris and the rest of the world knows he will get drafted as a qb! Jacory will get the Nike contract while your girl TIM TEARBOW will get a contract with Kleenex lol! Plus you trust to talk about THE U's running backs when U know those little crack smoking 145 lb running backs of yours are destined to be mid-to-late round punt returners lol! Face it turds, the writing's on the wall, you're finished! Even Stevie Wonder can see that the balance of power is shifting back to Coral Gables where it belongs! Oh yeah, what do you think about the Canes getting awarded and recognized for their academics? Just goes to show that not only are the Canes much HARDER than your Turds, they are much SMARTER than your Turds lol! NOW PUT THAT IN CARLOS DUNLAP'S CRACK PIPE AND SMOKE IT TURDS!

Stop with this player of the decade crap, Tebow was good but not even better than Vince Young. And to say that we dont have anyone that can compete with Tebow, how about Ken Dorsey 38-2 as a starter and actually had an undefeated season.

Why the media blackout on Billy Gonzales and Ahmad Black? This is big and you haven't written a thing? You usually update this thing on a minutely basis. Urban's right hand man bolts for rival LSU and no blog entry. A parent of a player alleges the head coach disrespected his son and no blog entry. I sense some sort of concerted effort to not report these negative stories Mr. Goodman. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Posted by: Undefeated season in yout dreams! | December 15, 2009 at 04:20 PM

I have to admit those are fair questions.
What say you, Jo?



How dumb are U cane fan?

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