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Alabama 32, Florida 13: Give me your thoughts on the game!

ATLANTA -- OK, I'm taking any and all explanations for Florida's complete meltdown on Saturday at the Georgia Dome. Alabama gained 490 yards of offense against a defense that entered the game ranked No.1 in the country. Florida's running backs combined for three carries!

What happened and was this season a failure after Saturday's loss?



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Well said Gator Nation.....I'll take last night over any day as a Cane. Thick and thin... It's great to be a Gator!

Posted by: TexasGator | December 06, 2009 at 03:29 PM

Sure you would Tex! UF just crapped the bed in the biggest game in UF's contrived history! Everyone has a 'ship (or 5!) you Fing "D" Bag, everyone has a Heisman (or 2!), but UF needed the ever elusive undefeated season to be considered amongst the greatest in the state.

UM has two teams that are considered the greatest of all time (1987, 2001)!

FSU went undefeated in 1998, and they were also #1 wire to wire. Mad props to FSU for that!

UF has a "do-over" title in 1996, a computer poll title in 2006, and and they lost to the worst team in the SEC in 2008 on the way to another computer 'ship. Can you guy's just WIN ONE title on the field?? JUST ONE?????? For God's sake this was your SELF PROCLAIMED greatest team of all time! I can't wait to hear the excuses start piling up.

UF IS Thug U.
UF IS Excuse U.
UF will not play "The U".

Hey Arty you were right, I watched EVERY MINUTE of it, it was AWESOME!

Hey Arty, ESPN will be broadcasting a movie of the week next Saturday that is all about "The U"! It's coming on right after Tebow loses the Heisman!

"The Flop"
"The Flop part deux"

Go 'canes!

Urbie checked into hospital for crying too much. Tim next.
Man-up dudes, it's only a game..

What happened is that Bama dismantled the Gators.. better coaching, better game plan, better execution.. period...

Joseph Goodman needs to eat a pile of humble pie topped with crow for the crap that he boasted "tongue in cheek" with AL.com reported Gentry Estes in a "From Behind Enemy Lines" blog... He bad mouthed the Tide and most everything connected ... that tongue in cheek probably led to a 911 call when he swallowed it..

On to Pasadena to turn the Longhorns into steers... Roll Tide!!!

We all know UM has 5 NCs SarasotaCane, thats great, you've been living on that for 10 years now. Anything else...recent?? And while it's not my thing to call names, I think we all know who the D-bag is on this blog...Go Gators.

For all you Gator panzies....

this is how we roll (peep the gear)!


obviously Alabama used steriods. just kidding. we fell appart!

Yes Florida was overdue for a loss and yes they got beat by a better more balanced team, but to say they didn't overlook Alabama, come on.

Its funny, canes fans are making fun of the Gators for losing to the #2 team in the Conference Championship Game, yet they have never played in one before. Those years in the Little Least you just got voted in the to National Championship Game. And now, in the ACC, you not only havent won a Championship, you havent even made it to the game! On top of all of that, you mock our schedule, while two teams we mopped the floor with in our conference beat your Championship teams! Explain that one for me please!

Posted by: WhippleBall | December 06, 2009 at 05:52 PM

UM has beaten UF 7 of the last 8 times they played! Explain that instead!

It took UF over 60 years to win their FIRST conference title. Explain that instead!

UM had 4 National Titles before UF had their FIRST conference Title. Explain that instead!

ESPN is airing their movie of the week next Saturday about "The U". ESPN has no plans to make a movie about UF. Explain that instead!

Look guy's, we're just having fun at UF's expense today. In a day or three I'll be gone. That's how blogging works. Now keep in mind we have one of your Minion's on our blog(s) 24/7, 365. Win, lose or draw the Tool will spend EVERY waking moment on our blogs.

It's your turn in the barrel UF! For at least the next day or two we're running this shyt dump! Tell 'em Arty!

Go 'canes!

