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Alabama players react to news of Carlos Dunlap's arrest

GAINESVILLE -- The Florida Gators might not have much to say about the arrest of star defensive end Carlos Dunlap but guys up in Alabama sure are speaking out. Several Crimson Tide defenders commented about Dunlap's arrest on Tuesday.

Alabama senior defensive end Lorenzo Washington: "It's crazy. I know I was in the bed at 3:30 in the morning."

More from Washington: "We've been getting lectures from that that. We act right."

And even more from Washington: "I know it's going to hurt their defense, but they still have a lot of great playmakers on their defense. I know their coaches will do a good job of plugging people in."

Alabama running back Roy Upchurh: "I believe everybody was in their beds. The boss, he's not down with all of that."



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did u meth heads read that 1 line 'the boss is not down with that' says it all.
1 program has discipline and 1 program doesn't.
1 program has a coach with 30 arrests and 1 program has 1.

I read into that line "..we's afraid of 'failure to communicate'..."

Welcome University of Miami fans. Now that your pathetic season is done finishing in the middle of the pack of the WEAK ACC, hope you continue to enjoy our CHAMPIONSHIP RUN!!!

Remember in the end it is all about winning CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Enjoy hoping and praying the Gators lose every single week, only to have your thoughts and prayers ripped a part Saturday after Saturday.

P.S. How about the two BEST ACC teams getting beat by middle of the road SEC teams!!!! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

rawpimple - your post seems to be right on point. your only point - other than the one on the top of your head. how about demanding that people on the public dole (i.e. scholarships with housing and food and medical care and education) be REQUIRED to act within the limits of the law - or lose the scholarship and make restitution? They could still be obnoxious and arrogant, those are not against the law.

That's a great comment by Expat-in-Brasil ... Not to mention the fact that these players are role models.

Paul Newman, that's just funny stuff. "What we have here, is a failure to communicate."


Saban=Satan=The Warden

Ugh, I have to go throw-up now -- ate too many hard boiled eggs...

Uh, rawpimple is it? please let me know when the Gotrs get 5 nationals titles. yeah that's right FIVE! U guys have been on fire for what a pathetic five years? We dominated for two and a half decades!!!!!! The sad thing is your number 1 right now but you'll always have to look up to big brother down south even when he's down.

For the sake of argument, I have to disagree with expat. "Dole" isn't a good word choice since it is not an open ended deal here (like other gov't giveaways). The guy is part of an aparatus that pays for his scholarship and the scholarships of most of the athletes in money losing sports.

I would keep it confined to he's a role model and should act like a responsible grown-up.

Remember guys, Bernie Machen is from Mormon-ville and will have O tolerance for this behavior in such a high profile setting. I think CD's career is over at UF. Hopefully he learns his lesson and goes on to have a happy and prosperous life.

Actually Gator Dude..ExpatinBrasil is without a doubt 100% correct. When you accept a scholarship for any reason, academic or athletic, you agree to conduct yourself at an even higher level than that of other students.

It doesn't matter that Bernie Machen is from "Mormon-ville". Students at UF who have been kicked out of school for infractions (DUI) all have had multiple offenses. And if it was a matter of Bernie being from "Mormon-ville" than why under his tenure has there been so much questionable character recruited to the University of Florida for football? And also CD's career was over after the bowl game anyways...it is widely known he is forgoing his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

What I would be concerned with if I was Bernie or Urban....would be who the teammates were he was drinking with and why the allowed him to drive home. They are almost as responsible for this as CD was. It was CD's father who said CD was with teammates drinking.

I agree fan. The mormonville comment was meant to be snarky and irreverent. It is the student code of conduct that governs here anyway, which will be invoked.

My beef was with the use of "dole" -- his scholarship is not akin to free gov't cheese or welfare.

I think we are saying the same thing here.

Thanks for putting me in my place fan.

Hey Canes Can. You have 4 outright. You split '91 with us...remember?

I didn't mean to put anyone in their place....lol

and yes we agree....

we'll see who is disciplined and who isn't on Saturday in Atlanta. Go ahead, Tide...give our players billboard material. Go Gators.

I wonder if UM fans will still be talking about their "five" NC's in 10 years when they still haven't won another one....

All UM "fans" have is their pathetic Thug U DVD to relive long gone memories. They have not done anything for at least 10 yrs, yet they mouth off as if they were the ones ranked #1 and coming off an NC. Keep living in the past, that is all you have.

I agree, Bama players keep running their traps, will only give UF more billboard material. They will use the CD episode to come together and come out and play more determined. As far as CD his time at UF is over, hopefully he'll learn from this mistake.

Hmmmm I forgot about the UM Split National Title with Washington.

Who cares about UM? No one apparently, even the Bowls would rather have a team with a worse record than book the canes. The real game that matters nationally is the SEC championship. This will be the best match up of the year, whoever wins this game will surely win the NC. SEC, where real football is played, where teams matter nationally.

The Yew!

Many great coaches have said that if your rivals don't talk about or hate you, you're doing something wrong or you just don't matter that much. I bet none of the Gator nation faithful spend much time on a UM site spewing BS. So any of you gator haters talking trash, please don't stop. With every jeleous jab you take at the Gator Greats, you only confirm your envy. We really don't care what you've done in the past and today U JUST DON'T MATTER.
Have a nice day!

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