Food for thought: UF crapped the bed during the most important title run in school history. Trying to deflect your shorcoming back at UM is not going to change that!

USF Looms.....

How can you expect the defense to stop Alabama when the offense couldn't keep them off the field. A four year old girl could've defended the gators offense. With three rushes by RB's, it wasn't hard to guess whether it was a pass play or a run. Not to discredit the alabama defense, but they didn't have to do too much guessing. With both single runs by moody and demps gaining 9 yards each, I don't understand why they didn't continue running the ball like they did all season. All in all, the gators strayed from their game that had been successful all year.

1) Joseph, thank you for your excellent coverage throughout the season. I read your blogs daily, religiously, during my lunch, and I appreciate your work.
2) Here's what went wrong: first, the defense did not show up. Those guys played awful. I don't think Dunlap would have made much of a difference, though he set the bad tone earlier in the week. These guys couldn't tackle or cover for squat. Secondly, the coaches gave up on the run game. We have an offense that went 12 - 0 mainly because it has a great rushing game. Everybody knows our weakness is the lack of receivers, yet we practically didn't run. It seemed like we were desperate to win the game from the first drive, when we were only down 3 - 0. I thought the coaches did a really bad job of preparing for this game... even Charlie Strong! Lastly, the receivers treated the football like a hot potato, from Jeffrey Demps dropping that screen pass on the opening drive, to Cooper and Hernandez more than a few times. I want to say that Tebow showed up and Tebow played well. His only screw up was that awful interception in the end zone. Hernandez was wide open and Tebow made a gargantuan error in not arching that ball into the corner. Other than that, Tim played well. It's not his fault the receivers dropped all his passes, and the play calling was poor. Let's face it though, the Gators got pretty far on some less than stellar play throughout the season. We all saw this coming, and this is why we were so critical of a team we love so much. It's okay though. These things happen in sports. Hopefully, Tebow can lead the Gators to redemption in the Sugar Bowl.

I want to close by saying that it's sad that so many Cane "fans" feel the need to come on the Gator blog to diss. Whenever two or three Gators diss them on Manny's blog, they start crying, but even when we win and are on top of the world, at least a dozen losers who support the U feel the need to constantly be on this blog talking smack. U clowns need to get a life. We got our butts kicked by Alabama on Saturday, but we are still by far one of the country's football powerhouses, and we are light years ahead of you. I give UM respect for their 5 championships and their history, but the UM fans are pretty pathetic to always go back to that. Maybe the Gator fans would go easier on you guys if you guys didn't hate on us (on this blog) 24 / 7, even when we're kicking butt. Also, the Canes here are always calling UF a school of "felons" - which is an exaggeration, as all athletic programs have their share of delinquents (certainly "The U" documentary will underscore that). Every Gator thinks Carlos Dunlap is a fool to get arrested for DUI. But then, a guy like Tim Tebow comes along, a great player who tries his best to be a role model and live for Christ, and you guys bash him as well. I know there are a lot of Canes with class, but the ones that are always up on the Gator Clause blog are surely not them. Look in the mirror before you judge. We're headed to the Sugar Bowl, while the U is headed to the Nobody-Gives-A-Crap Bowl!

Do gator fans spend this much time on canes blogs? Do the canes fans really have that much of an inferiority complex? Every canes fan would give anything to have UF's record over the last five years - any of those years.

Secondly, having lived in Miami in the canes glory years it is absolutely amazing that the canes fans make any "thug" comments about UF. The universally accepted Thug U has always been in coral gables - though Randy Shannon has done a good job minimiszng that type of thing.

You know,I really don't know what happened to us. We were playing like we didn't know what we were doing. I think we looked like a bunch of fools on the field. Playing in the "Sugar Bowl" is a huge downgrade to what we were all hoping for!

Season is not a failure. There are many teams that would have liked to accomplish what this group did. And if you look at this group of seniors accomplishments over the past 4 yrs it is incredible

UM is a pathetic school and you haters are extremely stupid and beyond pathetic.

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